Supreme Court grants Permanent Commission to Women Officers in Indian Army

supreme court grants permanent

Supreme Court told the government that mindset needs to be changed.


  • SC orders Centre to give permanent commission to women officers in Army
  • Absolute bar on granting command post to women officers irrational: SC
  • SC directs Centre to grant PC within 3 months to all women officers who opt for it

The Supreme Court has ordered the Centre to ensure that women officers are given permanent commission (PC) in the Army, while adding that the officers will be now eligible for command posting.

In its verdict on Centre’s appeal against the Delhi High Court direction, the SC on Monday said that the permanent commission will apply to all women officers in the Army in service, irrespective of their years of service. The Supreme Court also directed the Centre to grant permanent commission within three months, to all women officers in the Army who opt for it.


The SC added that all terms of appointment of women officers shall be same as their male counterparts.

The Supreme Court observed:

“It is an insult to women as well as the army when aspersions are cast on women, their ability and their achievements in the Army,” the Supreme Court noted.

The Supreme Court said Centre’s opposition to permanent commission and command appointments to women officers citing physiological features is disturbing and can’t be accepted. “Centre, by not giving permanent commission to women officers, had prejudiced the case,” the SC noted.

The decision had opened opportunities to women officers in the Indian Army to serve for a longer duration and to pursue permanent careers in all branches like their male counterparts.