Bombay HC:Installing CCTV without Flat Owner’s Consent is Invasion of Privacy


June 20, 2018

In a recent case (Farhad Ginwalla & ors. v. Zenobia R. Poonawala), the Bombay High Court has ruled that installing CCTV cameras in the Flat without the consent of those residing in the flat is invasion of their right to privacy.


In the case, the Defendant had placed CCTV cameras over the main entrance doors to their flats of the Plaintiffs in Rutton Manor.

The Defendant, who is also a resident in Rutton Manor had complained that an unknown person had tried to open his flat and to keep a watch the Defendant had installed cameras at the main entrance of the flats of Plaintiffs.

The High Court of Bombay in the case, ruled that Defendant could not be allowed to continue with the CCTV cameras installed over the main entrance door to Plaintiffs’ flats on the ground that someone had allegedly tried to enter their flat as the same would tantamount to invasion of Plaintiffs’ privacy.

The Court vide its order also allowed the Plaintiffs to remove the CCTV cameras, which were installed without their consent, over the main entrance of their flats.