Compensation to be paid within 30 days as per new POCSO Rules

compensation to be paid

The Central Government has notified Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Rules, 2020 replacing the earlier 2012 Rules.

  One of the main features of these Rules is the provision for compensation to the victim child. 

It empowers the Special Court to pass an order for interim compensation to meet the needs of the child for relief or rehabilitation at any stage after registration of the First Information Report. As per the new Rules, the Court can recommend the award of compensation where the accused is convicted, or where the case ends in acquittal or discharge, or the accused is not traced or identified, and in the opinion of the Special Court the child has suffered loss or injury as a result of that offence.


  The State Government shall pay the compensation ordered by the Special Court within 30 days of receipt of such order, the Rules read. 

As per the Rules, where an officer of the SJPU, or the local police receives information under section 19 of the Act that an offence under the Act has been committed, and is satisfied that the child against whom an offence has been committed is in need of urgent medical care and protection, such officer, or as the case may be, the local police shall, within 24 hours of receiving such information, arrange to take such child to the nearest hospital or medical care facility center for emergency medical care. 

Detailed procedure regarding care and protection of the child is also provided in the Rules. Rule 11 provides the procedure for reporting of pornographic material involving a child. The Rules also provides for preparation of age-appropriate educational material and curriculum for children, informing them about various aspects of personal safety, including–– 

(i) measures to protect their physical, and virtual identity; and to safeguard their emotional and mental wellbeing;

(ii) prevention and protection from sexual offences; 

(iii) reporting mechanisms, including Child helpline-1098 services; 

(iv) inculcating gender sensitivity, gender equality and gender equity for effective prevention of offences under the Act..