Mumbai HC Slaps Rs 25, 000 fine for seeking urgent hearing on non essential plea


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the HC had earlier this week issued a circular requesting litigants and lawyers to mention only matters that are extremely urgent in nature.

The HC had warned of imposing exemplary costs on those persons who move matters that do not require urgent hearing.

Justice K K Tated imposed the cost while hearing a petition filed by M/s. Keshavlal & Company through its partner Najib Sadulla Khamker, challenging a September 2019 order passed by the then FDA minister of Maharashtra.


Justice Tated noted that the order was passed in September 2019 and the petitioner is seeking urgent hearing now in March 2020.

He said due to lockdown enforced following the outbreak of COVID-19, courts are hearing only extremely urgent matters.

“I do not find any urgency in the present matter.

Inspite of that petitioner has mentioned this matter for urgent order. The petitioner to pay cost of Rs 25,000,” the court directed.

The court said the amount shall be deposited to the HC Registry within two months.