Swachh Bharat Mission:Court Directs State to Register FIR against Misuse of Funds


June 27, 2018

The case at hand pertains to a grave issue of misappropriation of funds allocated for construction of individual household toilets in Uttarakhand under the Scheme “Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin)”. The incentive provided under the mission for the construction of individual household toilets were to be made available to persons living below Poverty Line. The incentive of Rs.12,000/- was to be given for the construction of one unit, which was to be shared by the Central Government and the State Government in the ratio of 75% : 25%.

However, many villagers complained that the amount sanctioned under the Scheme were being misused by the Authorities. On the basis of the complaint the matter was looked into and enquired by the Tehsildar, Vikas Nagar, who prepared a report in 2013 highlighting the misappropriation of the funds meant specifically for construction of toilets. However, no action has been taken by the State till date.

The High Court of Uttarakhand expressed it’s disconcert in the matter and remarked that the very purpose of the scheme has been frustrated by the functionaries of the State Government. It was incumbent upon the authority concerned to ensure construction of toilets on the basis of the money sanctioned by the Central Government.

In view of the aforesaid, the High Court has directed the State of Uttarakhand to take an in the matter immediately and the Senior Superintendent of Police, Dehradun has been directed to register an FIR against the persons, who have misappropriated the public funds and also to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the persons indicted in the report.

The entire case can be accessed here.