Kerala HC Advocates Association Launches Junior Lawyers’ Scheme 2020 to help Junior Lawyers



The Kerala High Court Advocates’ Association (KHCAA) through Kerala High Court Advocates’ Association Junior Lawyers Welfare Fund Committee (KHCAAJLWFC) has decided to provide financial assistance to the junior lawyers upto a maximum of Rs. 7,500/- as an immediate measure in view of the COVID-19 outbreak and national closedown. 



• ‘Junior Lawyer’ means an Advocate who is an active member of the Kerala High Court Advocates Association, not above the age of 35 years and is actively practicing and has not completed 7 years from the date of his/her enrollment under the Advocates Act, 1961, but shall not include an Advocate who has enrolled or resumed practice after retirement, from any other employment. 


1. A formal application has to be sent by the Junior Lawyer to the KHCAA through email to the following email address- on or before 6.4.2020 in the given format.

2. The applications will be scrutinized by the committee appointed by the KHCAA for the same. Selection of the beneficiary would be based on the following criteria to ensure that the most needy is benefited. 

a) Preference will be given to the most junior Advocates for selection. 

b) Person with active practice below one year will be given 7 points and one point each will be deducted for every additional year of practice, for determining the eligibility for the scheme.

c) Preference will be given to persons who are not under a senior at present, or have recently started to practice independently. If a junior Advocate is practicing independently now, he will be awarded 3 points, and a junior practicing under another lawyer will not be given any points.

d) Points will be given to applicants who are found to be in the most financially indigent situation based on an objective assessment of the committee. For this, 5 points would be given at the discretion of the committee based on the financial circumstances of the applicant. An applicant capable of getting support from family will be given lesser points than an applicant who does not have that advantage. 

e) A sole breadwinner of the family will get an additional 5 points. 

3. The name and details of the applicant shall be kept as confidential and shall be released out only with the express consent in writing of the applicant.