LEGAL SHORTS: How can Age be proved in the Court of Law?

January 23, 2018

When the age or date of birth of a person is disputed in a Court of Law, then following documents can be produced by him/her in the Court of Law:

  1. By production of an entry to that effect that the Municipal record relating to the births and deaths i.e. Birth Certificate
  2. By production of an entry to that effect of village chowkidar
  3. By production of school records
  4. By production of horoscope prepared by the family priest or purohit
  5. By the opinion of Medical expert
  6. By the testimony of relations, neighbours or persons who have special knowledge about the birth or age of the concerned person
  7. By the testimony of midwife who attended the delivery of the child or the person
  8. By hospital record if the birth took place in the hospital

While the documents enlisted under points 1 to 3 may form a cogent evidence to prove date of birth or age of person, the documents enlisted from 4 to 8  would have only persuasive value in the Court of Law.

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