Madras High Court Bans Online Sale of Drugs/Medicines


November 01, 2018

In an interesting move, the High Court of Madras in an order passed yesterday has banned the sale of medicines and drugs online.

In the instant petition, the High Court of Madras was concerned with the E-commerce or online sale of medicines and drugs. The Petitioner in the case sought a direction to the respondents to block the link of all such websites who are carrying online sale of Schedule H, H1 & Schedule X medicines in violation of Rule 65 & 97 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, till the licences are granted to sell medicines through online.


It has been alleged in the petition that the online sellers are even selling certain specified drugs which are only allowed to be sold with a valid prescription and under the supervision of a registered pharmacist, having licence.

The High Court of Madras in view of public cause and concern involved in the case issued interim injunction against the online sale of medicines without licence and directed the first respondent or the competent authority to stall such online sales forthwith.