Life Sentence a thumb rule, Death Penalty an exception says Supreme Court


The Supreme Court held that when the rule of life term and the death penalty is given as an exception to convict, the courts have to consider the Socio-economic prevails for instant poverty. The consideration has to be done in prior when those extreme sentences are reached. This came up when the Supreme Court was faced by a hot debate regarding the diverse effects of life or death penalties.

supreme-court-india1Life Sentence a thumb rule, Death Penalty an exception says Supreme Court. The court proved that the social-economic strains, poverty or even the psychic compulsions will have to be of priory over the ruling. The undeserved adversities in life must also be among the justifying factors which will be required to be considered when such extreme sentences are to be faced by the convicts. This is to be in addition to the criteria laid down in its two landmark verdicts on the death penalty,” the court said.

A bench of justices that was featured by S J Mukhopadhaya and Kurian Joseph said that we have to eye down the rule of life imprisonment for murder as the court interprets that the death penalty is only reached upon special stated reason. Life imprisonment has always been there for all death penalties.

A man who was accused of killing his wife and two sons was commuted to death penalty but the court, in its judgment reached for a life imprisonment sentence.

The man had intended to wipe out the whole family then to commit suicide for the reason that they were facing adjective poverty. The court did not consider this in quest of its judgment. None of the above information was considered in awarding the man’s death sentence.

“It’s clear that the man appellant suffered from the hard economic crisis and psychic compulsions which led to his act” The possibility of reforming and rehabilitating the accused cannot be ruled out considering that the accused had no past criminal record. This was in fact available and they could have been fundamental to the ruling. It can be safely said that the accused man could possibly never be a menace, threat or danger to society.

“No tangible facts that could prove that the accused had any previous criminal records” It’s crystal clear that the intention of the man is to wipe out the whole family including him on the reason of abject poverty,” the bench lately said.

It’s really disturbing that we want the criminals to live their life in jail and this is increasing our tax pay each day as the prisoners does nothing wealthy their expenses. We should try to get the best solution that will ensure they still be productive not to eat on our money as tax. It’s not like a murderer would not do it again if given a chance. People committing hard crimes like murder, rape and corruption of high amounts should be given death sentence and should be executed within a fortnight.

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