Workload on Indian Judiciary- uncontrolled and excessive


The apex court of the Indian Judiciary expressed its resentment over the workload it has to deal with everyday as compared to the courts in other countries.

A five judged bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice R. M. Lodha was deeply concerned over the “excessive” and “uncontrolled” workload flowing over the highest judiciary. The court has requested the Bar to find means to control the number of cases being appealed to the Supreme Court every day.

Justice Lodha while interacting with 12 other judges from other countries figured out that none of the apex courts deals with such humongous number of cases each day like the Indian Supreme Court does. “In some Supreme Courts, only 150 appeals are heard in a year and the CJs were astonished when I told them that on Monday and Friday, we deal with at least 800-900 cases,” Justice Lodha said on Thursday, The Hindu reports.

The CJI while expressing displeasure over the recent reaction to his courts proposal for working round the year by the lawyers bodies said, “Without comprehending and discussing the issue, reactions are coming against the proposal”.  Consequently he requested the senior lawyers to come up with measures for the speedy disposal of cases and decrease the inflow of cases to the Supreme Court.

The whole matter came up before the court while hearing a handful of death convicts seeking commutation of their death sentence to life imprisonment. Furthermore, the bench contented that cases pertaining to death sentences from now on will be heard by not less than a three-judge bench.