Delhi HC on Copyright on Photos Uploaded on Facebook


April 13, 2018

It has been reported that the Delhi High Court in a recent case has accepted the Plaintiff’s contention of possessing copyright in photos uploaded by the Defendant on his Facebook page.


Brief facts of the case were that the Defendant who was employed with the Plaintiff’s hotel opened his own hotel in Manali later on. The Plaintiff’s main allegation was that the defendant posted the photos of Plaintiff’s hotel on his Facebook page. Aggrieved by the same, the Plaintiff in the case prayed that the defendant be directed to remove the impugned photos as the copyright in the photos subsisted with the Plaintiff.

The Delhi High Court in view of the Plaintiff’s contentions had passed an interim order to remove the photos of Plaintiff’s hotel from Defendant’s Facebook page and also directed the defendant to pay damages of Rs.50,000/- to the Plaintiff.