Supreme Court: Only High Statutory Offices should get “Lal Battis”


The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday asked the government to ensure that only high dignitaries and those holding constitutional posts are provided red beacons.

Supreme Court: Only High Statutory Offices Should Get “Lal Battis”. This landmark decision from the apex court has come months after it issued a similar order asking states and the central government to remove sirens from the vehicles of VIPs.

The bench headed by Justice G S Singhvi also asked state governments not to enlarge the list of personnel eligible for red beacons. Meanwhile, the center has also been asked to prepare a fresh list of people who can legally obtain “lal battis”.


Calling it a menace to society, the apex court stated that red beacon and siren have turned into a status symbol for an overwhelming proportion of VIPs. It also urged that police personnel who are currently tasked with providing security to VIPs, should be reassigned on more important duties such as making the roads safe for women.