Income Tax Laws – Tips (with reference to Case laws )


Concealment of the income not proved. It should be willful concealment. I/T. Officer Sirsa v. Shiv Kumar 2005 (2) RCR (Cri.) 833 P&H.

I.T. ACT – Concealment of facts – Mere omission is not concealment. K.C. Builders & anr. v. The Asst. Commissioner of I.I.T., JT 2004(2) SC 100.

I.T. Act – Concealment – Mear omission is not concealment. K.C. Builders v. The Asst. Commissioner of I.I.T., JT 2004(2) (SC) 100.

Income Tax Act 1961 – Concealment of income & false statement of verification. Application for settlement can be filed during he pendency fo which the complaint should not be field. Ashirvad Enterprises v. State of Bihar, 2004(2) Crimes 335(SC) : 2004 Cri.L.J. 3110 : AIR 2004 SC 4586.

Sanction to prosecute. The Company or the party has no right to be heard at this stage. The Asst. Comm. v. M/s. Velliappa Textiles, 2003(4) Crimes 267(SC) : 2004 Cri.L.J. 1221 : AIR 2004 SC 86.

Income tax Act – Conviction of Company – a juristic person is not possible and hence prosecution cannot be launched against the Co. The Asst. Comm. Bangalore v. M/s. Velliappa Textiles Ltd., 2003(4) RCR(Cri.) 695(SC): 2004 Cri.L.J. 1221 : AIR 2004 SC 86.

Income Tax Act – The assessee obtaining the Kar Vivad Samadhan Scheme gets immunity fro all other proceedings including the crl. proceedings. Hira Lal Hari Lal Bhagwati v. C.B.I. New Delhi, 2003(3) Crimes 100 (SC) : 2003(3)RCR(Cri.) 273 : AIR 2003 SC 2545 : 2003 Cri.L.J. 3041. v. Mamta Sethi, 2003 SCC(Cri) 1035.

Probation of the offender – Not permissible as per section 292 – A of the Act. U.O.I. v. Mamta Sethi, 2003 SCC(Cri) 1035.

Income Tax – loan or deposit exceeding 20,000 in cash is an offence under the Act if not paid through the Cheque or draft. Asst. Director of Inspector Investigation v. Kum A. B. Shanthi, 2002(2) Crimes 393 (SC) : AIR 2002 SC 2188.

Income tax exemption to university settled in foreign but publishing material for education in India, is applicable. M/s. Oxford University Press v. Commissioner of Income tax, JT 2001 (2) (SC) 203 : AIR 2001 SC 886.

Income Tax – Religious trust. If entangled in business without feeding poor and encouraging education, not entitled to exemption. The Asst. Commissioner of Income Tax Madras v. Thanthi Trust, JT 2001(2) (SC) 229 : AIR 2001 SC 1043.

Income tax Act and probation – Probation can be granted under the Act. Union of India v. Smt. Mamta Sethi, 4(2000) CCR 35(SC).

Law given by the High Court or the Supreme Court will get the preference over the circular issued by the dept, on the same point has no effect. M/s. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Bangalore v. Commissioner of Income Tax Karnataka, Bangalore, JT 2000(7) (SC) 82 : AIR 2000 SC 2178.

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