Gujjar Quota Bill: SC Restrains State from Pushing Limit Beyond 50%


November 16, 2017

In a recent development to the ongoing deliberation on providing reservation to Gujjars in jobs and education, the Supreme Court yesterday restrained the State from committing any administrative activity that would push the limit of quota beyond 50% reserved for Gujjars in the State of Rajasthan.

The Supreme Court has mandated cap of 50% reservation to the Gujjar community in the State. In August this year pursuant to protests from the Gujjar community the Rajasthan Government had decided to increase reservation of OBC’s (Other Backward Classes) from the present 21% to 26%. However, the Bill that proposes raising of reservation has been contested and the case is pending with the Rajasthan High Court. In view thereof, the Supreme Court had order the State to maintain status quo till final decision is taken in the matter. The proposed Bill if implemented would raise the bar of OBC quota in jobs and education to 54%.