Wife possesses the right to know husband’s salary – CIC


Wives of all government employees have the right to know the salary of their husbands, the CIC has held. These details, according to the ruling, must be made public by their offices as mandated

money1  The Central Information Commission (CIC) has held that wives of all government servants have the right to know the salary of their husbands. The details with this regard, should also be made available in the public domain by their offices as mandated under the RTI ACT’s suo-moto disclosure.

Speaking on the matter, M. Sridhar Acharyulu, Information Commissioner, urged that each spouse in a marriage has the right to learn about the other’s salary particulars for maintenance purposes.

“More so, wife has a right to know the salary particulars of the husband, who is an employee of the public authority,” he said.

Acharyulu also stated that the details with regard to a government servant’s salary can not be deemed a third party information, and thus can be voluntarily revealed under Section 4(1)(b)(x) of the RTI Act.

“The information about the salary of employee or an officer of the same public authority cannot be considered as a third party information… Public authorities cannot reject such RTI applications about salary under the pretext of the third party information,” he stated.

Hearing an appeal by an applicant – Jyoti Sehrawat, who seeked the salary slip of her husband (an employee of Delhi Government), the commissioner warned that the Home Department of Delhi Government will be on the wrong if it failed to implement the required changes, and may even face penalties as consequence.

Apparently, the home department had previously refused to disclose the salary particulars of the applicant’s husband, urging that such information can not be fetched to anyone.



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