Citizenship in India


Foreign National of Indian origin

Foreign Nationals of Indian Origin, after their settling in India may intend to acquire citizenship of India, which provisions are contained in the Citizenship Act, 1955. Citizenship of India can be acquired by (a) birth, (b) descent, (c) registration and (d) naturalization.

Foreigners of India origin, can apply for citizenship by registration after their residence for five years in India. Prior to 1st July, 1987, this period was six months. Foreigners of Indian Origin who are ordinarily resident in Commonwealth countries may also apply for registration. Person who are married to Citizens of India and are resident in India for five years can also apply for registration. Minor children can be registered as citizens, when their parents apply for registration. Application should be made in the prescribed form in triplicate, to the collector within whose jurisdiction the applicant is ordinarily resident. The oath of allegiance shall be affirmed before the registration.


Foreign Citizens of Non Commonwealth Countries

Foreign citizens of non-commonwealth countries, may be granted a certificate of naturalization by the Central Government, where the person has rendered distinguished service to the course of science, philosophy, art, literature, world peace and human progress. The person to whom this certificate is granted, on taking the oath of allegiance, becomes a citizen of India by naturalization.


  1. Hi, I would like to change to an Indian citizenship, acquired by naturalization. I would like to know if I can travel to a foreign country after my application and submitting my documents to the nearest Collectors office. So if I submit my documents by the end of Feb, can I travel outside India in April for a week. Thank you!

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