Second National Lok Adalat helps resolve record 1.25 crore cases

Over 1.25 crore pending cases were resolved on a single day as the second National Lok Adalat played to its potential for reducing burden of a massive number of pending cases on the judiciary.

Held on December 6, 2014 (Saturday), the second rendition of the pan-India Lok Adalat involved the Supreme Court, 24 high courts, district courts as well as taluka-level courts.

Following this remarkable success, the judiciary has effectively reduced the pendency of cases by approximately nine per cent.

“Approximately, 1.25 crore cases, as per details available so far, which include pending and pre-litigation cases, have been settled. The immediate impact of this has been in the reduction of pendency averaging about nine percent across all states,” said the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), the organiser the National Lok Adalat.

All states with the exception of Goa, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh participated in the countrywide exercise. The apex court resolved 28 of 53 cases put before it. In certain cases, cheques were handed over to the concerned parties at the time of the settlement itself.

Over 3000 crores in aggregate was handed over to citizens in various cases heard as part of this initiative.

Justice Anil R Dave, chairperson of Supreme Court’s Legal Service Society, stated that Lok Adalats were, in fact, magnified version of gram panchayats. Justice Dave was a witness to the first Lok Adalat held in March 14, 1982 in Jungarh, Gujarat. He also stated that the present form of the Lok Adalat is a tribute to Justive P. N. Bhagawati, Justice V. R. Krishna and Justice Thakkar who were integral parts of the country’s first ever Lok Adalat.

The first Lok Adalat saw 95 per cent cases (out of more than 600 cases) being resolved on a single day.

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