SC slams govt for inadequate support of acid attack victims


The Supreme Court of India has slammed the Center and state governments for failing to take appropriate action in support of acid attack victims. The court made its observation while hearing public interest litigation (PIL) filed on the matter.

The apex court stated that the existing status quo in the country with regard to barbaric acid attacks is just pathetic. It further questioned the concerned governments why there was a laxity on this burning issue.

The matter was brought to the court’s attention by Laxmi Saa, an acid attack victim herself who then went on winning the prestigious International Women’s Courage award. Saa filed a PIL seeking an explanation for the weak regulation of sale of acids.


The court, earlier this month had delivered a verdict to allow sale of acids by licensed vendors only. It further instructed the vendors to keep a record of their respective buyers. They are legally required to report all acid sales to the local police within three days. However, it’s obvious that these regulations are seldom followed in a over populous third world country like India.

Meanwhile, a group of lawyers are currently formulating a strategy to facilitate rehabilitation, compensation and support of all acid attack victims across the nation.

Image Courtesy Global Gujarat News