Petition in SC for Complete Ban on Online Pornography


February 15, 2018

Reportedly, a petition has been lodged with the Supreme Court seeking a complete ban on online pornography. Interestingly, this time a wife who is apparently aggrieved by her husband’s addiction to porn has preferred application to become an intervenor in the case instituted by Advocate Kamlesh Vaswani in 2013, wherein he has sought direction from the Apex Court for a complete ban on online pornography. In the case, Mr. Vaswani has challenged the constitutional validity of Sections 66, 67,69,71,72,75,79,80 and 85 of the Information Technology Act 2000 and has also prayed the Apex Court to recognize the harmful effects of pornography. Subsequently, the Supreme Court Women’s Lawyer Association in 2015 instituted an intervention application in Kamlesh Vaswani case praying for ban on porn sites in India.


In her case, the wife has vehemently argued against pornography and claimed that easy availability of porn is a serious impediment in the progress of nation, as a whole new generation is adversely affected leading to perversion of youth. She also claims that pornography is a reason for increase in sex crimes in the nation.

It has also been reported that this is third such plea in the Apex Court which narrates story of marital discord and also initiation of proceedings to dissolve marriage by husbands who are addicted to porn.

The matter at present is being examined by Supreme Court, however it is a highly debatable issue which would be tested on the touchstone of fundamental rights of a citizen. Repercussions of Court’s opinion in the case would be far and wide inviting cacophonous debates and clamor.