Honor Killing- Police to Immediately take Action and give Police Protection


June 21, 2019

Case name: M.Neveatha & anr. v. State & ors.

In the case, the Petitioners no. 1 & 2 had done inter-caste marriage against the wish of parents of Petitioner no. 1.  Consequently, there was a threat exerted on the petitioners and therefore a complaint was lodged with the police for police protection. Since no police protection was given, the present petition was filed for appropriate directions.


Bench’s Verdict

The High Court of Madras while allowing the Petition was of the view that on any such threatening the Police must immediately take action and give police protection.

That the Petitioners are major and have every right to decide their life and they cannot be threatened or harrassed by the parents or the family members. The High Court also stated that “In fact many thinkers believe that inter-caste marriage is the only panacea to root out the evil of caste system. These are days where the younger generation is slowly moving out of the ill-effects of caste system and that is the reason for a lot of intercaste marriages that are happening in the society. These changes must be accepted by the elders and this change is infact good for the society in rooting out the caste system.”

While referring to Supreme Court’s Judgment in the case of Arumugam Servai v. State of Tamil Nadu, the High Court noted that the respondent police ought to have taken immediate action on the complaint given by the petitioners seeking for police protection.

In view of the aforesaid, the Court directed the respondent Police to immediately call the parents of the petitioner no. 1 and their relatives for an enquiry and instruct them not to interfere with the married life of the petitioners.