Forging of Cheque: Delhi HC says is a Serious Offence; Does not Accept Compromise between Parties


October 09, 2018

Case name: Pawan Gupta v. State of NCT Delhi & Ors

In the case, the Petitioner sought quashing of FIR registered against him for offence of forging of cheque. The petitioner sought quashing of the criminal case on the ground the matter had been “compromised” by him with the second and third respondents.


While the second and third respondents through counsel agreed that the dispute had been settled with the petitioner, the prayer in the petition is resisted by the respondent on the ground that the facts of the case did render it one beyond the dispute that is “private in nature”. It involves serious economic offences which concern not only the entity against the account of which the forged cheque was attempted to be encashed but also the bank where the account was maintained.

While noting the aforesaid, the Delhi High Court dismissed the Petition and did not accept the compromise entered into between the parties.

The entire case can be accessed here.