Supreme Court Waives off Cooling off Period and Allows Parties to Part as Friends


October 08, 2018

Case name: Akanksha v. Anupam Mathur

In this recent case, during the pendency of the matter the parties i.e. husband and wife entered into amicable settlement. The Court noted that the parties had long interaction with Court and the Court was convinced that they have taken a conscious decision to part as friends.


The Court additionally noted that having regard to the background of the litigations between the parties, that there was no point in requiring the parties to wait for another six months. In view of the aforesaid, the Supreme Court waived off the period between first motion and the second motion.

Accordingly, the Apex Court dissolved marriage between the parties by a decree of divorce by mutual consent and in accordance with the terms of the settlement, Mr. Anupam Mathur handed over a Demand Draft for a sum of Rs.12,50,000/- to Ms. Akanksha.

The entire case can be accessed here.

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