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  1. Amit Jain says:

    Hello lawyers club
    I wanted to know proceeding and provisions related to Defamation Act so I need a legal advice or expert opinions about the following scenario.
    I am residing at ground floor owned by my wife and on top floor one lady residing with her husband, & two kids 14 year Daughter and 17 Year son. These family members are habitual to make false allegation or frame misleading complaints with authority. When children’s are playing on the road they started the same excessive and disturbing behavior, spit on the children’s and use lowest degree of abusive language which a gentle family member even can’t think it over. She has made a police compliant against my father that one bike holder come to our house and to meet my father 75 year old and upon return that motorcycle stood in front of our gate put his pant down and shirt up and done some non-sense act facing her balcony when she was taking her lunch. She also blamed that we called sweeper to take garbage in the morning and instructed him to pull down his pant before arrival to my house and all these activity is directed by my father. We and entire block had made number of complaint against this lady and her family for Public and Neighbor Nuisance, but no action taken by local police till date.

    This family wants that nobody will cross the road in front of her house and they always start lowest degree of abusive language and fight with the person who passes thru the road e.g. vegetable vendor, Dhobi, Paper vendor, Sweeper, Car Washer, gas delivery man, courier agent, postman and all other who passes or stand in front of this house form the balcony. They are disposing the drainage water and garbage from the top (second floor) to the front and back yard of the street. Whenever any guest or utility service provider i.e. Dhobi, Milkman, Jamadar etc. knocks the door or press our door bells, they start fighting with that person and start using all abusive words towards our family which is even beyond any common man’s imaginations towards those utility service providers, guests and also against our family members from their balcony.

    Sir, we are very gentle, peaceful and educated families. We are forced to live in TERROR spread by this family and have to accept their threat as no authority has taken any action till date against this family rather gave them freedom by supporting their act and this family increases their “OPEN GUNDAGARDI” after every protests or complaint.
    So I wanted to ask you guys how should we pursue to this matter, Can we file a suit for defamation because of this false complaint against my father and regular use of abusive language for my family so loudly, because this was a sheer attempt to defame my father and our family reputation.
    Anyone can help me in this matter would be big favour!
    Thanks in advance!
    Amit Jain

  2. ram says:

    can police add statements of witnesses after submiting the chargesheet under sectn 299 crpc ?

  3. mani says:

    can anyone pls help me in finding a case law, where partnership deed is quashed or made void and all the assets that are been given by the partner who is effected by the misrepresentation are given back to him.

  4. Abdul Mohsin says:

    Dear sir

    We are a party to a civil suit in andhra pradesh . We learnt that the plaintiff and defandent are planning to do a outof court settlement . My question is can they do that without our involvement .The court has accepted us as a party to the suit.
    appreciate your response.

  5. How do monthly wages should be calculated , whether it is with 28 days or 30 days or 31 days . Please advice accordingly

  6. jayati says:

    As endorsing legal services is not legal. Will it be safe to seek advice from you? is there any chances of having legal charges against me for using this site.

  7. judgement has come. the settlement done by the insurance company. How can i Pay fee for my lawyer. actually initialy he agree for 17%. i have to pay him only 17% for the judgement amount or What ever i have recevd with inerest amount. please help me to provide correct payment calculation.

  8. priya, april 12 2013 says:

    My husband was working in australia n i was told that we will go back to australia in 6 months after marriage.I got married on 12/11/ husband has a younger n a elder brother n 3 sisters,all his sisters r married,first 2 sisters have 3 children each n 3rd sister(had 3 abortions) almost stays in my in-laws place on the name of husbands both brothers did intercaste marriage n left from my in-laws house but i never used to let my husband speak harshly to my inlaws about his brothers .I had infection throughout my pregnancy due to which i used to have pain in lower stomach n back pain n after c-section i had severe back pain but my in-laws never used to let me take rest or to sit for few minutes n my husband wouldnt utter a word before his parents n inlaws say that im lying that i have stomach ache to escape work. They couldnt c me talking to my husband or playing with my child they always try to put me in kitchen n make me realise that i am just a slave in there house,i was house arrested since ladies r not allowed to go out,they r from a conservative family,they always find mistakes in what ever i do n for every small thing make me stand for 3 to 4 hours n give me a long class .i dint have any differences with my husband but he never supported me even when i was not wrong. My in-laws also used to say that i spend money alot but i was never let to go out of the house or even to talk on phone.when i told my mother-in-law that my husband brought toys for my kid she told y do u waste money on such thing when i asked y cant we get toys she told to earn n then spend,n when i told i will work then she says my father-in-law wont allow me n also that she cant take care of my child,my husband doesnt work he is a house-hold that is the reason we dont have any respect. On 09/06/2012 i came to my mom to take rest informing everybody but there was a small quarrel happend before i came to my moms place. After few days when i went back with my family they dint let us atleast to enter into the house n spoke very vulgurly about me n my family n told us that they would take me back only when i sign on paper that “i commited all mistakes when i was in my in-laws house n that i sayed that i will commit suicide when i was angry n also that my in-laws n my husband r good people”. We did not agree for that n were trying to get compromised without any conditions. One day i recieved divorse notice from my husband n i had to give reply to that notice and i mentioned that i want to go back but they want to get rid of me by putting all baseless n false allegations on me n my family. Then one day my husband called me n told that he is going to file divorse petition.i was told that if i file restitution of conjugal rights then there would be proof that i want to go back to my in-laws house n i filled petition n on the day of appearence my husband rejected to take me back n told that he is ready to fight n took a date 2 months long in may.but now i am really scared that if my husband says that he doesnt want to stay with me at any cost then can judge force him to stay with me? For me n my childs future i dont want to get divorsed. I recently called my husband n said that i want to come back home but he refused n told nobody is ready to take me back n everybody is vexed of me. I sent mediators to my in-laws house that i want to go back to my in-laws house but they refused saying that the matter is already in court so let the court decied what is to be done.

  9. Dinesh Mohanty says:

    I bought a land in the name of my mother 20 years back. Now as she has died i want to transfer it to my name.please suggest the easiest and fastest method to do that. Also i want to know whether my sisters will have any rights over the property as the property is in the name of my mother. i have two elder sisters who are married. And if they do have rights and they claim it, how can i do the transfer without giving them shares as i hav purchased it with my own money and owed the maintainance cost of the property for these 20 years. please suggest.-

    Dinesh Mohanty ([email protected])

  10. Elumalai says:

    I filed a complaint and it is closed by Police department as Non-Cognizable offence. It is mentioned I am petitioner and respondent as counter-petitioner.
    What does counter-petitioner here means?
    … Is it the respondent has filed a counter petition and hence called counter petitioner?
    … Is it the respondent is countering my petition and hence is just like that called counter petitioner?

  11. ANIL VERMA says:


  12. Jastej Singh says:

    yes he can give GPA but he must appear as a witness. the cost of stamp paper can be known from the local court/advocate.

  13. indrayani says:

    I am not a farmer. Can I purchase an agricultural land ?

  14. Jastej Singh says:

    unless there is some specific prohibition by some local law, one can buy any property provided it is allowed to be sold. For Ex: In H.P., an outsider i.e. a person who is not a domicile of H.P. is not allowed to buy landed property.

  15. bali says:


  16. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    your question needs an elaborate study. As such for getting the property transferred in your name, you have to approach the office under whose jurisdiction your property falls.

  17. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    well you have to discuss this with your lawyer. If there is anything written then you have to follow the terms and conditions of that agreement.

  18. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    if there is written agreement then the payments shall be made according to the terms and conditions written therein.

  19. Jastej S (Team Vakilno1) says:

    you can certainly oppose such a settlement if the same works against your interests and has been made to defraud you.