Muslim body to move Supreme Court over marriageable age for Muslim girls

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The Muslim body held that fixing the marriageable for Muslims girls to a minimum age of 18 years is an encroachment into the religious rights.  A newly constituted umbrella body has reached it move in the Supreme Court seeking exemption from minimum age limit of 18 years.

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Muslim body to move Supreme Court over marriageable age for Muslim girls. The Muslim personal law protection commute stated that they will take legal steps seeking exemption from marriage age restriction; this was resolved in a meeting in Kozhikode. It was said that the move in the quest to set the marriageable age that will include the Muslim girls is a violation of the Muslim personal law.

In deed fixing the marriageable age for Muslims is an encroachment into our religious rights and so hence the state and the central government has to take steps regarding the issue, this was said by committee whose convener is a IUML state secretary M C Mayin Haji.

The raging debate over child marriage is the trigger of the committee decision after a minor girl was wedded to a UAE resident in an Arab wedding.

The 17 years old girl from Kozhikode, who was living in an orphanage, brings in focused the evil practices in the states after she was forced into the marriage.  This was prior the government circular in June requiring the local bodied to register any marriage of Muslim girls above the age of 16 and men below 21 years but the states rejected it. The circular was later modified.

It was later released that the committee’s meeting held yesterday also showed its interest over the attempt by certain corners to resort the inimical approach over the steps take in the quest to protect the interest of the community.

The attendance of the meet included among others the representative of various organization bodies; Samassstha Kerala, Jem-lyyathul Ulama, Kerala Naduvathul Mujahideen (KNM), Naduvathul Mujahideen Kerala, Jamaat-e-Islami, Kerala state Jemeyyathul Ulama and Muslim service society.


  1. muslims are special citizens of india and they have special rights.they have different personal law and they practice per directive principle of state policy there should be a uniform/common civil code but who cares.only hope in indian union is the judiciary which had saved the democracy many times and had given crucial verdicts.executive and legislature r functioning in a partisan manner since independence.

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