Supreme Court to decide fate of online gambling in India


Slowly and steadily the online gambling in India has reached its all times high, attracting tens of thousands of users every day. However, the fate of websites hosting such “gambling” games will soon be determined by the Supreme Court of India.

The apex court will assess whether or not the online card games are in compliance with Indian laws that strictly prohibit gambling in any form – online or offline. However, the companies that promote and host these games claim that the success of the players of online card games relies almost exclusively on their skill rather than luck. Therefore, they argue, these games can not be categorized as “gambling”.

The campaign to win legal immunity for these games are being spearheaded by companies like Head Infotech India Ltd. and Play Games 24×7 Ltd. To support their case, these companies have hired the services of some of the top lawyers in the country including one who has previously served as a Union Law Minister.

These companies also argue that while they benefit from the large number of people entering their sites, they do not earn profits from that traffic in any way. They also defend their services by stating that the websites hosting these games are protected by advanced security measures and also that they have multiple payment options alongside a rapid withdrawal system.

As experts are pointing out, it will all come down to one question when Supreme Court goes on hearing the case on the Judgement Day: whether or not skill is an important aspect to fare well in these games or are they strictly dependent on the luck of the participants.