The Death of Humanity

Crowd of anonymous people on street in city center, selective focus

July 13, 2018

The system of caste classification and discrimination is so deeply rooted in our society that we tend to associate everything with religion. The dismal situation is such that even rape of an eight year old in Kathua recently was given a religious hue.


We have divided and further sub-divided religion and castes which has eventually crumbled the whole concept of humanity. It cannot be denied that political parties play a substantial role in exacerbating the religious divide in India. However, while nurturing our hatred towards other religion we forget that political parties just view us as a VOTE, which may inch them up towards becoming the ruling party in the next election. Every reigning party ensures a perestroika however what we witness at the end is a religious quagmire.

The fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution mandate equality before law and prohibits religious discrimination, however, every educational or any general form in clear words demand our religion and category. We have since our birth been identified through religion and caste and the religious divide has so strongly penetrated in our minds that the concept of religious tolerance has faded away and diluted.

There are several social, economic and political concerns which are intercepting India from becoming a developed nation, however our religious apprehensions and anxieties suppress these issues which require immediate attention.

We are still lagging way behind in adult literacy rate when compared to our counterparts. The situation of unemployment in India is worsening day-by-day and in a recent piece of news, Labour Bureau Statistics remarked India as the Nation of the most unemployed in the world. The rise in child rape and abuse cases lately has also raised substantial concern and placed India at an ignominious situation.

It cannot be denied that India’s regulatory framework has strengthened in the recent times and even the Indian Judiciary has been proactively protecting the interests of the public at large. For instance, the newly formulated Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 which stipulates statutory remedies for distressed home buyers or the recently promulgated Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018 which envisages death penalty for child rape convicts i.e. rape of children below 12 years of age.

However, we cannot forget that the sanctity of the supreme institution of Justice in India i.e. Supreme Court came under scanner a few months ago, when one of the senior-most Judge of the Supreme Court alleged executive interference in Judiciary. The whole cacophonous debate and ruckus created in the Judiciary did dwindle our faith in the Institution on which we rely for Justice.

It has been rightly said that humanity is the religion of mankind. Instead of insanely following and preaching our religion, if we start preaching humanity then world may become a better place to live in and prodigious social and economic issues being faced by our Nation may be resolved.