Appoint sportsmen, not businessmen to head sports bodies: Supreme Court


Disapproving the long running tradition of appointing powerful businessmen or politicians as head of sports bodies, the Supreme Court on Thursday urged that only sportsmen should be selected for such critical positions.

Appoint sportsmen, not businessmen to head sports bodies: Supreme Court. The apex court made the observation while taking note of how the involvement of politics in Hockey has yielded in an abysmal state of the sport in the country.

“Politics has taken the game of hockey to abysmal low. Earlier India used to win gold medals but now we are struggling to qualify. Sports bodies should be headed by sports-persons…not by businessmen,” Supreme Court said today, NDTV reports.


The apex court’s suggestion came during the hearing of a dispute between two rival factions of hockey associations – Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation. Both associations claim that they are the actual representatives of Indian Hockey.

The dispute between the two bodies intensified exponentially when Hockey India approached the court two years back.

The court also noted that the real victim of such rivalry between the two factions has turned out to be Indian hockey which finished in eighth place at the Hockey World Cup 2010 after winning only one match out of six.