SC says allegations against CBI director grave and serious

Ranjit Sinha

The Supreme Court of India on Monday issued an important notice to Ranjit Sinha, the Director of CBI on his application seeking recusal from the 2G scam probe. Earlier, the CBI director has been prosecuted for questionable behavior and meeting accused persons in his residence during several occasions. Further, the senior official has been given a time limit of two weeks to file his response.

The apex court clearly stated that the allegations against the CBI director are grave and serious. The next hearing of the case is scheduled for September 15.

In his response, Sinha remarked that if the court takes up the matter, he may be forced to divulge details that may ultimately jeopardize the 2G scam trial. But, the SC turned a deaf ear to his threat and reiterated its duty to ensure fair trial. The court further asked Sinha to file his reply on the merits of the allegation in a sealed cover.

Earlier an NGO, Common Cause, filed an application before the apex court which demanded that the CBI official must be kept away from the coal block allocation scam probe as he had interfered with it.

The application clearly referred to a document indicating the visit of influential persons allegedly involved in the coal gate scam at the residence of the CBI director. Almost at the end of his carrier, Sinha has been involved in controversy because of a register that showed entry of personnel working with companies accused in 2G and coal gate scam.

It is worth mentioning that Moin Qureshi, a meat exporter recently accused in a tax evasion scam, has been showed to pay frequent visits at the director’s residence. However, Sinha terminated the entire allegation as deliberate character assassination. He further confirmed of not showing favoritism to anyone and said that the court is free to scrutinize every aspect and paper of the investigation.