E-Courts Project – Supreme Court launches Apps for E-filing, E-payments


August 14, 2018

Supreme Court E-Courts apps Launched – SC launches apps for e-filing, e-payments under e-courts programme

The Supreme Court of India launched a host of applications that would be helpful for the litigants as well as the Lawyers. The Applications have been launched under the E-Courts Program by the Supreme Court of India.

It has been reported that the applications would include services like the e-filing of cases through user-manual, e-payment options, National Service and Tracking of Electronic Processes (NTSEP), Supreme Court Legal Service Committee (SCLSC) and guides to raise legal awareness.


The eCourts Mission Mode Project is a national eGovernance project for ICT enablement of district and subordinate courts of the country.

The major objectives of the E-Courts Project are to make whole judicial system ICT enabled by putting in place adequate and modern hardware and connectivity; automation of workflow management in all courts; electronic movement of records from taluka/trial to appeal courts; installation of video conferencing (VC) facility and recording of witness through Video Conferencing; connecting all courts in the country to the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) through WAN and additional redundant connectivity; citizen centric facilities such as electronic filing, e-payment and use of mobile applications in all courts; touch screen based kiosks in each court complex, full computerisation of State and district level judicial and service academies and centres.