CLAT 2018:SC Issues Directions to Compensate through Normalization Formula


June 14, 2018

The Two-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court yesterday delivered their judgment in batch of petitions instituted with the Court pertaining to conduct of CLAT 2018 examination on May 13, 2018.


On excogitating the Report submitted by the Committee and the grievances of the Petitioner, the Supreme Court in the case has suggested normalization formula. The Apex Court stated that According to us, the normalization formula so suggested, in the circumstances, would be the best possible way to compensate and take care of the interest of those 4690 candidates.

Under the normalization formula, notional figures 4690 candidates will be computed and these notional figures will statistically correct and appropriate formula to compensate for the loss of time.

Additionally, the Supreme Court has issued slew of directions in the case:

  • The exercise of applying normalization formula and revising the scores of 4690 candidates shall be completed by 15.06.2018. Respondent Nos.2 and 3 namely the National University of Advance Legal Studies, Kochi and Core Committee-Common Law Admission Test 2018 through its Convenor –Vice Chancellor, National University of Advance Legal Studies, Kochi shall undertake the entire exercise and complete it by 15.06.2018.
  • Upon completion of said exercise, the revised scores of 4690 candidates will be published by respondents 2 and 3 on the official website on 16.06.2018.
  • Based on such revised scores the merit list will be rearranged.
  • The first round of counseling which began on 10.06.2018 shall go on without any impediment and if any candidate is allocated a seat, such allocation will not in any way stand adversely altered as a result of revised position granted to any of the candidates from the body of 4690 candidates.
  • If any candidate from the body of 4690 candidates is otherwise entitled, that is to say even without the benefit of revised score, to be allocated any seat, it goes without saying that such allocation will not in any way stand adversely affected.
  • In the second round of counseling the rank/merit list so prepared in terms of these directions shall be the governing list and the seats in second and subsequent rounds of counseling will be allocated on the basis of the list so revised in pursuance of these directions.
  • If a candidate, as a result of revised rank list being operative in second and subsequent round of counseling wants to secure admission in any other college of his or her choice going by his or her revised ranking, he/she shall be allowed to do so without incurring any disadvantage. In such cases, the fees if deposited in the first college shall be given due credit against the admission in the second college which the candidate may opt for as a result of revised ranking.

Apart from the aforesaid directions, the Supreme Court in view of improper conduct and infrastructural facilities has also directed the Union of India in the Ministry of Human Resources and Development to appoint a Committee to look into the matter and take appropriate remedial measures including penal action, if any, against the body which was entrusted with the task.

The entire case can be accessed here.

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