Sample Questions

Sample Questions

Sample Legal Queries – Here are the categories of Legal issues addressed by us. This is a paid service. To ask a Question click here

Motor Accident compensations




Consumer protection

Criminal offences (Minor)

Dishonour of Cheque

Employer-Employee relationship

Family disputes

Income & sales tax

Labour & Industrial disputes

Landlord & Tenant

Matrimonial disputes

Partnership disputes

Real estate & property disputes

Trade Mark, patent & copyright

Traffic & driving offences

Will, Succession & Probate

Civil wrong & injuries

Disputes with Govt. authorities

Sample Legal Queries – Above are the categories of Legal issues addressed by us. This is a paid service. To ask a Question click here

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  1. मेरे साथ छल- धोखा कारित करकोटक महिन्द्रा बैंक शाखा जोधपुर द्वारा कोटक लाइफ़ इंश्योरेस स्थान जोधपुर के नाम से छल धोखा कारित किया गया है छद्म नाम से बैंकिग कृत्य कारित करने तथा बैंकिग आचार सहिता का उल्लंघन कारित करने कारण क्या बैंक के विरुद्द वाद बाबत घोषंणा कोटक लाईफ़ इंश्योरेस स्थान जोधपुर नाम से कॊइ कंपनी नही है घोषित कराया जाना सक्षम न्यायालय से संस्थित किया जा सकता है

  2. Yes Mr Mahesh Baheti , i have also been duped by a alleged agent Akhilesh Sharma from Kotak Mahindra Bank , he managed to get the Money transferred to Kotak Mahindra Sector 51 NOida Branch , i have complained to freeze that account.Police is just listening and denies to register the case

  3. Dear sir,
    Long back while driving two wheeler, i met with an accident by hit a lady.. She was unknowingly cross the road, (eventhough in that road having overbridge platform to cross the road), Then i brought her to hospital along with me, we both had treatment. I paid for both, that time my vehicle has been taken to police station. Then next day i went police station and i signed in some forms, they told that court will call me in future. I submitted all my driving license and insurence , R.C book all. mean time the lawyer who involved in this case by police, said that you dont need to come to court, they will automatically will cancel your case, like that.later i forgot those accident. Now changed my job and came to abroad, now my friend received letter stating that i have to attend the case in the court.. Now i m abroad, instead of my place shall i depute my brother to attend the court? and what will be case Fine. details etc., I m requesting anyone clarify me this matter. Note: That lady was very fine on next day onwards..

  4. The paper from the court that your friend received on your behalf, must have the case no. written on it. Your friend should take that paper to some lawyer and then that lawyer can help you trace the requisite record of the case. Rest of the proceedings can be discussed after that.

  5. I live in chennai. My apartment was constructed and handed over in 1991. At that time, the TN Apartment ownership act of 1994 had not yet been passed. I live in an apartment with 48 apartments with varying sq. feet as follows..

    Size of flat in sq. ft
    Number of flats in nos.
    The 10,000 Sq. feet basement belonging to the construction company – which they use as a godown. There is some open space around the apartment but no specific car space allotment to any owner and so there is a huge shortage. Owners are given priority to using a vacant parking space, while tenants are NOT given any priority Parking space is allotted once a slot falls vacant . Once the owner vacates, the space is allotted to the next applicant wait listed. The maintenance charges since the past 20 years have been common for each flat – irrespective of size . The basement alone pays an equivalent of 10 apts. as maintenance. The association has not been successful in increasing the maintenance cost over the years in keeping with the rising cost. In order to raise quick money, they want to divide the maintenance cost based on sw. feet per apartment. The smaller apts totaling to 46 in number are eager to let the bigger flat owners take the burden of higher maintenance. The bigger flat owners will further also have to proportionately contirbute higher share for all common maintenance costs such as lift AMC, painting, repairs on a sq. feet basis as per the new rule.
    My question to the forum is; why should a mere 5 people ( having bigger flats) bear the burden of the other 46 owners – While the costs of servants, cleaners, water and common electricity being enjoyed is the same for all.? To top it all, the rental value of larger flats is highly diminished as no car parking space is prioritized for the tenant occupied flats. It is obvious that tenants who can afford to pay higher rent fora 1500 sq. flat will definitely want a car park ( if ot two). when the association waives the responsibility to provide or satisfactorily take care of yet another amenity – which is car park, then does the association have the right to change the bye law rules to go in for sq. feet calculation of maintenance by quoting the “Tamilnadu apt. ownership act of 1994 “? They seem not to be addressing the issue in its totality.
    I am willing to bear sq. ft. wise cost for general outer maintenance such as painting, repairs etc. as they are for the maintenance of the ” outer area” which is common for all and since I occupy a larger area, will bear cost to a larger extent. But, while I am already paying the property tax authorities for the ” internal plinth area of my flat” – why should I have to pay as per the internal area occupied by me to the association as well?. Their upkeep is only on the outside – in terms of guards, water, common electricity, elevator and AMC for the same and to add to it all – No allotted car parking space !
    Some contend that due to bigger flat, i get bigger rent and more resale value, but that is not so in my case as both are not possible as the tenants do not want to occupy a large flat with no car parking space and hence – i get no tenants. I cannot sell my flat at premium price due to the same reason. No body wants to own a beautiful large apartment which has nothing to offer in terms of amenities.

    please guide me. Can I , as an owner of a 1500 sq. flat, take legal recourse to address this issue. ( The basement which is used as godown – have an undivided share of 23%, but still the association maintains that as per the bye laws – they are given right to use the pathway and passage to bring a mini lorry to load and unload – but do not possess rights to park their vehicles inside the residential premises. So far, the godown owners continue to cooperate in this matter by not staking a claim to parking lot allotment.

  6. sir, mere bhai ne hamare papa ki death ke baad ghar ko apne naam registered kara liya, jo ki pehle GPA ke dwara hamari mother ke naam par tha, arag in future hamari mother ki death ke baad hum baki dono bhaiyon ko is property mein se share milega, kyonki yeh property hamare father dwara banai gai hai. please batane ki kripa karen.

  7. My Office by issuing a circular, declared me as Dead. What kind of offence it is ? What are the remedies available to me ?

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