NRI Contents

Import of Gold and Silver by NRIs
Citizenship of India
Classification of Non-Resident Indians
Investment Opportunities for Nonresident Indians
Remittance of dividend/Interest and other income
Investment by FIIs
Investment in Immovable Property
Investment by Foreign citizens of Indian Origin
Investment by Foreign citizens of non Indian Origin
Investment by Non Resident Indian Citizens
Sale of immovable property by Non residents
Acquisition of immovable property by Inheritance
Acquisition of immovable property through gifts
Letting out immovable property
Investment by partnership firms, trusts, associations
Investment by foreign companies
Loans for housing
Summary Table
NRI Bank Accounts
Non Resident Ordinary rupee Account (NRO)
Non-resident Non-Repatriable Term Deposit Account (NRNR)

Nonresident (Special) Rupee (NRSR) Accounts

Nonresident External Rupee Account
Foreign Currency (Nonresident) Accounts (Banks) Scheme FCNR-B Accounts
Nomination Facility for Bank Accounts in India
Summary of bank accounts for Non residents
Rates of Direct Taxes affecting NRIs
Exemptions in Income Tax for NRIs

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