Save Trees-Supreme Court to dump additional hardcopy printed Judgments or Causelists from Feb 1


In an effort to protect further damage to environment, the Supreme Court of India has decided not to use papers for issuing additional copies of judgments and causelists.

To be effective from February 1, 2015, the new decision by the apex court will ensure that there will be no more additional copies of hardcopy printed judgments and causelists.

In general, as many as 80 copies of all judgments are made automatically for the records of the editorial branch of the court. The number will now be reduced to less than 20.

The judgments will be made available for download on the official Supreme Court website. This will also mitigate the need for requesting hard copies for “contingent/miscellaneous requirements”.

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Similarly, the SC also directed that all causelists will be required to disseminated by email instead of paper from February 1.