No Person Shall Interfere With the Peaceful Living of Two Married Adults


September 28, 2018

In this recent case Smt. Shahin Bano And Another v. State of U.P., the High Court of Allahabad has reiterated that no one can interfere in the peaceful living of two married adults.

In the case, Petitioners sought direction upon the respondents not to interfere in their married life and also for protection of their lives and liberty.

The petitioners claim that they are adults and living together out of their own freewill. It is stated that for the said reason, the private respondent and his other family members have got annoyed and there is serious danger to the lives of the petitioners as they are being threatened and harassed.

The High Court of Allahabad, stated that the Supreme Court in a long line of decisions has settled the law that where a boy and a girl are major and they are living with their free will, then, nobody including their parents, has authority to interfere with their living together.

In view of the precedents, the High Court held in the case that the petitioners are at liberty to live together and no person shall be permitted to interfere in their peaceful living.

The High Court additionally directed that if any disturbance is caused in the peaceful living of the petitioners, then the petitioners shall approach the concerned police authority with a certified copy of this order, who shall provide immediate protection to the petitioners.

The entire case can be accessed here.