Ban on PUBG- PIL Filed with Bombay HC to Ban the Game


February 18, 2019

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or in short PUBG which has become a household word these days has caused enough celebre. The magnitude of it’s popularity can be judged by the Indian Prime Minister’s recent remark on the game which proved that even he has not remained untouched by it’s traction.

PUBG- one of the most acclaimed game of our times has been in news for both good and bad reasons. The game has some exciting elements whereby the fusillade and bombardments in the game keep the player hooked to the game, however the adverse impact of the game on youngsters particularly the students have kept the pot boiling.


Reportedly, a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) has been lodged with the High Court of Bombay, wherein a 11 year old boy has sought ban on the game in all the schools in the State. Pursuant to the PIL, the High Court has now sought response from both the State and Centre. The PIL has also sought formulation of an Online Ethics Review Committee which will review content of online games in future.

The PIL raises some intriguing issues as the ban on game will be tested on the touchstone of Constitutional right to privacy and personal life guaranteed under Article 21 of Constitution of India.

The game has caused cacophonous debates all over the nation with universities like VIT banning the game on it’s campus and States like Gujarat and Karnataka following the league. It cannot be denied that the addiction towards game might affect an individual’s life and curb their productive time and efficiency. However, does this justify banning of the game?