Man in Custody for 17 years Finally Acquitted by SC


November 28, 2017

In a recent order, passed by the Supreme Court, the Court has acquitted a man for want of evidence. It is notable to mention here that the accused was in judicial custody for 17 years. While acquitting the man, the Supreme Court stated that we are unable to discern adequate credible evidence in support of conviction of the appellant. He is said to have been in custody for 17 years. Having regard the material on record, we are of the view that the appellant is entitled to benefit of doubt. Accordingly, his conviction and sentence are set aside and he is acquitted. He is said to be in custody.

In earlier order passed by the Trial Court, the man had been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the offence of murder. In appeal, the Punjab and Haryan High Court had dismissed the accused’s appeal.

The Supreme Court in its order has not rendered any reason for the benefit of doubt given to the accused in the case. The Court’s order can be accessed here.