SC constitutes committees to tackle problem of mounting arrears

Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India has reportedly constituted two committees in an attempt to come up with viable measures to solve the problem of mounting arrears both in the apex Court and the High Courts.

As per reports, the Committee to deal with the concerned issue in the Supreme Court comprises of Justice TS Thakur and Justice Rohinton Nariman. Similarly, the three member Committee entrusted with the responsibility of tackling with arrears in the High Courts include future Chief Justices – Justice JS Khekar, Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Ranjan Gogoi.

The report also states that the Chief Justice HL Dattu has already written to the Justices of all the High Courts with the objective of seeking their views on efficiently solving the problem of mounting arrears and has received overwhelming responses from them.


The recently constituted Committees will now work on formulating measures to address the rising issue. Going a step further, the Supreme Court judges have also ‘informally come together to accept’ the important matter of protracted, verbose judgments and the complication they cause to litigants.

According to reports in the Supreme Court “The judges are serious about rendering speedy justice to litigants. In most cases, the law has already been succinctly laid down and does not require further requirements to delay a verdict. Those cases needed to be decided fast with crisp judgments focusing only on facts in the backdrop of the already laid down law”.

Reports also stresses on the endeavor of the court to cautiously consider the issue of curtailing the time taken by the senior lawyers for arguments. As a logical solution, the judges would embark on an approach for fixing a time limit for arguing a matter. However, it would really be interesting to note whether there will enforcement of any written rule concerning the issue.