Notices – Legal Forms

Notices – Legal Forms

Name of Form
 Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice by landlord to tenant for demand of possession of house after expiry of lease period
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of determination of lease for breach of covenants contained in the lease deed
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice by lessor to lessee to quit for non payment of rent
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice to tenant attorn tenancy
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of dishonour of bill of exchange to drawer
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of dishonour of cheque under section 93, Negotiable instruments act 1881
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of retirement by a partner
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Public notice of election by a minor on attaining majority.
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice to the registrar of Firms under section 63, Indian partnership act, 1932
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice by purchaser for specific performance of an agreement
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of intended purchaser to a possible preemptor
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice by creditor to guarantors to pay debt
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of termination of guarantee for faithful service of employee
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of Re-sale of goods by seller
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of assignment by assignee
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice to railways under section 78B Indian railways act, 1890
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Another notice under section 78B, Indian railways act, 1890, for short delivery
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice to a carrier for damages for loss of goods under section 10, carriers act, 1865
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of suit under section 80, code of civil procedure
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice under section 80, code of civil procedure against public officer
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice not to commit nuisance by constructing latrines
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice to owner of adjacent land not to make any construction which may invade the privacy
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of assessment of Mortgage
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice by mortgagee to mortgagor to furnish further security
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Public notice in newspaper by the advocate of purchaser of property
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice to the assessing officer/prescribed authority under section 11(2) of the income tax act, 1961
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Intimation to the Assessing Officer under section 210(5) regarding the notice of demand under section 156 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, for payment of advance tax under section 210(3)/210(4) of the Act
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice to railways for claim of liabilities in tort
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice By Tenant To Determine Lease
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice To Debtor To Pay Debt
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice Of Dishonour Of Bill Of Exchange To Endorser
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice by partner to other partners To determine partnership
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice Of Dissolution Of Partnership
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice of expulsion of partner under section 33, Indian partnership act, 1932
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Public notice of election by a minor Not to become a partner
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice By A Partner To Make Available The Account Books Of Partnership Firm For Inspection
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Reply communicating willingness To purchase the property
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice By Guarantor To Determine Continuing Guarantee
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice Of Sale Of Pledged Goods
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice Of Assignment Of Debt
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice Of Assignment Of Life Insurance Policy
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Combined Notice Under Section 78b, Indian Railways Act, 1890 And Under Section 80 Code Of Civil Procedure
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice Under Section 80, Code Of Civil Procedure
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice Revoking Licence To Graze Cattle And Reap And Remove Grass On The Land Of The Licensor
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice To Pay Mortgage Money
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice By Advocate Claiming Damages For Defamation
Arrow(1).gif (520 bytes) Notice about the employee, Who has ceased to be in employment

119 comments on “Notices – Legal Forms

  1. Sir
    One of my client is not paying my travel bills as agreed between me and his company. He has given the mandate to me on his company letter head that all the travel expenses would be bare by him. I have submitted the bill to him, neither is picking up the phone nor replying on mail.

    How can i recover my payment from him. I have already sent to him one letter though registered but he did not took that letter post man as well.

  2. I engaged in a purchase of piece of land at my home town (Muzaffarpur) at Rs 1800000/- with a broker and I am working in bank at Purnea which is 300 km away. There is no agreement with us. However, I paid the money by way of bear cheque – Rs. 100000/-, Rs. 700000/- by A/C Payee cheque and remaining Rs. 810000/- by NEFT within two months. After paying Rs. 1510000/- within two months, when I approached to broker he said that subject land had been sold. Now, you can take another piece of land which was not at all useful for me. Then I disagree and asked him to return the money. In turn he returned Rs. 650000/- gave a cheque of Rs. 860000/-. Due to insufficient fund available the cheque dishonoured. Meanwhile he had paid some amount in person and still RS 370000/- is outstanding with him. The validity of cheque is likely to expire. Kindly suggest me what to do now.
    (a) Can I sent a notice from Purnea where I work as the amount had been sent from a bank located there.
    (b) Can I lodge a complain in Police
    (c) If legal process will start, then where it will be.
    (d) I afraid that if I go to Muzaffarpur, he may harmed me.

  3. Dear Respected Sir,

    I need your kind legal advise on that, a “Registered WILL” made by a Sunni Muslim Widow Women in aged 65 years of herself property (Not of her late husband name property)in favor of her two daughter and one grand son (Naati) as she has two son and two daughters.,and she died after 8 days of her “WILL”. that, latter on her son shows a “Panchayat Nama” of Rs,2/stamp paper 6nos,where written on that all property of parents distributed among two sons only which was made before a year ago of last “WILL” and no any other paper made after this last “WILL”.

    So,please let me know which one is legally valid by indian law and under which section as well as in Muslim personal law.

    Thanking You



  4. Sir,

    Kindly provide me a copy / pro-forma of Review Application for filing before CAT (central administrative tribunal), as my submitted RA was stated as defective as ‘not in proper form’.

    You will be highly appreciated if you provide me a copy of Review Application for rectifying the defect.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

  5. If you have availed some kind of services which are not purely commercial in nature then you can file a complaint with the consumer forum. Also remember that the services availed should be for self earning and for life and livelihood.

  6. hi….as builder my property is in progress …but one of person not ready with my plan and offer …after long procedure…he has filed complaint in mhada for cancellation of noc….pls reply me how to reply of the letter of advocate

  7. hi.. Me and my wife are retired from BSNL and residing in Chennai. We rented out the house property of my wife in May 2012.The tenant, a lawyer, signed rental agreement for 11 months from May 2012. We wanted the house for own occupancy and requested the tenant to vacate. He agreed and postponing to vacate since 4 months of our request. Rent is also not paid since January 2013. On repeated request and negotiations he is telling that he would vacate before 15th August 2013. But we are unable to be convinced this statement because of the precedences of not honoring the earlier committed dates for vacating the house. What to do further in this situation?
    With regards,

  8. Landlord tenant relationships are governed by the local rent acts which almost every state has made and is different in many aspects from the rent acts of other states. In Punjab & Haryana, there is provision in the rent act that one year prior to the retirement up-till one year after the retirement, a landlord working in a Govt. Job, living in Govt. house, can file an eviction petition for want of the tenanted accommodation for personal use and such cases are to tried summarily, preferably within 1 years. If the similar provision is there in the rent act governing your place of residence then you can avail the said opportunity. Otherwise, you have to file a normal eviction petition.

  9. Parents have a house, where the tenant is not vacating since last 4 years, we have won the case in court (both lower and session court), the tenant have filed (appealed) the case now in high court bench, how long does the case will run in high court? as the decision have been done in our favour in session court.

  10. There is no fixed limit for deciding a case. Although if there is personal necessity as a ground for eviction, then the Courts will be more sympathetic.

  11. Some person in my personal contacts duped me for Rs 25,000 in february 2013 with a promise that he will return the money in 1 weeks time.its 4 months now n still is not repaying, he is evading my phone calls. He had taken the money from me for booking his airticket from hongkong to india which i did from my internet banking transaction. i have the copy of the ticket booked in his name,my bank statement of the amount debited towards ticket booking and confirmation from the travel website about money received from my account towards ticket. Are these document sufficient evidences to file a complaint against this person? Also, under which section this complaint be filed in the police station? Please advise asap.

  12. It seems to be a civil case. Rest it all depends upon the facts and circumstances of the case as pleaded by you. The police will proceed with your complaint and will register an FIR only if criminal intent on behalf of the accused is visible. Otherwise, for filing a civil suit these documents seems to be sufficient.

  13. Dear Sir,

    I had given a security deposit to a company for dealing in their brand of tiles. Subsequently there was trouble at their factory. I did not buy any tiles. All refund requests are falling on deaf ears. What to do? Please help.

  14. First try to send them a legal notice of demand. Thereafter, you might have to file a civil suit for recovery.

  15. We can prepare the same only in a customized manner. However, if you go to the local court, the stenographers sitting there can give you the same.

  16. Sir,
    I had booked air ticket of rs. 14400/- of one of my customer on january. At the time of booking he was in bangalore , he called me up and said that his mother has expired. so please book the ticket from bangalore to delhi and assured me that he will make the payment after he come’s to mumbai. but since that time he is just giving me excuses and not refunded my money back and now his mobile no. has also been dis conected. Sir, now you suggest me what do i do. I am thinking of filing a case against him. but dnt know what are its procedure.

  17. since you are the service provider, you cannot file a case under the Consumer Protection Act. You must send a legal notice to him through some advocate. If he still fails to pay then you can file civil suit for recovery in the Civil Court.

  18. Sir,
    My father in-law had passed away in a 2002 road accident. In judicial course my spouse’s three elder sisters had received compensation and since she was under 18 then, she had not received it. Now she is eligible to get it (we are out of country by now) and when we approached the lawyer he says that we need to be present in country, and when asked for case number he gives excuses (as my spouse family did not have any kind of papers/documents with them except for a copy of FIR). It is clearly understood he is dodging, how do we go about this situation, please advice.

  19. Get the copy of the judgment from your sister-in-laws. The correct position can be known from the perusal of that judgment only. Generally when one of the claimants is a minor, the compensation falling into the share of such a minor is directed by the Court to be deposited in some nationalized bank in the shape of FDR’s and the same is released when the minor attains majority. You can also make a General Power of Attorney in favor of some local relative to get that amount.

  20. Dear sir,

    I had apply 3G Sim mobile line at BSNL on 29th May 2013, till the date line was not activated by BSNL.I personnely went to the concern branch to meet division engineer, I didn’t get propper answer. Now what I have to do next step.
    please guide and reply to my email Id. [email protected]

  21. Dear Sir
    I have tried to buy a plat in delhi and a person have shown me the flat in south delhi lal dora area as well as he promiss me for passing the home loan from the national bank, so agreement have done on August 2012. For this he took money of Rs 90000/- from me. He have tried but not succeded to pass loan. deal has been cancelled on december 2012.
    Since the deal has been cancelled we ask to return the money (Rs90000/-). He gave me two cheque on different day, but cheque has been bounce due to insufficient money in account. With must effort I managed to get money of Rs. 42000/- out of Rs. 90000/-. Effort remaining money he have givven me a date but fail. I called him and visited to his home. Now he keeps on extending date.
    I feel so helpless,
    I have all proof Like baunce Cheque, written documents, Call recording etc.
    Kindly give me what I can do.

  22. The cheque can be presented within 6 or 3 months for the payment of the rest of the amount. The time limit can be verified from the respective bank. Where cheque has bounced, you can send him a legal notice within one month of the information received regarding bouncing of cheque. The legal notice should be of 15 days. Thereafter, you can file a criminal complaint u/s 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act for recovery of the amount of cheque.

  23. Sir i have given money to a broker for margin allotment.After few days of trading i closed my account and now the broker is refusing to pay my money back.What according to you is the next step that i should take?

  24. Hello Sir,

    I had given money to one of my friends but now he is not returning that money please let me know how can I get back that money. I have proof that I have given money to him. I want to send him a legal notice for that.

  25. After sending him a legal notice, file a civil suit for recovery in this regard.

  26. sir I have given rs.fifty thousand to a person who is by cast sc/st. now he is not returning my money and thretning me for false f i r in police. when i have given money he gave me a plain stapm paper with is signature. what i can do ?

  27. sir, just i have send you message. i further want to say that that person told me that he will return my money when he will find the money from govt. now he has got the money. his bank account is 3,75,000-00.
    Can i stop the bank payment untill my recovery.

  28. I have no word to appreciate your task. as I have learnt lot from this web, and hope that you shall be working with heart and soul in order to give new things to new generation

  29. Must appreciate & thank you for all the information provided.I notice thta your help is very practical and you dont stop at Legal help only but give practical advises. Kodos to you.

  30. Hi,
    I am a recruitment consultant, have all the approval mails from the client, They were suppose to pay me the commission on 22 Oct’ 13 and delayed it till date. now finally they told me that they will be terminating that guy, but as per the contract they have to pay the invoice amount within a month and also the replacement is 2 months which is over today as till date the candidate is with him and also the replacement is given only in the case of resignation not termination.They are making false excuses every now and then. please suggest me what action i can take as today they clearly told that they will not pay as the candidate is not performing well.

  31. Sir
    Please advice me for a legal Notice to my employer for not extending me the previous service benefits as per Central Govt (CCS) Rules with present Service (Autonomous Body under Central Govt.
    VK Soni

  32. Sir,I want to get the compensation of my land that is acquired by the haryana govt for road making. please tell me the process that i had to follow.

  33. Sir, I am an ex-serviceman and applied for the job of office assistant in National Insurance Co Ltd. There were 4 vacancies for ESM in haryana(10% of the total as per prevailing govt rules). Despite that the Co. had not selected any ESM for the job. When asked for the reason through RTI, the Co. is giving confusing and misleading information. What could be the next course of further action to get that job?

  34. i have paid the amount of INR 15000 to freelancer web developer… to make website.. but now he did not make… he is also not refusing but also making .. its more than two months.. i do not know his address however, i have his mobile number and bank details … kindly advise how to proceed and i have all the relevant communication and payment transfers details as proof…

  35. Dear Sir,
    My past employer has not paid my salary & expenses from Jan to March 13.
    Despite requesting him for the same. Therefore I had to leave that company.
    He has mailed me the Salary Slips for the same.
    Sir, please help me to know ho to recover the same legaly
    Thanking You
    Devdas Pai

  36. R/Sir,
    I have taken flat at Dahisar E where builder has sold parking and taken money by Cash. How can we recover money from builder if we have taken parking by cash? Pls suggest.

  37. Dear sir,
    Recently i should sale my a plot of land to a person. i fix rate of land is 2,00,000.00 and at the time of make agreement the buyer is give me only 1,20,000.00. but agreement’s mantion that payment is complete. the buyer is told me that don’t worry i will pay you under nex week. now he refuse to pay his balance. so now i need your help.

  38. Dear Sir ,

    I had booked a resort in Kodaikanal and cancelled it before the date as I had some personal issues. I had paid 1000.00/- advance.And after one week I called them and asked about the refund. they said it would be credited in your account after 15 days.I waited , they did not the refund. I was sending everyday reminders, and tried to call they always say tomorrow ,tomorrow. Its been 2 months now.
    now they blocked my number and not at all responding to my any single mails. I am not concerned about the money. as a business people they should not treat a customer in this way. they are just ignoring me..Please advice what I could do ?

  39. i am an NRI, my brother cheeated whole family he trsnfered the all property to his wife name, now we all filed a case in the court by appoiting an lawayer for the last 6 months still notices have not reahed him cout sent thru register post and some times by hand he is not taking the notices, if i ask lawayer he is telling we have sent court has to decide ,please let me know what action i can take to safe guard the family

    i appreacite if any one can help or guide me

  40. My name is Aditya I am working in a private company in Noida.In 2012 July a girl joined our office. She was not good at work so our boss used to scold her every day. She learned a lot about office work from me as she was new to the office. She became a good friend of mine. Later she was terminated by our company for submitting false bills and Medical in De 2012 and her salary was stopped as she was terminated. She was very depressed and said that she has no money and she will suicide i promised her to help her and said that she can repay me after getting a job . As she became my best friend I helped her financially because she was not getting any support from her family. I used to give her 10000 monthly. Slowly, slowly we came closer and she said to marry me. I discussed with my parents and they called the girl’s father, but the girl’s father refused to marry their daughter to me. But still we were in touch and she was continuously taking amount on a regular basis from me. She was continuously trying for a job, but not able to crack any of the interviews. I told her if our family members are not agreeing then we should get married by ourselves as we both are above age 25.But she somehow manages to manipulate me by saying will see in future and will wait for our families to be convinced . By now it is nearly 1 year and she was not able to find a job. And my money was spend twice for room rent so we both decided to share a flat, so in November 2013 we both shifted in a common flat. It was a 2 BHK flat. She lived in one room and me in the other. Then i brought many utensils for that home as that flat was non furnished. Nearly of 70 thousand and also invested nearly 57 thousand on flat rent and security. Mean while i continuously asked the girl to get married with me but she was continuously just passing the time by giving false commitment.
    Then one day I asked her that are you cheating on me by just passing the time and not marrying so in anger she said just get of from this flat and she gave me 10 PDC by signing them and saying that you can withdraw them if will not marry by putting a single check on a monthly basis’ was forcefully thrown out of that flat and she also not allowed to take my utensils which i brought. I was shocked at that time and shifted to other flat. But she contacted me on my cell and we were still in touch because i really love her. This was Jan 2014 incident. Again she grabbed me in her conversations and asked for money,i again gave her. Then in Feb she stopped talking to me so I asked her what is the problem so she said that she don’t want to talk to me anymore and also said that I can deposit single single check on a monthly basis and I’ll get the money. I felt very bad that the girl I helped at most when she was in a need was reacting in such way but it was a fate. When I deposited the first check it, get got bounced ill called her up and said so she denies to repay and said that she has not taken any money from me and if i will deposit any cheque then she will do my police complaint by saying that i have raped her etc etc. I was surprised to see her behaviour she was abusing me and was giving threat not to call me again. I called her family members but they said they have not taken the money and said to contact the girl and ask her only. I never cheated her and i wanted to get married, i helped her when she was in need but she is so selfish that she dumped all my utensils my flat. After seeing all this i am dam sure that she is a big cheater.
    She is not returning my money, my two checks are bounced still having 8 please suggest is there any way I can get back my money from that fraud girl. She is a big time cheater she used my emotions money and now she is behaving like innocent. Please suggest what I can do .

  41. Hi
    Since I am confused about the way I must go about this , am posting my question for advice.

    Wrong act on the part of Electricity Officials- Allahabad:

    My parents[Senior Citizen] are not much educated & economically not very strong and are staying in Allahabad.

    My parents are living in a small old premises of 2 rented rooms in Allahabad.Our electricity bill was pending since long bec of my parents inability to pay the bills which kept on acculumating in form of penalties & surcharges since 2005

    Most recently, i [living in Ahmedabad Gujarat]saved some amount from my earnings and wanted to get the bill settled which was about 1.5 lac.

    My parents approached the JE & SDO , communicated our economic status and requested for help. They bluntly told them “1lac lagega”

    They told them that we can max manage to pay 70000.on which SDO told “90000 se kuch kam nhi hoga” and this kept on for quite some time.

    Finally, my parents got a apparently good (JE)person in the different area who got the things done for us in 70000/-. He told us that this connection will be settled and new connection will be issued after sometime.

    my father did as he asked them. They deposited 70000/- and after sometime they surprisingly got a PD receipt of final settlement of somewhat 12000/-. He told them that this is settled and the rest amount has been appropriated to the officials for the settlement.

    We didnt understood this but got releived that the finally we paid the dues and no amount stands at either part since this took so long and my parents are also not doing well with their health.

    After a week we went ahead in applying for a new connection in FEB 2014 and the result was that the officers [SDO & JE of our area]started with the bribe amount of 20000/- for new connection as they told my parents that they were not given any amount from the previously settled bill.So, if they wanted new connection, they need to give 20000/-cash. Everytime he used to ask for bribe on repeated requests form our side which continued for 20days.

    Finally my parents approached a MP to get the things going who also asked the SDO to get the things going and explaining to him our poor financial and health condition.

    On this he made a visit at our premises and asked us again to pay 20000/- or face theft charges as our previous connection got settled.
    he left the home asking us to visit his office.
    All this happened in between 1-15 feb.From that day my parents were living without electricity in our house.

    When again we approached the MP, and his subsequent questioning the SDO, the SDO made a fake report dated 28th Feb 2014 in his office without actually visit the location- of theft of electricity and also of the earlier dues of 1.8lac [PD receipt shown] which he says he will not accept being settled as this doesnt bears his signatures.

    He made that Fake report of theft and lodged an FIR in the police station stating that after disconnection, still illegal line was found and was refused to show the meter which as per his view was present inside the premises of the consumer. Also, that the consumer refused to take the notice which was pasted in his premises . All this was fake.

    He even sent a notice through registered post.

    I am living since last 6 years out of home.Bec of job i cannot go everytime to allahabad for getting my time wasted for such cheap officials asking bribes at every nook and corner from people who even cant afford basic amenities.

    Pls suggest me what shall i do?
    My poor parents may not be in a position to fight legal battles nor do they have such good health. They are totally dependent upon me and I am employed in Gujarat.

    Everyone asks for bribes and we just wanted a settlement.Settlement scheme was launched in late Jan while we approached these cheaters in Dec and paid what we could.


  42. I am a person staying abroad. Please guide me how could I file a police case against a person staying in India for cheating and abusive calls.

  43. ear Sir,

    I am a Employee in a Pvt. Ltd. Company in Delhi and its head office in Hyderabad, in last year i have taken Leaves for my sister’s marriage and for my marriage in Feb 2014, and in August 2014 i am hit by an road accident while going to office and my leg fractured with deep Wound which stitched & Plastered and i am on bed for 2.5 month and the same i informed in my office and they give me the leave but without any medical reimbursement or assistance & salary, after removing the plaster i am unable to walk but i join the office back i came to office at 10:30 instead of 9:45 and company deducting my salary as per late come rule.

    now i need again 2 month leave for my leg operation for same leg because i am having problem in walking. i told my boss that give me that leave without pay but he denied and say that we can not give you the leave and if you want then you have to resigned then we see in future we need you or not.

    Presently i resigned from my post and given him the 1 month notice from 05th April 2014 to 4th of May 2014.

    you are requested to kindly help me for the same and let me know for the period i am on leave company can deduct my salary or not.

    more over my wife is also in the same Company and i discussed with my boss that in case if my wife require Maternity leave then what is the procedure, he straight away denied that there is no Policy for that kind of leave, is that possible.

    is that is the rule like this.

    Suraj Pahuja

  44. sir,
    one of my friend mother had met with an fatal accident. police registered a case in section 279 and 304A. should we lodge a case in section 166b of motor vehicle act or not please guide us or pls tell us in any other section so the guilty should get a strict punishment. he is driving rashly on the road.

  45. I am Naveen.G from Bangalore.

    I would like to bring to your notice that i had bought a Micromax P350 Tab from a retail store Sangeetha Mobiles Private Limited

    Below are the details
    Invoice date : 01/Nov/2012 13:30;32
    P-350 – Micro Max 911235600220990
    Price 7,108.06 /-

    I would put my experience as short as possible.
    This was my first purchase of a Tab and was very happy to do so, but when i visited teh dealership they had only to pieces of this model and dealer said there is no problem and can go for it, so i did buy the phone with great interest
    and was very happy for it.

    But little did i know that the happiness would lost for a very short period.

    I used it for almost a week and the problems started, the internet was not getting connected and the memory card was not reading, So i called Sangeetha service center and they promptly took the Tab from me promising that it will be ready by a week, i kept following up with them and they said there is a problem with the motherboard and will replace it and will take at least 15 days, i was hesitant but still agreed and waited patiently, but it returned after close to a month and i checked for the problem and it was as it is, was getting frustrated and i returned the tab to them saying the problem is not rectified , this time i had lost my patience and was disturbed mentally, then it was back after a month again and worked for a while and all of a sudden it started to drain the battery and i had to return it back to them and this repeated several times. I was very disappointed with this and stopped using it for a while but i didn’t want to give up hope that is why i am writing this email hoping that some one would respond to this email and help me out in repairing the Tab or getting a replacement of the same.

    I am a Salaried person and i feel Micro max has cheated me by providing a faulty Tab from the day one.

    What is the use of a warranty period of 1 year when the tab has not been working during the said period

    Awaiting a positive response from anyone concerned..


  46. Dear Sir,
    I run a manufacturing firm, two of my clients are creating a problem in clearing the due bills. What is the legal recourse available?
    Also, few clients have not submitted the form’c’, can any action be taken against them.

  47. i want to now that some contractor has given me a legal notice regarding the delayed payment of his work which he had already done at site.we had already online his bills prior to notice but due to lack of funds in treasury,his payment not going to take place at that stage.Now he give me a notice, what could i write in reply to his legal notice.

  48. I stay at 55F/503, Saptarishi Towers, MHADA, OPP. EKTA NAGAR, KANDIVALI WEST, MUMBAI-67,
    I have to vacant the room today 1st june 2014, and landlord of this room, Mr. Vasant Shankar Chavan (age 26, Address – Room no. 15, Building no. 3, Block no. Tardeo police camp, Mumbai Central West, Mumbai, he works at SECRETARIAT) has unlawfully deducted Rs. 7500 from the security deposit which was paid at the time of occupying the flat, and during the time of notice period he sent his broker on the odd timings to show the flat to some other would be tennants and then at the time of vacating he just demanded extra half month rent that is Rs. 5500 and now he deducted Rs. 2000 more without any concrete reason.
    He also deducted 60% of the society maintanance bill which should be paid by Landlord only which excludes this Rs. 7500.

    Kindly take the actions accordingly. I have the copies of notarized and registered leave and license agreement.


  49. Hi Sir,

    I purchased property in TDI Kundli in september 2012. I have been told construction will be started in couple of months. But till now there is no progress, they haven’t started the construction (after approx 18 months of allotment). When we visited TDI office, they said land on which construction suppose to be started, have disputed with farmers. After calling, mailing and visiting them, they forced me to shift to the new property which is approximately 25lakhs costlier than previous. I am not sure what to do either I have to shift, go to consumer court or wait. Please suggest.


  50. I am an Advocate from RANCHI,JHARKHAND and I impart free legal opinion for civil, criminal, quasi judicial, Labour cases , income tax & sales tax etc.
    My mobile No. is 09905532399 & 9471169389

  51. Respected sir

    Last six months ago i went to police station for register a FIR.But Police employes donot take any positive response.Next day 23rd January i sent a written complaint letter by speed post.but i found not any reply.plz tell me but can i take a next step? Can i send a reminder letter to police station? Plz tell me right now what i can do?

  52. Respected sir

    Last six months ago i went to police station for register a FIR.But Police employes donot take any positive response.Next day 23rd January i sent a written complaint letter by speed post.but i found not any reply.plz tell me but can i take a next step? Can i send a reminder letter to police station? Plz tell me right now what i can do?
    Contact No 08572078098

  53. sir,
    I Was C & F agent for a private Ltd co. for that I had paid huge amount of money as security deposit to the co. now I want my money back but the co. & its directors are not responding.
    what to do sir?
    can I file criminal case of frogery against the company?

  54. sir,
    i am a student and in last year july i made a deal with a broker in lucknow to purchase a 1 bhk home in ansal town in lucknow and i made a payment of 1225000 through cheque and NEFT in his account but unfortunately after 3 months he said that that property is sold out and i ll give you another but even after 1 year he did not give me any propery and said sir i ll reurn your money and in april 2014 he returned me a sum of 500000 and after that he continuously made fool of me and telling i ll give ur money in a week than in 15 days and so on plz guide me what to do and if i go for legal things i do not have any paper regarding this only bank account statement is there .

  55. We have booked a flat in bangalore in august 2013.the builder had given us letter stating propw is free of any charge and encumbrance in oct.13. The bank had already disbursed the full payment to the builder and now we got one letter from other bank stating our flat is mortgaged with finance the builder in july 13.kindly let me know the steps to be taken against the builder. This letter has been forwarded by other flat owner as his flat is also mortgaged.

  56. Dear rahul you have said that you have transferred through NEFT and cheque but not mentioned how much amount transferred through cheque and NEFT is do you have NEFT receipt and cheque number and drawee name is their on passbook no problem do you have NEFT receipt and the broker phone number means go to the transaction taken police station and give a complaint or approach Advocate and file a cheating case in criminal court under section 420 of IPC Thank you

  57. i m doing consultancy on excise matter in noida and delhi i welcome everbody who wan to contact me regarding excise issue. My cell no. is 9999099838.

  58. Dear Sir, I am a regular employee in a pvt organization, put up 20 yrs of service. In April 2014, I was transferred along with my wife. But I refused with reasons given below:1. My children’s education. 2. My wife underwent major operation, so due to medical facilities. 3. I would be going for doing Ph. D in October 2014.
    Mean while the principal to relieved us to the head office. For every of my correspondence they took nearly 3 weeks to answer. But in the recent letter they said that I will have to work as an ordinary teacher and on non transferable, without any benefits and me and my wife will not be paid any salary for June or July because we did not sign any where. Now it is August, still they have not decided about my issue. Me and my wife are regularly going to school even though we are relieved. It is my head office they should guide us and tell us further what we should be doing. Instead they kept quite and finally they say you will not be paid for these months. Kindly advise. I will be indebted to you.
    Thank you.

  59. Sir i applied for marksheet loan in national finance company.
    They first ask rs=2400.
    Then they ask rs=10500 for bank agreement.
    And again they told to paid rs=15923 for fd purpose and promise to paid loan amount after this payment.
    But the didnt do so, and ask again for rs= 18000 for my insurence purpose.
    And again the ask for last payment about tax purpose for 2lakhs.
    They ask rs= 24,000 .
    TILL YET THEY didn’t pay my loan amount and closed all contact with me.
    I paid all the amount to pnb bank
    Name= harnam singh (pnb)
    A/C no= 3714006900004060
    Plzz sir help me get back my amount total amount= 80,000.
    i am having every bank slip of deposited amount and copy of agreement which they provides me.
    Plzzzzz help me.

  60. Sir, i am a pensioner, superannuated as Principal,REC-Nagpur in 1994.Then RECs were undertakings of the GOI and the State Governments. The pay scales were recommended by the GOI from time to time and implemented after decision of the state Govt. The pay scale of 5900 to 7300 was recommended by the GOI for the Principal at the 4th pay scales revision applicable from 1st Jan 1986. However the state approved a pay scale of 4500 to 7300, the same as that of a Professor.The revision was implemented late i.e. sometime in 1990-91. Personally my salary was to reach the highest of the scale , which incidentally was same for both the scales,further the pension as per the rules then was decided by the last salary drawn, i made no protest and accepted the revision. I am sure, even had i represented, i would not have received any decision by the MHRD,GOI before my retirement

    Now RECs have been taken over by GOI and are NITs since 2000. I receive my pension from NIT Nagpur i.e. GOI as per their DA revision from time to time.

    In the 6th pay revision effective from 1st Jan 2006 the pensions have undergone drastic change viz. the pension is no longer decided by the last salary drawn but by the pay scale of the post at the time of retirement. Hence the NIT Nagpur fixed my pension same as that of a Professor. My contention is Principal’s pay scale at the time of my retirement as per GOI was 5900 to 7300, Professor’s was 4500 to 7300 and hence i should be eligible for a revision on that basis and not on the basis where i get the same pension as a Professor. I represented to the NIT Nagpur, the case was by them referred to MHRD,GOI and the request has been turned down. This communication i have received only couple days ago.

    I desire to seek intervention of CAT for the justice.


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    never found any interesting article like yours.
    It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did,
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  62. Respected Sir
    I really happy to visit your website which having lot of useful information about the Indian law.
    I salute and many thanks for your extreme effort. It would be great wishes to get the description for the balance IPC Section.

  63. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  64. sir i want to file a case in consumer forum against lenovo. For that we need to send a legal notice to the company. Can you please tell me the format of that legal notice.

  65. Hello,
    I had purchased a builder floor from the owner of the property in new delhi and paid the Bayana Amount to the owner. The Sale agreement was signed on stamp paper. Then i applied for the home loan, the loan got rejected. Reason cited by the Bank was MCD unauthorised construction.
    Upon this i searched the internet and found the name of this property in the unauthorized construction list. I approached the owner of this property and asked him to return the money, as this was against the clauses agreed upon at the time of Bayana (Property free from litigation issues i.e. clean property). He immediately refused to return the money and told us that he has already filed a case with the MCD for regularisation and was suppose to pay the penalty. Few weeks passed now i had to vacate my old house as i had sold it in order to purchase this builder floor. On the day when i had vacated my old house the owner asked us to pay 50% amount and allowed us to shift in this floor of his, as by that time he could not get clearance from MCD, hence Registry could not be done. Days kept passing, the due date of the Bayana agreement had passed and still he could not get the clearance from MCD which was 18th June. In the meantime he even started demanding huge amount of money, though he himself had agreed that the remaining amount would be paid at the time of registry. This was accompanied with lots of threats and even harassment. Finally after waiting for so long we served him a notice from an advocate. On the same day he even got the clearance letter from MCD dated 1st July 2014, which had already crossed the due date i.e. 18th June 2014. Now we again applied for loan in another nationalized bank, which again got rejected and now the reason cited by the bank was documents chain incomplete (Agreement to sell, possession letter, demand letter, allotment letter) were missing. We told the owner to provide these documents he again refused and told us that these were not required and he does not possess these documents in original with him. We are being harassed in bits and pieces. Now we are not interested in buying this property as there have been spats regularly with him. We just demand our money back as he had committed forgery i.e. 420, by selling illegal property (not cleared by MCD). He is refusing to pay back the money and challenges the courts of this country by saying that there is no court in this country which can get us our money back from him. He even threatens us saying that he will file a return case against us claiming breach of contract (Sale agreement), though for this he himself is a defaulter as he could not get his property cleared by due date of agreement.
    And there is a huge amount involved in this transaction. We have already paid him in cash as well as cheque. But we want complete refund of our own money. He is now blackmailing us by saying that we cannot claim the money which we paid in cash, though we have a receipt for it.

    Please advise, shall we file a case.

  66. we are 4 bros/sister we pay our brother 5 lacs advance ( full value of his share 20 lacs) agst. his share in property by rest 3 now he denied to get balance money and not return our 5 lac. many time I request him but 2 other not get any action for their money. now what should I do?

  67. Sir!
    I have two questions of civil case. kindly clarify…
    1. How to get the property detail and its value of a person?
    2. If a person having proper agreement of a property,But Other person also has registered for the same. How to to recover?

  68. Sir,

    My Husband had filed for a dissolution of partnership firm by himself and his partner because of hectic loss of his partner.
    the case is going on for the past 1 year, We have paid already 1.30lakhs as fees to advocate. Now we are not able to further spend for his fees. The advocate says , if fees is not turned up the case which is going to be positive will negative aginst my husband. Please I need ur suggestion

  69. I have given Rs.5.5 to a person to purchase his house (Agreement was not entered), but for reasons I have cancelled the deal. Now When I ask him to refund the money he is refusing the pay the same.Unfortunately we didn’t ask him any receipt or letter for the same. We have only proof is our cheques/ passbook entries for debit amount in our account.1.5 years has been passed for the event, still I have not got my money. What leagal action can I take ?

  70. Sir,

    I signed on a partnership at will , now i am following for dissolution. My partner wants to see each and every stud , receipt etc , now i have bank statements and totally up to date and havent taken a single penny out of the business, now my question is if i didnt maintain receipts and cheque book stubs, would i end up paying when it goes to dissolution? the only thing i have are bank statements

  71. Hi Sir,

    My landlord is not giving back the deposit amount after vacating the flat. Please suggest what to do in this case.


  72. Respected Sir,

    I am Free Lancer and and i am dealing with the situation where i did some work for a company and now that company is refusing to pay me my invoice amount. I wanted the best way or advise from u how i can remove my money from them that too asap… pls suggest.

  73. I received cheque of Rs. 3,00,000 & Rs. 1,89,750 from a builder. In which Rs. 3,00,000 chq was my Investment & Rs. 1,89,750 is return on investment. Both were due on Jun 7, 2014 but builder requested not to drop the cheque at that time due to insufficient balance so i did so. But when 3 months were going finish still builder saying same thing i presented the cheque and they get bounced on Sep 04, 2014. Now what course of action I follow and also tell me the maximum time in reality or real world in which i can recover my money and how much will all expenses.

  74. Hello sir
    As I am working wid a company I got this job thru recuriter. But after gttng job recuriter start harrasing me because I have to pay him my half of the salary as they told me that I have to pay this amount after getting the salary but they start calling me after 2 days. And I said I pay u after getting my salary so Ieft that job but my manager want me to be back in office as he insist I rejoined my office. Now that recuriter company send a legal notice to me after 6 months nd start touchring me again. Please suggest me

  75. Sir i am a Doctor in Fortis hospital ,Faridabad. The management has suspended me alleging serious misconduct. The suspension letter says that a complaint received by them about the incident happened on 6th Sept, whereas the charge sheet says that the incident happened on 5th of september.They allege that i being a doctor did not see a patient in emergency. Whereas there is no record of any patient that arrived in emergency at the time alleged.I want to serve a legal notice to the management alleging them for humiliating me and putting me through mental trauma and harassing me, There is no proof of any patient that arrived at the time alleged.yet on hearsay i have to face suspension Pls help me.

  76. Heya just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you
    know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.

  77. Hello Sir,
    Last year Oct 2013, me n my friend had taken an office on rent, on sharing basis.
    I m a self employed having events , recruitment , marketing services work and part time insurance agent.
    My friend was totally into insurance work.

    We had given a deposit of 1 lakh to our landlord (50k each)

    I had helped him with cash for our Offce expenses ..he had said he will pay me back when he gets his deposit money from our landlord.
    Now he doesn’t hv any intentions of paying me back. He has stopped receiving calls n meeting me and he is demanding share in my business profits.

    He is also threatening me of consequences if I don’t pay him my business income profit.

    Can you suggest me what I should do and about how do I file a case against him.

    I don’t hv payment proof in writing but I have his emails n mags threatening me.
    Also our Offce staff knows that he had taken cash from me.

  78. sir, i purchased a second hand maruthi zen car from wolkwagen showroom, which they got under exchange basis. they could not give me original RC. they told they will transfer and give to me on my name . i purchased on april till and they made my surname mistake , i checked that online and told them to correct but even after three months they were not responded and original RC with them only. then i send legal notice immediately they changed to my name but again surname not in complete. second time i could not sign. some body forged my signature. even vehicle was not in good condition. now it was 6 months over what to do…sujay 92920705177

  79. Sir my frnd had taken a loan from me around 3 lakh n i had given him in case n he return me in cheque but now he has put a case on me. I am in a very bad situation n going under depression what should i do plz help me out sir.

  80. Sir my frnd had taken a loan from me around 3 lakh n i had given him in case n he return me in cheque but now he has put a case on me. I am in a very bad situation n going under depression what should i do plz help me out.

  81. dear sir,
    I was employed with an affliated college of education running by a registered charitable trust. On appointment it was said to pay a salary ofRs.18000 per month but unfortunately i was paid a sum of Rs. 17000per month only.Now a days i have resigned that job.
    What legal proceedings will be applicable to take
    by me to reimburse the differences between the paid and the said salary and to make such due influences.
    rajesh 9470935613

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  83. Sir,

    Kindly provide me a copy / pro-forma of suit for promossory note plaint & affidavit & relevent other proformas to the above suit concerned which has to be presented before the Vellore District Court.
    Thanking you, Narendra

    Yours faithfully,

  84. Sir, I want sample draft of PUBLIC NOTICE to be publish in newspaper for – illegal use of our proprietory SOFTWARE by any individual/ company in India.

  85. hi,
    i have found this website great interest thanking you very much my broker is not paying me my money even after one month
    of selling my shares what can i do please suggest me asap

  86. An employer, [ who has proved course and conduct, like graft cases and other criminal caes, etc which fact was also stated in the complaints ], had made off-the-cuff reference of a consented order [of High Cour] and paid wages less than last-drawn wages after reinstatement, despite several representations, whereas there is settled law by virtue of a catena of judgments that allowances cannot be reduced on reinstatement.

    I filed Crl. MC case against employer u/s 482 CrPC in H/C for abuse of process of court and over-reaching. Notice was issued to employer. After some adjournments the matter came up before a judge in H/C who gave me the option to withdraw with liberty to file the case under appropriate law.

    Accordingly filed complaint u/s 200 crpc in trial court. List of witnesses was submitted. The trial court ordered for issue of summons to witnesses for pre-summoning evidence. But ahlmad issued summons to accused instead of witnesses. In the next hearing court again issued order to summon witnesses.

    Court issued summons to witnesses. On the next date a counsel appeared on behalf of witnesses saying the witnesses were out of station and requested for exemption from appearance of witnesses. Court allowed it taking the false verbatim statements of the counsel as gospel truth and permanently exempted witnesses from appearance . Taking into account the manner in proceedings held, I lost faith in the ACMM court.

    Now the question as to what are the essentials/ draft to make an application “for loss of faith in the court” in the next hearing when it is anticipated, some order is expected to be passed for dismissal of the complaint.
    Shall solicit an immediate reply, please from good-hearted advocates,

    Thanks and regards,

  87. Dear sir,

    I stayed in a house for last 4 years. Owner has not agreed to put agreement. And I have given every month rent in hand only.

    Recently my owner asked me to vacate the house. So I vacated the house. Now he is not returning the advance amount.

    I would like to send the legal notice to him. Kindly guide me in this regard and please help me to with the Legal notice format.

    99940 29330

  88. I’ve lend my friend 4,50,000 in march 2014 Through account transfer without any agreement and now he is avoiding my calls and not intends to payback the money. What should I do, is it possible to lodge a case against him in police station. Please help me out.

  89. respected sir, myself sanjeev kumar i am working in railway i have three brother including me and we had only two house because of that i have to leave with one of my brother last year on dated 23/4/2013 we all brother made an agreement to made third house and for that i have to give 3 lakhs and my middle brother have to give 2 lakhs to my younger brother and this all agreement is made under panchayat and the date is final to vacant / enter into house is 31/12/2014.but as my younger brother have not completed house construction so my middle brother not ready to vacant house which is allotted by panchayat for me ,in this situation i need help from your side that now what step i have to take to get my house

  90. respected sir, myself sanjeev kumar i am working
    in railway i have three brother including me and
    we had only two house because of that i have to
    leave with one of my brother last year on dated
    23/4/2013 we all brother made an agreement to
    made third house and for that i have to give 3
    lakhs and my middle brother have to give 2 lakhs
    to my younger brother and this all agreement is
    made under panchayat and the date is final to
    vacant / enter into house is 31/12/2014.but as
    my younger brother have not completed house
    construction so my middle brother not ready to
    vacant house which is allotted by panchayat for
    me ,in this situation i need help from your side
    that now what step i have to take to get my
    house and also they are warning me to not file case in court and because of this i have to spend 10000 in room rent now what i will do please help me

  91. We have issue that we have sent a legal notice against the party who made default in our payment and the defaulter party has not accept the notice by leaving a comment on courier receipt that no one found in the house….Please advice for the same and provide a solution for the same and what further steps we can take

  92. Sir, my clients brother wants to sale his share in the joint family property (ancestral) to outsiders. My client wants to purchase the same but his brother is refusing the same. I want to give his brother a legal notice to sale the property to my client and not to sell to any outsider. Please provide a legal notice format. Thanks

  93. Dear Sir,

    My friend asked me to get loan for her as medical emergency. She said that she also applied for the loan and its getting delayed. once her loan come, she repay to me. Hence i took loan 4 lakhs for her. With EMI it is 5 lakhs 80 thousand. Initially she send a EMI for 6 months and she left the work place without informing me. Everymont amount is detected from my account and she is avoiding my calls and emails. I m totally irritated by her activities. so i am planning to go for legal action. I messaged her that i m going for legal action. She said that do whatever you want. I will take action against you. Please advise whay to do now?

  94. Hi Sir,

    I am having a query. My dad took a oil mill for lease and ran business as a managing partner in that mill.Income tax raid occurred and they filed a case on my dad. Mill was owned by another person and they already sold it. Now case is going on my dad since 10 years. My dad doesnt have any properties and he could not pay that much huge tax(>80 lks). My dad is dependent on me and i am giving him for his monthly expenses. I am having a doubt that, whether income tax team can file a case on me to pay dues to be paid by my father. I didnt get any property or money from my father.i also started my career recently. Our lawyer telling us not to buy any property as that case my come on you.

    This case is running since so many days.

    Please advise.

  95. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I have taken 30k as debt to one of my colleague a year back and still struggling to get the amount back. I did a money transfer online and thats the only proof i have. Someone suggested to send a legal notice and just want to get an opinion from this site about the possibility of getting my money back?

  96. I purchased a house on 30 June 2014 and After peaceful possession of house, I have applied to Electricity department for changing of name but Department demanded affidavit form the previous owner but due to non- availability of previous owner I was unable to complete document formalities.
    As per sale agreement, all dues, on or before 30 June 2014, would be paid by the previous owner and after 1 July 2014 all dues would be paid by me.
    Now after 6 month, I received the error bill from period May 2012 to Jan 2015. Now old owner not ready to pay this bill.
    Pls advise

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