Runaway couples must prove they have money while seeking state protection: High Court


In what could be termed as a big worry for many lovebirds across the country, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that runaway couples must prove they have money before seeking state protection.

Runaway couples must prove they have money while seeking state protection: High Court. While delivering the judgment, the high court observed that emotions were not enough in order to sustain a relationship; and therefore, the groom must furnish proofs about his financial capabilities before seeking protection.

“Getting married is a commitment beyond just sharing popcorns, watching movies and going out for a dinner date,” the High Court asserted.


Apparently, the ruling is intended to gauge the bona fides of runaway grooms as well as their genuineness of their relationship. The verdict, according to the court, will also make it easier to evaluate the competence of the groom to carry on with the relationship as well as their willingness to have the money deposited in the bride’s name.

The high court intends to do this by probing whether or not a groom can come out with fixed deposit receipts in the bride’s name. In the event the groom fails to honor the commitment of having the money deposited in the form of FDR in the girl’s name, the High Court can turn down their plea.

“The runaway marriage has been a part and parcel of the culture of Indian society since ages. Such marriages have been glorified in the folklores also. When such couples come, specially with a teenage girl, this court is required to find out whether this is a genuine marriage, and the girl in question, who happens to have run away with the sweetheart, is not likely to be put into trouble, as such marriages are performed ignoring the consent and knowledge of the parents….,” said Justice Paramjeet Singh.

“Financial support for the wife as per the customary practice of the society is a necessity. This court cannot lose sight of the fact that we are living in a society where some people wear mask and are good at hiding things….” the honorable judge added.