Sample Questions – Matrimonial Disputes


Q1. My wife again and again insults me before other person and ask me to live beyond my income. She ask me to take loan. I am fed up and I want divorce. Is it not cruelty on me for which I can seek divorce ?

A. Constantly insulting the other spouse and humiliating him in presence of others does amount to cruelty. Requiring the other spouse to live beyond his means in order to enable the matrimonial life to continue and not desisting from extravagances though requested by other spouse can as well amount to cruelty in certain circumstances. Matrimonial life is for homogeneity and companionship. In the course of the same fortunes and limitations of each other have to be shared. To pester the other spouse to live beyond mean and invite indebtedness can hardly to considered as conducive to congenial married life. Persistency in this regard can be termed as lacking in feelings for the welfare, happiness and security of the other spouse. Callous attitude in this behalf can amount to cruelty.

Q2. My wife writes false letters to my superior officers and says that I am having another wife somewhere else. She also does not treat my parents or gives any respect when they come to live in my house. Can I have divorce on such instances?

A. Wife writing defamatory letters imputing adultery to husband, to his official superior, other authorities and colleagues, wife eroding the mental peace of husband by showing callous indifference to husband’s parents who were very unwelcome guests to her household. This is cruelty on the part of the wife and you can seek divorce on these grounds under the Hindu Marriage Act, if the marriage is performed according to Hindu rites.

Q3. My marriage was held according to Hindu Rites but was registered under Special Marriage Act. Now my husband does not allow me to have physical relations with him. I am told in such circumstance I can have divorce under Special Marriage Act.

A. Marriage solemnized according to Hindu rites subsequently registered under the Special Marriage Act, would not confer upon a spouse the right to annual marriage under s. 25 (I) of the Special Marriage Act. Under s. 25 (I) willful refusal of a respondent spouse to consummate the marriage is a ground for annulling the marriage at the instance of the petitioner. On no such ground a Hindu Marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act could be annulled although impotence at the time of marriage and its being continued till the institution of the proceeding was such a ground.


Q4. I am a 28 year old married girl. My husband harasses me for dowry. What remedy do I have?

A. In this case you can approach D.C.P (Women Cell ) and complain against your husband u/s 498 A of Indian Penal Code. You can also file a divorce petition in a separate Matrimonial Court.

Q5. I am a 32 year old married woman. For two years I am living separately from my husband. My husband has forcibly taken over four year old son with him. The husband is a drunkard and cannot take care of our son. What should I do?

A. You can file an application in the court for custody of her son on the basis of the ground that your husband is a drunkard.

Q6. I am a Hindu Boy and want to marry a Muslim girl . How is it possible?

A. You can get your marriage registered under Special Marriage Act, in case none of you want to change your religion. And in case one of you change your religion then your marriage can be registered under your respective Marriage Acts.

Q7. How long after marriage can a person seek divorce Under Hindu Law?

A. Under Section 14 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, no petition for divorce can be filed within one year of the marriage. But in case the petitioner’s case is of exceptional hardship High Court is in empowered to grant leave to file the case before the expiry of one year.

Q8. My friend’s husband has left my friend and married another woman. What action can be taken against her husband Under Hindu Law?

A. Under Section 17 of the Hindu Marriage Act, bigamy is punishable u/s 494 & 495 of the Indian Penal Code. Section 494 prescribes for imprisonment, which may extend to 7 years and fine. So a complaint be lodged against the husband with the police.

Q9. Kindly enlighten me on the minimum required age to marry under The Hindu Law?

A. According to Section 5 ( iii) of the Hindu Marriage Act, the bridegroom has to complete 21 years of age and the bride 18 years of age. Any marriage in contravention of this attracts simple imprisonment, which may extend to 15 days or fine, which may extend to Rs.1000/- or with both.

Q10. I got married on 25th Dec. 1997 and since 1st Dec. 1999 my wife left the house and being a working lady she has started staying separately till today. Our Problem is Attitude problem and Result is Clashes. Now we want to file a joint petition for divorce by mutual consent. How should we proceed? How much time will it take for the divorce? When can a person marry again after obtaining a decree of divorce?

A. Divorce by mutual consent can be obtained by Husband and Wife in terms of Section 13 B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The provisions of the said Section require that the husband and wife should be living separately for a period of more than 1 year and they are not able to live together any further. “Living Separately” has been now defined by the Supreme Court as “not living as husband and wife and not performing marital obligations”, even if the husband and wife are living under the same roof. However, since your wife has left the house on 1st December, 1999, you have to plead that she has been living separately for the last more than one year or had not been performing matrimonial obligations for the past one year, even though living under the same roof. A joint petition has to be filed in this regard and after the filing of the same the Court grants a minimum period of six months (and maximum 18 months) for the parties to come again and make a statement confirming the said consent. It is only after this second consent having been given by both the parties after six months of the filing of the petition for mutual consent, that a decree for divorce is passed by the Court. If during this period of six months after the filing of the petition, any of the parties withdraws the consent, the divorce can not be granted. Further, apart from the same, before passing a decree of divorce, the court has also to be satisfied that the consent has not been obtained by force, fraud or undue influence. With regard to the re-marriage after divorce, Section 15 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, provides that after a decree of divorce has been granted, in case there is no right of appeal against the decree or if there is a right, the time has expired without an appeal having been presented or if the appeal filed has been dismissed, it shall be lawful for either party to marry again. The period of appeal as provided under Section 28 of the Hindu Marriage Act is 30 days from the date of the decree or order.

Q11. If the wife has left the house of her husband and was living away from him without any reasonable cause, can the husband be entitled to judicial separation or divorce? Is there a time period for filing of divorce petition?

A. In case the wife has left the house of the husband and is living away from him without any reasonable cause, the husband is entitled to judicial separation or divorce. The condition however, is that the desertion of the wife should be for a continuous period of not less than two years, immediately preceding the presentation of the petition for grant of judicial separation or divorce. Thus, in order to entitle you to file a petition for divorce, you would be required to prove that your wife has deserted you without any reasonable cause and has been living separately for a continuous period of two years.

Q12. If the wife has left the house of her husband and was living away from him without any reasonable cause, can the husband be entitled to judicial separation or divorce? Can the daily domestic quarrels between husband and wife entitle either of the two of file a petition for divorce against the other? Can grounds for mental cruelty be pleaded to claim a divorce from the other spouse, even if there is no physical cruelty by the spouse to the other spouse?

A. A Husband is entitled to seek divorce or judicial separation in case the wife is living away from him without any reasonable cause. However, the wife should be living away from the husband for a continuous period of not less than 2 years, before any petition for judicial separation or divorce can be filed. Daily domestic quarrels between husband and wife do not entitle either of the two to file a petition for divorce against the other. It is well established in law that the daily normal wear and tear in matrimonial life does not entitle a spouse to seek divorce. It must be more serious than the ordinary wear and tear of a married life. Mental cruelty can certainly be pleaded to claim divorce from the other spouse even if there is no physical cruelty. The cruelty however should be of such a nature that it causes reasonable apprehension in the mind of the spouse claiming divorce, that it would be harmful and injurious for him /her to live with the other spouse.

Q13. If one of the spouse is not at all ready to give the divorce at any cost, then how much maximum time it can take to get the decree for divorce? I think this is my last question? Please suggest one good lawyer in Delhi?

A. If one of the spouse is not ready to give divorce at any cost, then the remedy for the other spouse is to file a petition for divorce before the court. However, a divorce can only be granted under certain prescribed circumstances under Hindu Law which are described in Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act. These grounds include cruelty; desertion; voluntary sexual inter-course with another person; the other spouse being of unsound mind; conversion of religion by the other spouse; Leprosy; venereal disease; a spouse having renounced the world or being missing for a period of more than 7 years. The period of time for seeking a divorce decree can really not be specified, because it depends upon a number of circumstances. However, still a general estimate which can be given in an average litigation of such a nature is around 4 to 5 years before the District Court. In so far as your question relating to suggesting a lawyer in Delhi is concerned, we regret that as a matter of principle, we cannot recommend any name to anybody.

Q14. If during the period of six months after the filing of petition for divorce by mutual consent, any on of the parties withdraws the consent, then what options the other party is left with in order to continue to get the decree for divorce? How can one withdraw the consent?

A. Under Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act of 1950, the parties can seek divorce by mutual consent by filing a petition before the court. After the filing of the petition and recording the statement of both the parties, the court generally adjourns the matter for a period of 6 months where after the party has to again approach the court for making a second motion confirming the mutual consent earlier given in the petitioner filed by them. It is only after this second motion is made that a decree of the divorce is granted by the court. During this period of 6 months when the petition is pending , any of the spouse is fully entitled to withdraw the mutual consent. In such an eventuality no divorce decree can granted by the court. The consent can be withdrawn during this period of 6 months by either of the spouse, by filing an application before the court stating that he/she does not wish to seek divorce by mutual consent. The court is bound under such circumstances not to grant a decree of divorce. There is no option available to the other party to such circumstances except to file a normal petition for divorce under the provisions of the Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1950 . In such a situation divorce can be granted only on certain specified grounds as mentioned in the said provision . These grounds include cruelty; desertion; voluntary sexual inter-course with another person; the other spouse being of unsound mind; conversion of religion by the other spouse; Leprosy; venereal disease; a spouse having renounced the world or being missing for a period of more than 7 years.

Q15. Once a joint petition for divorce is filed by mutual consent, is their a way (Legal loopholes /by pass procedure) to get the decree for divorce within 2 months of filing the petition and not after 6 months? If one manages to get the decree for divorce in 2 months ( with the help of some X lawyer at some Y court) then later on, can anyone of husband or wife at any point of time in his/her life appeal against the decree?

A. Although under the provisions of Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act 1950, the requirement is that after the presentation of a petition for divorce by mutual consent, the court has to adjourn the matter for a minimum period of 6 months (and not later than 18 months) where after the parties have to again come back to the court for making s second motion confirming the mutual consent earlier given by them. However, in a number of judgements the courts have held that this period of six months can be waived if the court is convinced that the provisions of the said section have been complied with the and that there in no force, undue influence or coercion exercised by one spouse against the other. The courts are a such granting decree for divorce by mutual consent without waiting for a period of six months specified under the Hindu Marriage Act. Such divorce decree granted prior to the period of 6 months cannot be normally challenged. It is only under vary rare circumstances where it is proved by the spouse that the said mutual consent was not given out of his/her free will or was given under some grave force or threat of life can the said decree for divorce be cancelled. But the same is also applicable to a divorce decree granted by mutual consent after waiting for a period of six months.

Q16. I got married in December 1997. I was a love marriage with the blessings of the relatives from both sides. But unfortunately today we always end up in heated arguments whenever we face each other. We are tired of fighting. Can you suggest contact information of some good matrimonial Counselors in order to ease the process of divorce or reunion? I have read lots of articles in times of India?

A. In the case of any love marriage, the expectations of the spouses are very high from each other. Usually such expectations are not met due to practical aspects and as such the same results in repeated heated arguments between the parties. However, it is always better and advisable to sort out differences by reasoning out said in a cordial manner and with the good wishes and intervention of close friends or family members. It is never advisable to seek divorce in the heat of the moment and repent the same later when the temper have cooled down and one is living separately. The issues leading to heated arguments are generally very small and one can realize this once things are looked at in the broad spectrum. In any case, legally speaking the normal wear and tear in marriage life and the normal quarrels do not entitle either of the spouse to seek divorce against the other. It is only if the cruelty (mental) has reached such a level as to cause reasonable apprehension in the mind of one of the spouses that the same would be injurious for him/her to live with the other, can one seek divorce on the ground of cruelty. If both the parties very strongly feel that is not possible to live together despite all efforts made in this regard , then it is appropriate that divorce be obtained by mutual consent . The conditions for the same are that the spouses should not be living together for at least one year before the presentation of the divorce petition for mutual consent and it is no longer possible for the spouses to live together any longer. In such eventuality the petition has to be presented which is adjourned for a period of six months, after recording the statement of the parties whereafter the parties have to again file a second motion confirming the mutual consent earlier given. This period of 6 months can also be waived under circumstances by the courts. After the second motion has been made and the divorce by mutual consent has been confirmed by the both parties, the divorce decree is granted to the parties. We regret that as a matter of principle we can not suggest you any lawyer for the purpose of filing a divorce petition or otherwise. We still suggest you to take the help of close friends or family member in resorting the matter before resorting to the extreme step of seeking divorce.

Q17. What is the right of husband on the child at the separation?

A. After divorce/separation, the husband can move an application for the custody of a child under Guardian & wards Act and if the parties are Hindu then under Hindu Minority & Guardianship Act. The husband also has a right to claim the right of meeting the child and to take the child during holidays till the disposal of the petition for custody. The parties can ask for the above said interim relief from the Court.

Q18. The marriage prohibited under sapinda relationship undertook and the husband gave his daughter in marriage to Mr. S. was deliberately kept in dark about the sapinda relationship of the parents-in-law and that one child is completely mentally retarded and wife of Mr. S has been using psychotropic/anxiolytic/hypnotic drugs since birth. Whether the Act of father-in-law attracts the provision of Section 420 of the IPC and can the marriage of Mr. S. be annulled by divorce? Can Mrs. S be legally subjected to medical check for Schizophrenia?

A. In so far as the offence of cheating is concerned, a case of cheating would lie against Mr. S’s father-in-law in as much as he has induced you and deceived you to do something which you would have omitted to do if you were not so deceived and the said action has also caused damage to your mind, as per the requirements of Section 415 IPC which defines cheating. In so far as the annulment of marriage of Mr. S. by divorce is concerned, it has to be proved that the spouse / wife is incurably of unsound mind or has been suffering continuously or intermittently from mental disorder of such a kind and to such an extent that Mr. S. cannot reasonably be expected to live with her. A mere case of drug abuse may not attract the said provisions. However, if there are various instances which can be specifically defined and pleaded, then Mr. S. can seek divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty having been caused to him because of the said drug abuse and the behavior of the wife.

Q19. What is the punishment for a man who tortures a woman mentally, physically or verbally?

A. It is an offence punishable under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, which is imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine.

Q20. If the wife has left the house of her husband and was living away from him, can the wife be entitled to judicial separation or divorce ? The wife thinks that there are reasonable causes for this unlike the husband. The cause as stated by the wife is mental cruelty. Can mental cruelty be pleaded to claim a divorce from the other spouses?

A. Mental Cruelty can certainly be pleaded to claim divorce from the other spouse. Under Section 13 (1) (ia) of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, either spouse can seek divorce or judicial separation on the grounds of cruelty, which includes mental cruelty. The wife is fully justified in living away from the husband in case she is suffering mental cruelty at the hands of the husband. A petition for divorce or judicial separation can be filed detailing each and every incident of mental cruelty. The instances are required to be specific and should be of such a nature as to be construed of causing mental agony to the wife and should not be merely day to day minor quarrels which normally take place in a married life.

Q21. I want to get a divorce by consent from my wife. After separation I want to give one my houses to her and also give some amount of money. How can I do this . Is any registration required for giving her the house.

A. Divorce by mutual consent can be obtained by Husband and Wife in terms of Section 13 B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The provisions of the said Section require that the husband and wife should be living separately for a period of more than 1 year and they are not able to live together any further. A joint petition can be filed in this regard and after the filing of the same the Court grants a period of six months for the parties to come again and make a statement confirming the said consent. It is only after this second consent having been given by both the parties after six months of the filing of the petition for mutual consent, that a decree for divorce is passed by the Court. If during this period of six months after the filing of the petition, any of the parties withdraws the consent, the divorce can not be granted. You can definitely give a house or any amount of money to your wife while agreeing for divorce by mutual consent. However, as the consent can always be withdrawn within the period of six months (as stated above) it is always better if the said transaction is carried out when the second consent statement is made after six months of the filing of the petition and when the divorce decree is being granted. The transaction of property definitely requires registration with the Sub-Registrar. Since, no amount of consideration would be paid by your wife for acquiring the said property, it would be appropriate if a gift deed is executed and registered with the Sub-Registrar, after paying the requisite stamp duty on the same.

Q22. How can I take divorce from my wife?

A. In the event of your being a Hindu, that is Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Jain by religion, you would be governed by the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Divorce under the said Act can be obtained only on the grounds specified under Section 12, whereby a person can seek divorce on the following grounds : (a) If the other party after the marriage had voluntary sexual inter-course with another person. (b) If the other party after marriage has treated the complainant with cruelty. (c) If the other party has deserted the complainant for a continuous period of not less than two years. (d) If the other party has seized to be Hindu by converting to another religion. (e) If the other party has been in curably of unsound mind or has been suffering from mental disorder of such a nature that the complainant cannot be reasonably expected to live with her/him. (f) If the other party has been suffering from an incurable form of leprosy. (g) If the other party has been suffering from venereal disease in a communical form. (h) If the other party has renounced the world. (i) If the other party has not been heard of being alive for a period of over 7 years. Divorce can also be obtained by mutual consent by Husband and Wife in terms of Section 13 B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The provisions of the said Section require that the husband and wife should be living separately for a period of more than 1 year and they are not able to live together any further. A joint petition can be filed in this regard and after the filing of the same the Court grants a period of six months for the parties to come again and make a statement confirming the said consent. It is only after this second consent having been given by both the parties after six months of the filing of the petition for mutual consent, that a decree for divorce is passed by the Court. If during this period of six months after the filing of the petition, any of the parties withdraws the consent, the divorce can not be granted.

Q23. A wife is inflicted to mentally cruelity by her husband. Her husband either does not feel so or does not accept so. She leaves the house with out informing him and takes a different house for rent and stays there. Can the husband put a legal cases against her for this?

A. What type of legal case you anticipate? If the ground is only of the wife staying separately the husband can file a case for restitution of conjugal rights for bringing the wife back. If the wife refuses to come then the husband can also seek divorce on the grounds of Desertion by the wife, provided the wife is continuously staying away for a period of over two years. However, if the wife justifies that she has left the matrimonial house because of cruelty meted out to her, then her action would be justified and the husband cannot be granted divorce on the ground of desertion.

Q24. I, & my wife want a divorcee. We have one son age [7 years). Please clarify what papers are required to be submitted & whether son will be in mother’s custody or father’s custody?

A. You and your wife can file Divorce Under Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act of 1950, wherein the parties can seek divorce by mutual consent by filing a petition before the court. After the filing of the petition and recording the statement of both the parties, the court generally adjourns the matter for a period of 6 months where after the party has to again approach the court for making a second motion confirming the mutual consent earlier given in the petitioner filed by them. It is only after this second motion is made that a decree of the divorce is granted by the court. During this period of 6 months when the petition is pending, any of the spouse is fully entitled to withdraw the mutual consent. In such an eventuality no divorce decree can granted by the court. The consent can be withdrawn during this period of 6 months by either of the spouse, by filing an application before the court stating that he/she does not wish to seek divorce by mutual consent. The court is bound under such circumstances not to grant a decree of divorce. There is no option available to the other party to such circumstances except to file a normal petition for divorce under the provisions of the Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1950. In such a situation divorce can be granted only on certain specified grounds as mentioned in the said provision. Now a days some of the Courts are exempting the period of 6 months also. Parties can decide the custody mutually, if they fail to decide, the court will decide the custody. Custody is decided by the court keeping in mind the welfare of the child.


  1. My sis n her husband want divorce …as her husband having extra marital affair so that is main reason of divorce …my sis is not working n her husband earns very well so I want to know as my sis is working then who will have to pay lawyers fees?? My sis has to pay or her husband??

  2. hello
    here is mayurkumar (my father) have farming culture in our home the same place other person also have his farming culture oposite he creates a problem when we go in our farm..and use bad word and told my father i will heat you … you can do your business hear,,ext..i am study out a country so please suggest me what i have to do..and he have also a police suport and other…so what i have to di or my farther replay me..

  3. I got married in dec’11. I was already in abroad that time, i went to my country did marry the guy who claimed to be in love with me from 5-6 years.He promised me many things but did not fulfilled any neither he ever came to meet me. even after requesting many times he harshly deny to come.his family is not good to me too. I want to live happily but he is changed totally after marriage. I was in 3 years doctoral course which is yet to complete but i am all depress and frustated with my post marital life. Can i ask him for a divorce? he will not give that to me easily but now i dont want to live with him. in 2014 will go back to india and want to end this relationship. i am hindu

  4. Lawyer’s fee has to paid by your sister only, however, your sister can seek maintenance and the expenses from her husband under various provisions of law.

  5. My brother got married in Dec 2010 and the couple have 9 months old baby boy. 2 months back my sister-in-law ran away from the house with somebody to her father’s house. Since we are from a reputed family we couldn’t do a police complain. my brother went to his father-in-laws house to get his wife and son back home but her father and herself insulted him, threaten him and refused to come back whit him. We are afraid that they are doing this get money from us if we file a divorce case.

    Please suggest what action we can take and how can we proceed for the divorce. Also please provide a link for the such case happened before and the decision of court of law in this case.

  6. you can file a case u/s 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act for restitution of conjugal rights and for calling her back.

  7. Hi,My name is mahboob khan, I am an Indian by national I came to thailand as a tourist and fell in love with a thai girl she also she come to india on a visit and got married to me according to Islamic law she returned to thailand and stay in thailand for one month and again came back to india and stayed with me after 2 months she returned to thailand and staying in thailand now she is pregnant and going to deliver the baby in aug now she is demanding forty lakh baht from me I dont understand She is sending the messages to me on facebook that if i will not give her 40 lakh baht for giving the baby she will sell the baby now she is saing she already married and have a baby boy and she dont want this baby and asking for money,sir i am very disturbed and need ur help to qet my baby

  8. If you are the citizen and resident of Thailand, then you can pursue your remedy by way of Courts in Thailand also. In case you are a citizen of India then you may file a Writ in the Hon’ble Supreme Court and making the Embassy of Thailand as a party in the case and pray for suitable directions in this regard.

  9. I stay in india, and got married in india with her , can I file a case against her in the district court in my state making the Thailand embassy as party.

  10. hi, my name is iftikhar ali. i got married in 31st October 2011. I don’t have good relation with my in-lows form the beganing, but i my relation with my wife was pretty well. my wife got pregnant after the 4 months of marriage. i don’t go to my in-lows place as our chemistry doesn’t match, we don’t have even talking terms but i never stoped my wife to meet her family, they use to come my house but always create issues without reason. due to all this things went wrong and wrong. they never tried to sort the thing not i tried. Finally after the delivery of my wife she went to her father house with my daughter. we decide that i will come to take her whenever she want, and after two months we decide that i will come to pick her and she agreed for that, as i said i don’t go to there house i use to pick her from the entry gate of her house. but when i call her that i will come to pick you tomorrow she said that she will not come unless untill i come inside her house and talk her father, which i denied. i asked her also do you have ny problem any issue with me or my family she said no she is happy with me. now its 7 months she is at her home with my daughter, we are not even on talking terms. i want to know can she do make any police complaint or case against me or may family. i am ready to bring her back but i don’t want to keep any relation with my in-lows as i am mentally tortured by them very badly. please suggest.

  11. If she has no problem from you and your family then she will not file any sort of complaint. Your problem is more psychological and emotional rather than legal. Try to consult some kind of marriage consular in this regard.

  12. My brother who is Doctor got married in June 2011. The marriage was arranged. But from the very first day of marriage she refused to live as wife. She told that she wants some tome for this relationship. After one month she went to her parents home. From the very beginning she started torturing my brother mentally by making objectionable ramarks regarding his personality, his income, his profession, family etc. After three months it was disclosed that she had affair with another boy and the marriage was under the pressure of her parents. Later she agreed to give divorce to my brother. For this she asked to hand over all the jewellery purchased for her by our side and the gifts given by their family to my brother. We had handed over all the jewellery to her. She again asked to give the money which was spent by her father for this marriage and told an amount. We had again paid this amount to her mother’s account as asked by her. Later she filed divorce application under section 12. But at the last stage of the case she refused to appear in the court. She is presently not living at her parents house. Neither she nor her parents are informing us about her address. How can we take the divorce, now?

  13. i want to know whether domestic violence,alimony,harassment will be filed separately or can be considered as single under divorce case

  14. Dear Sir / Mam,

    Please read my case condition as advise me for same

    My wife filed 498a & 125………after 16 months now she want to come back

    I have 2 daughters and me and my family can not forget both so…..

    Question : We are doing compromise in 125 meditation , I am not going High Court to quash the FIR then on which base she will take back her 498a in same court ?
    As per my advocate she will hostile. If we are not going Hight Court then Is there any other way to close 498a in same court ?????????

  15. Offence u/s 498-A is not compoundable and for the quashing of the FIR u/s 498-A you have to approach the High Court.

  16. Thanks for information

    Please provide me 1 more information, If we are going High Court to quash the FIR.

    Then who will file petition for same ? both or only 498a Mrs can do this alone ?

  17. It is the accused who is going to file the petition for quashing of the FIR on the basis of compromise.

  18. Wife taking experts judgment and then she married another man ,now what problem some property purchased before divorce jointly named was there but all many paid husband but she marred another I want my property.what I do

  19. Mein 10 saal pyra korene baad ghor se bhag kar mere family member ke pormision le ke mandir main saadi kiya lekin mere wife saadi ke bas 85 din ke baad apin maa ke ghor ghumune bahana korke chali gayi us samay wo 2 month ki stage main thi ghor jake bochha gira diya mere phone bhi thik se reciv korti nahi ghor bapos ane ke liye bolo ne se nahi aaungi boloti hain iss bojaya se porisan ho kar main talak lena chahata hoon plese help me

  20. dear sir my marriage on 1999 dec 15 so she went of my house on march 28 2000 and we are living seperatly present this time op 68/2001 is dismissed and congual rights 2003 is dismissed and maintanance 25/06 is ordered iam paying amount and op 2/07 is also dismissed she is regestired cases 498 in 2009 307&494 on 2010 so that cases are totally aquital & 494 is a private case so police department is submitted in court 494 is false case on 2010 so another present she is regestired as a private complaint 494 in additional district megestrate court iam paying maintanance 2006 to present there is no divorce presentiy we are living seperatly so she is very cruel we are living seperatly 2001 to 2013 so she is filed a case as 494 how is it possiable after 12 years sir please give me suggestion

  21. my husband and in-laws were not ready to take me to marital house and hence they started quarrel in the hospital when the child was born and after few months they started mental torture by writing letters and finally wife lodged complaint against husband and in-laws and on the advice of police husband made seperate house but there also after one and half months he did not returned to home and when wife lodged complaint he locked the door and on enquiry by police he opened the lock and after four months he against left the house and he is not allowing his wife and children to live in rented house and he comes along with his brother and takes away the children without informing the wife and does not return and even does not pick up the phone/mob and and the wife lodged complaint, even then he is not ready to take wife or perform his responsibility and police are not taking suitable action what to do

  22. Hello Sir,
    Once a joint petition for divorce is filed by mutual consent, should wife has to withdraw all cases against her husband or she can withdraw all cases after Divorce decree.
    when she will get alimony? means before Divorce decree or after it.

  23. My husband owns two properties. One flat was purchased before my marriage in which my husband’s younger brother was staying with his family with my mother in law. The second was purchased after my marriage. We are both working, My brother- in -law has a tourist car business and is earning enough to support himself and his family. His wife has no inclination to work and enhance the family income. He has emotionally blackmailed my husband into gifting him the other property and transferring the same to his name.
    As a wife, can I object to this transfer? The gift deed is stamped and registered but not yet adopted by the society. I have two children aged 10 and 5. Is there any legal remedy for me as the wife of the donor to reverse this gift deed?
    Further, there is another ancestral property in Mumbai, belonging to my father in law, which is also occupied by my brother in law. How can I ensure that my children receive the share entitled to my husband, in this property before he gifts away the same. Please help.

  24. i have been working in canada for more than 2 years but i am not a permanent residence here and my husband lives in india. we have a kid aged 7 years old lives with my mother. We lives seprately since a long time. we both want to appeal mutual divorce and it has been decided between us that the kid would live with my mother as before he has been living. Is it possible that i can file the appeal from canada in indian court without coming to India and my husband file the case for mutual divorce from india in the same court?

  25. Smt.Nalini Vinayak Jadhav Sr.clerk of kolhapur corporation retired from service on 30 Sept 2012 Her daughter Arpita Vinayak Jadhav is my wife our date of marriage being 07/11/2009 When I obtained details of my wife under RTI from Kolhapur Municipal Corporation her name Is revealed as Arpita Balkrishna Gondkar. Therefore I request to investigate if Smt Nalini Vinayak Jadhav is widow of Late Vinayak Gulabrao Jadhav. How Balkrishna Dattoba Gondkar could be father of my wife (Arpita) as my wife when married me her name was Arpita Vinayak Jadhav While certificate indicate as Arpita Balkrishna Gondkar attached with this mail. But even PAN CARD also indicate Arpita Vinayak Jadhav (PAN CARD AMAPJ2952J) my further point is that on 01/11/2010 within a period of one year child ( Daughter )was born and my wife /myself are legal parents of our baby. Now in the event of our divorce / legal separation or cancellation of marriage under section 12 of Hindu marriage act 1955 who should be the legal guardian of my daughter . whether my claim to look after my daughter for her better further will be acceptable to the court.

    You’re faithfully
    Pankaj G Shelar

  26. I got married on 25-8-2013 and from 2nd day onwards my husband and family started taking doubt on me that I have affairs with some body else and now to settle in my life I have married.

    From 4th days onwards they have started haresting me for dowary what should I do?

    On 15th day my husband himself left me on the road near my parents house, since then he has not called me

    What should I do ? Is it worth taking divorce or suggest me proper information

    Thanks and Regards


  27. I have got married on Nov’11. After three months of marriage life, I have noticed that my wife has a psychological problem and her behavior is abnormal at home. When I told these things to her parents and brothers, about her abnormal behavior, they simply refused it and to listen my words. Further, they said that I am lying. So, I started recording whenever my wife shows abnormal behavior (abuse words, suicide attempts), to make the things clear to her parents. But, they are still, refused to listen what I want to say. She had given a birth to baby girl on Oct’12. Around Feb’13, she join with me along with baby. But, there is no change in her behavior. Finally, I took her to Psychiatrist for medical treatment, with her willingness only. But, my father-in-law and brother-in-law are not cooperating for medical treatment and they are not supporting me. Further, they use to say that “I am doing all these for dowry and further they are threatening me saying that, they will kill me. Then I decided to drop her at her parents place in May’13. Since last five months I am waiting for that they will understand her problem and convince her to send my home.But, they are provoking for divorce. It was surprising to me to say, they are actually harassing me. I did a little enquiry about her life before our marriage. I found that she had got married in 2009 and may be with in one year that relation was broken. Her parents are hidden this fact and they are not shared with me before our marriage. Mine is a first marriage. I understand that they cheated me a lot and they seek money and my property. So, my question is how to handle this issue?? and file a case?? or file a divorce??
    Thanks & Regards,

  28. I am in Muslim family.i married my cousin,it was love marriage.before marriage i always told my wife in a month you must stay 25days in my home 5days with her home.but actually i really don’t like way of life in her mother house.after marriage after 2months i went abroad told but when she went her mother home she started disobeying me,she is not ready to stay in my home after all as a cousin my family treat her as daughter.she was pregnant when i was its 7-9months she stayed in her mother mother in law father in law & even wife disrespect me many times.i called her many times to come & stay in my home,she gave delivery to baby boy now 3months.still she don’t want to come in my house.i have given her every type of support.i told her many times if she stay like like this i will divorce her but.she said ok & i can leave you for my family n relatives.can i get my child custody?can i file any case on her for not obeying me & taking my baby to place where i don’t like.she took my baby to many relatives house with out my permission and when i ask her to bring my child so that my parents will see but she refuse.i can give my baby any support financially or love.what legal action can i get on my father & mother in law and wife.please give your direct contact.

  29. I am in Muslim family. I married my cousin, it was love marriage. Before marriage i always told my wife in a month you must stay 25days in my home 5days with her home. But actually i really don’t like way of life in her mother house. After marriage after 2months i went abroad told but when she went her mother home she started disobeying me, she is not ready to stay in my home after all as a cousin my family treat her as daughter. She was pregnant when i was leaving. Now its 7-9months she stayed in her mother mother in law father in law & even wife disrespect me many times they don’t respect me as son in-law. There was a marriage in her relative house I called her relative that don’t take my wife & child to marriage without my permission but they(relative) told me attending marriage to her is more important than you.i told wife not to attain relative marriage without my permission it will create again big problem in our relation. Please listen to me. She said even if you divorce me I will go to there marriage & i can leave you for my relatives and family.
    I called her many times to come & stay in my home; even after 10months she is not coming. She gave delivery to baby boy now 3months.still she doesn’t want to come in my house. I have given her every type of support. I told her many times if she stays like this I will divorce her but if you come and stay according to your husband then everything will be alright. Can i get my child custody? Can i file any case on her for not obeying me & taking my baby to place where i don’t like? She took my baby to many relatives house without my permission and when I ask her to bring my child so that my parents will see but she refuse. Can I file case against those relatives who wontedly took my wife & child to function without my permission after all they were knowing my relation with wife is in hard time. I can give my baby any support financially or love. What legal action can I get on my father & mother in law and wife? Please give your direct contact.

  30. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Sir My nephew is from Delhi and got married on 24 Nov 2012 to a U P girl .Marriage was held in UP.The girl after marriage stayed for 4 nights with the husband at Delhi and during this period and till date did not hVE ANY CONJUGAL RELATIONS WITH my nephew and never allowed him to have sex with her.After four days she left for her parents house in UP and the boy visited her a number of times to come to Delhi but she did not join him and kept telling him your income is less and U should improve.Now my nephew has received a notice from Muradabad court PARIWAR MAGISTRATE TO APPEAR IN COURT ON 21 Oct and the petitioner is his wife under Sec 13.No enclosers have been received alongwith notice.His mother is a widow and they dont have any property even the house they live is mortgaged with bank.The boy is working with a property dealer and his income is very small.kindly advise next action.The court has asked to appear in person or thru wakil and he is not in a position to pay for the expenses of wakil

  32. My wife having an extra maritial affair i caught her red handed with the person and had scuffle with that person. I informed her father too. After sometime on saturday evening after watching movie alongwith me and my son, around 4 pm she took away my son and some clothes told me to give to her sister. Around six thirty i called her she told me she will be late as to fill cng in a car. After seven her phone got switch off. I alongwith my father in law together went to find her, my father in law got a call from police as thwy found a car with fire in it we went therw found clothes lying burning in it . After i alongwith my father in law lodge missing complaint . Next day in morning i file 156(3) to recover my wife soon, inevening i had a scuffle with my father in law in front of their relatives. They lodge a FIR against me and my mother of kidnapping and murder. Police interogatee me for few days and found nothing they exerted pressure from senior officera to arrest me, after 18 days police found her she given her statement that i ambeating her foe foue years after drinking. Now what i can take what criminal as well as civil action i can take against them. I also want divorce is my case is strong enough.

  33. hello sir
    sir i am working and living away from my family because of my father father is in government job and by nature he is very rude, we are seeing our mother from childhood for domestic violence.i have two younger brothers both are studying.before one year because of some dispute my father force my family to left home, then my family came to me, from that time they are with me and now i married a boy who is muslim and we are friend from long time and i am happy with him. but my problem is that my father is not giving any money to my mother and saying that he will do second marriage, so what can i do what are the rights for my mother according to hindu marriage

  34. My wife is staying away from me from last two years and also when she was with me here I found her with having affairs with other people which I caught her red handed. I am staying abroad and want to settle down my life with divorce to her as she is not a lady with whome I can live with as having affairs with other married persons. She dont want to give me divorce to live with me. What shall I do?? can anyone please advise

  35. hi,
    i am a doctor by profession. got married 5 and 1/2 yrs back and have twin boys 4yrs aged. my husband has deceived me financially and emotionally and now he is not even ready to give divorce and not even letting his address where notice can be served. i have sent 2 notices but that returned back. he was a christian and converted later to hindu in arya samaj and we got married there. now even after all this wrong things done to me not ready divorce. he always says i dont have anyone except me and kids but since marriage he was never good to me. he took away jewellery within a week of marriage and mentally tortured late nights.i even lost my first pregnancy.he always humiliated me. he never liked my people except their money. even now he says that he has changed but i am 100% sure he hasnt. my lawyer says that give him a chance, whatever he has done is out of frustration and u cannot pay such a huge debt single handedly,it will be burden.but seeing his face, even hearing his voice i feel like ending my life, i cannot stay with such a man otherwise may be i wont survive.pls suggest me the way to get rid of such a man.

  36. Hello there,

    I sm a 29 year old woman married to a 35 yr old man. We are hindu. Its an arranged marriage. It’s been 14 months since marriage. I am facing issues such as.. 1.irrational and erratic behaviour from my husband, privacy in the relationship.
    3. Insults my parents for no particular reason.
    4. Doubts about me having relationships with various other men. As a result cgecks my phone n mail at every opportunity.
    5. Creates fights n threatens to kill himself when he knows hez made a mistake n wants to hide it. Has tried to cut his wrist and consume pills to kill himself.

    Its becoming unbearable because he thinks he has not made any mistakes. There is no trust or mutual understanding in this relationship. He is not interested to talk and sort out the issues. His behaviour has made me feel that sex is the only thing that he wants . because when I refuse he creats reasons to fight.

    I want to get out of this marriage but he won’t give me a divorce under mutual consent.

    Please advice.

  37. sir,
    My brother got married on May 2013,on second day itself my sister in law, asked my brother that she want to meet her mother & can’t stay without her. This is a quite strange thing for us. After that this will become her regular practice in a month she stayed 10 days with-in-laws & 15 days with mother, she is not at all interested in brother & other member of family. She follows her mother instruction only & use my brother of money & other things. Now they are having a two month old baby girl & his wife is staying with her mother only & said to my brother I don’t want to stay with you . your house is like a jail to me and her family also support her. please advice us.

  38. sir,
    My brother got married on May 2013,on second day itself my sister in law, asked my brother that she want to meet her mother & can’t stay without her. This is a quite strange thing for us. After that this will become her regular practice in a month she stayed 10 days with-in-laws & 15 days with mother, she is not at all interested in my brother & other member of family. She follows her mother instruction only & use my brother for his money & demand increase day by day for other things. Now they are having a two month old baby girl & his wife is staying with her mother only & said to my brother I don’t want to stay with you ,your house is like a jail to me and her family also support her. please advice us.

  39. Sir
    I got divorce in 2008 on cruialty ground & filled IA for visitation rights in year 2012 and got order. But my wife refused to allow me to see my children. She filled counter now stating that IA filled by me is not maintaineble since i filled after gap of 4yrs & also my main case (divorce) is completed. Even honorable judge also question us.. my question when nothing was mentioned in my divorce order about my child visitation rights .. IA applied is valid or not ? In there any provision are available to see my children.

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  41. Excuse me can u help me.

    we were traditional family. we didnt even go for any legal or illegal things. coz of our family doesnt know anything about that. my 1st elder brother got married 11 years before. 2 yrs befor our father died. after the death of my father my two other eldr brother and me got married. then my brother’s wife quarelling with my my brother for the seperation of asset and family. but my brother didnt acccepted. so she made a some false thing and problems in between all our family members. its results in iam in my home, my husband left, and my two brothers were seperated by their wives. my 1st elder brother scolded for her wife for such type this acts, coz of that she falsely complaint to the police about all of our family that we are asking the dowry, also she said that all of us torturing her. she is not allowing my brother to have his two children 9 and 8 years old. what to do now. after 11 years she complaints that our family were haresting her. is it acceptable in law? plz help. becoz we doent know anything, so she utilizing our ignorance

  42. Dear Sir, I got married in Feb 2013. Due to not enough dowry given, my husband starting picking up quarrels with me deliberately.Then, one day he went to my mother and accused me of beating him. Post that he and my in-laws starting calling my mother to take me home as they claimed I was not well behaved.But I refused. They even called police for me and my in-laws accused me that I beat them due to which my father-in-law could get ill and asked them to tell me to leave. But police did not take any action as they were lying.
    Post that my husband told me that he is going to US for 2 months for some office work. Now, it has been more than 3 months but he has not returned. His parents are saying that he will come back when his work finishes. he is not responding to my emails. I am still living in my matrimonial house with in-laws. What action can I take against my husband. He may even try to sell the house. Please suggest..

  43. with the harassment of her husband my sister staying separately. she wants to claim share on ancestral property and share in salary of her husband for her maintenance.Her husband has a widow mother and sister had two daughters(married). how the ancestral property can be divided and how munch is sisters share and her daughters share. location is Andhra Pradesh

  44. I have a 6 months child and hold an US Visa, I am away from my husband for 6 months.If I File a divorce case on mutual consent, Will I be able to travel out of the country with my child?

  45. my friend got married 6 years before but their marital life is not his wife always torturing him. but they have one child of 5 years. on October 2012 they filed a petition for divorce but now when he became a successful person and rich, she is denying for divorce. he now want to marry with other girl. so give suggestion that what can he do to take divorce.

  46. I am madhu, an victim of false 498a, I won RCR. I had one son, iam from andhra pradesh but my wife is from Gujarat . So I need help to get out of this case and to get boy custody. So please reply me and help and call me my number 09885152199

  47. i dont have much to say about my life because i was having allot of problems in my matrimonial home.right now am so happy that everything is OK by me because a truthful caster real save my soul am so happy.if you have any type of problems just try email him;

  48. I have been married from last 11 years. My wife use to fight regularly with me. We had two daughters and she actually not care our kids the way a mother should do so I used to be responsible for all my kids need, schooling etc. In most of the fight she always told me to give the divorce and I stop her saying think about kids future but she ignore and asking about her own future that is supposedly being ruined by me after being marriage and when I said you go ask your parents to get the divorce and I will sign it then she used to say that my parents are not in this favor. And when I raised this concern to her parents then they actually scolding me that I am actually torturing her. On the opposite side in public, my wife told to everyone that I don’t want to live with her and I want divorce which is totally untrue.
    We got married on December, 2002 and till November, 2012 I had my job and we all were together living in different places where I was posted.
    Finally harassed by her all the time, on last December, 2012 I had planned to settle down my business in my native place Jodhpur where myself and my wife originally belong so that at least our family can settled down the issue whenever required. I only had my mother to whom she always scolded her to extreme case that as a person should not do to an old woman. We are living in my mother house only and even for sake of my peace, my mother is not living with us but to live in my married sister’s house. But still my wife use to create all fighting drama and even more aggressively by hitting me scolded me at lowest level and spitting at my faces and many time thrown me out of the house in the night. And again next day she used to ask family members or neighborhood to get her husband in the house and she really feel sorry for all she did but again when I returns back she used to be good during sex hours and after that she just start the drama saying I am not feeling happy here, I want to go and give me divorce. She used to tell lie to other to display herself as a women with pain but inside house she has no worries. Even she cut her own hairs and blame it me due to which her father beaten me.
    The way she is behaving, sometime I thought may be something wrong in her mind but she only behaves so rudely to me and my mother otherwise she is okay. In our 10 years of marriage she didn’t doubt for me to have affair with other women but as we moved to our native place she just started doubt on me and scolded me without any reason. I was wondering on this and asking her if somebody feeds you but she denied it. Even thing went so worst that she and her father ruin my reputation and business setup due to which all of sudden I became workless and she has no worry about it but she is saying I want you to be on the road and that is what she want. I tried a lot clear all the doubt whatever she do without reason and ask her to save our marriage and save kids future but she ignore it. She used to fight with me in the night and many times I left the house in mid night and again she felt sorry for it and repeat the same thing. Finally I went out in search of jobs and used to come in month to visit but she even not let me stay for one day. I send her monthly Rs. 5000 other than kid’s school fees, transportation and tuition. But she used to tell to others that I got settled with another wife and kid and I am not sending money to her etc. which is totally untrue. I always feel sorry for the kids because she is not sending them to school. Two months back when I was in Delhi in search of job she reveals about her past that before marriage she had relation with a guy that she madly love with him and she used to call him even now for many hours. even now I am not there but in a job outside my native place so she used to go outside for 2-3 hours and keeping the kids in the locked house during that time so I am guessing that she used to be with her lover during that time otherwise she always take kids when she go to her parents house. Her parents even fed up of her and don’t want her to come to their house but when I complain them then they only make me faulty and favoring his daughter. Even now she disconnects my phone and not allows talking to my daughters.
    I am really worried about my daughters because she really don’t care for her and using them to keep with her for money and property. She didn’t allow me to take them with me. I find myself helpless because she and her father already threat me to put lots of false cases against me if I am going to do anything.
    Please advice how should I proceed further in that case because now what I really want to take my daughters and build their good future. So far I didn’t file any divorce case because I know if I will do then I will be catch in lot of other false cases from her and will not able to take my daughters from her.

  49. I am Rupu Kundu got married on 2005 June and staying separated from my husband from 2008 October month due to extreme bad atmosphere and bad treatment from the en-laws side. From Oct’2008 continuously i am staying separated from my husband and yet not taken diverse papers, my advocate told me to file diverse again personaly and after 6 month the case will go on and will get diverse thereafter? What to do now? Can i remarry without doing this? as i dont know my husband got married again or not.

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  51. i am borrowed money my brother now i am planning go to give interest with all amount so i need to his signature for future purpose. Please send me settlement leter.

  52. Hi,
    I am kanika i have married on 30 april 2012 from the last 1.5yrs my husban & in laws torture me mentally physically they harras me they demand for dowry and they bhaag gaye hai aur apna ghar bevhne ki tyaari mein hai & i am living at someone house & he is not ready to live with me & give divorce

  53. I got married(love) 3yrs before, post marriage my wife found im not capable of give highfi life to her so slight arguments use to arise often because of my father in law advice, met marriage counselor, she advised us to be separate for 3 months, we both agreed but after 1 month i called her back to home but she refused to come bck and not interested to continue the life with me, Since its been 2yrs i tried to convince the core but she is very admant for mutual consent and filed Sec 13 for dissolve marriage, so far 2 counselling over and i love my wife so not at all interested to give divorce to her so suggest me how to bring back my wife or prolonging this case for another 2 years( 2015)is possible to bring her back ? she is the only child of her father. our age is 30(both) or suggest me how to prolong the case to an extent.

  54. hello sir,

    i have got married 10 years back which was love marriage, from past 5 and half years i am staying away from my wife. i wanted to apply for divorce. she is staying in her parents home and she and her parents want me to be there with them as i was there for initial 4 years. as told from 5 years i am in my hoe town with my parents. Since we were not having kids, my wife and her parents went to medical process Artificial insemination along with my signature, hence we have 2 kids twins.

    I have 2 main reasons for the seeking divorce
    1: she didn’t come to my home even myself and my parents called many times. When ever we call her she will tell that she will come but further there will be no call at all.(as my kids are 5 years old i have lost all my enjoyment a father seeks from infants).

    2: Both Children’s blood group doesn’t match with my blood group.

    i wanted to lead my life in a fresh way as my parent are very old i have to take care on them and i want some 1 to tale care of me.

    So, how can i proceed, and if there is any documents required to be produced to court, to show that i am away from 5 years, what documents would help me?

    Please revert back i am really suffering, my wife is having bad state on mind as i know her, she wont give me divorce.

  55. I got my son of 31years married to a girl of 24years on the 30th of may,2013 in her native place amidst her parents,friends and relatives, with out taking dowry either in cash or kind, but she stayed with my son for only 22days, and left to her native place on the pretext to see her parents on the 22nd of june,2013,but as on today i.e., 23rd december 2013(184days)she has failed to return back to her husband without any reasonable cause or reason whatsoever. in spite of the efforts of her near relatives and parents she is refusing to lead her married life with my son. impotency is not the problem. god alone should know what her problem is. he is my only son, and i am a retired govt.employee staying with my old wife and only son, there were no quarrels or fights with any of us with the girl for the 22days duration that she stayed with us. please suggest as to what course of action are with left with for the restitution of sons conjugal rights, thank you

  56. Please help ne to..mail my problem solution their..plz…i am 22yrs old n i n my bf had married under the law. Court marriage 3months ago bt v were nt stayng together…now he want divorce…wat is d procedure under the law that he don’t get divorce..because i wontgive it..

  57. I got married on 8th July, 2013 in Arya Samaj (love married). We stayed together for 4 months and had all physical relations. I never treated her badly, we had very good relation. Then suddenly she went back to her home without informing me. Now when I went to bring her back she is not ready to stay with me anymore, she is saying that she did a mistake so she dont wanna stay with me anymore as her parents are not agree for this. How can I bring her back so we can stay together ???? plz help i love her very much…..plz reply???????

  58. One of my lady friend divorced with her Ex-Husband Due to He is Impotent. His Ex-Husband again marriage with a lady without gave her any information about his impotency. what is the Charges will chargeable on this kind of activity. can third party (Social Society) appeal against him.

  59. ek shadi shudha mahila apne pati se bina talak liye kisi or sladi shuda aadmi ke saath rahne lag gai thi .usne bina talak liye 5 saal tak rahi.iske baad mera uske sath sexual contact ho gaya uski rajamandi se lakin aab wo mere ko sexual harresment me case file ker diya ab me kya ker sakta hun plz answer i am getting very depressed.

  60. Sir,
    My frd need to ask solution. Ten yrs back she got marird by normal registry. But afterwards quarrels starts between both. Than she thinks that if i planed for baby that can makes changes in my husband mind. They hv a boy n but nothng wil happn in life. Than clases r going on daily. Than girl decided that if she stay separate she lives happily. From past two yrs they r staying separately . her husband having mental prblm n heavy drunker. She need divorce but husband is not ready. Tell wht to do.

  61. i am sri. i am 23 year old girl. i am loving from past 4 years. my parents show green signal for my luv. but my lover side his parents didnt know about my luv. unfortunately my yelder brother married a girl who is my luver’s cousin relation.. so now me and my luver relation become brother and sister.but my brother luved that girl past 1 brother ran away and got married.. but me and my luver cant able to accept our relation now.. v truely luv each other,but fears for problems in our marriage. but v want to marry with our parents permission.. plz i kindly request to give me solution in this situation..

  62. hi m ravi aged30 got married 3 yrs ago.n m blessed wid 2 childern 1yrs n other 3 mnts.this is our love our case we both managed to convinence our parents for the marriage.finally they agreed for it.Now the current status is we both living separetely from last 3mnts as her father came to our house n took her happily by saying to my mother that i will send her back within a months as the second baby was just 10 days old so will look after them for a month than i will take her back.we said k if she wants to go k.Than waht happened the very next day her mother came to my shop n started argueing by saying that why did u hit my daughter..Sir this thing happened more than three times when ever we have any argument in a very pitty issues,where she feels m defeating her in that argument my wife used to call her parents even in the night by 2 and complaing them that i am hitting her.than her dad calls me n started threatning me that it will take me few minutes i will teach u a lesson i continuisly keep on saying that dad i didnt touched her we were just doing heated argument which i have never touched her as i am very much god firbidden boy n always respected girls n my elders.first of all m baptised,never ever had hard drinks,no bad habbits,no bad friend circle.m a bussiness man running my dads bussiness as my dad got expired almost 10yrs back since running with my mothers i got married with a political family as my father in law is in the govt body.for this only they threat me.mow the strange is that we both families live in same area difference is of only whenever my moms goes to any functions my mother n father inlaw also presents there they wish each day my mom told her dad why didi u ignored my phone call he replyies that ill come n meet u n discuss.but again ignorance..n since she lefy my home i do called her several times but she didnt picked my call n i even wished her a new year but no reply..even after her false complaing about hitting her,cos i love her more than anything i dont knw what happens her she behaves very arrogantly very often.the problem is her mom n her sister they dont leave her any minuts of a day.even i stopped her that whenever m in the office call them i dont mind,once m home pls spend some time wid me but they didnt listened they were continuining talking or text whole night till 3 am.oh i forget to tell u that when her mother came to my office to argue she was telling nw iwill teach i will think to send her or not,i can even claim for 10cr.
    pls suggest me hw to move further to save myself n my family

  63. Hi I wnt to know reg a divorce case my brother got married 12yrs back since affter a year of his marriage he was not happy with his wife they never got along so well and often quarrel withbeachother because of this he himself pushed him to many wrong things like drinking staying out at night as he didntvfeel like coming homevhe used to get so tensed with his wifes aggresiveness tht he used to fulfill all her demands They got their first kid after 9years and it was a scizerion before tht they had gone through few medical test also for why she is notvconceiving and also his wife went through a minor operation which she insisted my brother to hide from her inlaws she had concieved her first child through iv process tht is by collectimg. My brothers sperms and injecting iI butvwe were still as after so much wait a daughter was born it is only after the second child which is a son and concieved with the same process myvbrother disclosed to us tht his wife was never capable of doing any intercource since she had a problem the vagina opening was too narrow not sufficient for intercourse and he never got any sexual pleasure from her but even he was comprimiding on this and had did earlier too but he was not happy with her due to her demanding aggressive nature never got along with inlaws or any other familymembers always fought forvsmall small things used tobleave the kids for many things on maids she got all the luxury she wntd and never accepyed her mistakes demanded to stay seperately from her inlaws which my brother did thinking tht this may bring dome smoothness in his life he had given his flat on rent which is in joint name of both his wife and his he discontinue the leasing and they started staying there but there was no change and it only worsen and noe he has filed for a divorce in bandra court already three counciling sessions are over and now they have to further proceed in front of judge my question is she is not ready to give divorce on mutual consent tired of this my brother has got deeply depressed and now he is staying with his parents and he is in love with someone and wnts to proceed his life fresh and with peace but he is finding it difficult since she is not ready for divorce amicably although my brother had tld her everything and also has tld her tht he will give half share of property which is in boths name and also proper maintaince wht ever the judge will decide but still she is not ready and wnts the full share and also does not allow thekids to go with him at all she is very stubborn and rude how can he come out of this problem as he does not wnt to wait any long can he file a police complaint of mental torture as I can make maids std has witness and also a huge sum of his money had got lost which she is denying and all the jewellery are with her and also the locker keys pls suggest how can he come out of this its very urgent pls reply soon

  64. Dear Sir,
    I am a 30 yr old Hindu girl, married in Nov 2012. Within 20 days of the wedding, my husband and in laws threw me out of the house, demanding more dowry. He did not even share or sleep in the same room as me.
    I have been living seperately since Jan 2013.
    Kindly let me know, what are my rights regarding teh Annullment of the marriage.

  65. I am living in Canada. after 3 years of marriage when my wife got permanent residency of Canada from me she went to India & harass my parents & filled a false dowry case in women cell. Know after a settlement they are demanding 40 lakh. I am Canadian citizen i am so depressed how can only for PR she pretend my wife for 3 years. Now my question is after we settled with 30 lakh with her parents after getting divorce in Indian court is she still eligible to come Canada and ask for alumni money?

  66. One year back I had a love marriage and got to know i had been deceived completely in this marriage he did not take me with him from the time of marriage . I am at my parent’s house and my husband said he has no money to keep me with him. My in laws demanded for money to settle the i filed a case against him before magistrate.But i am very disappointed with magistrate’s behavior he behaved very rudely and i was demoralized and pressurized by him to speak my statement in short. He did not even write my statement according to my speech and gave me a date of 3 months later to appear me for other person’s statements. On the other hand my husband has started to send me messages to live with him i know he has some other strategies in his my mind to harass me. Pls suggest what can i do as my case go smooth as a i am a victim.. from India

  67. My Wife has an uttered desparate attitude to some extent unbearable, and now since 10-12 days she is living with her father and no connection . I have a child of 2 years old.My wife is a professional lady.
    Can I ask for Mutual separation in the said course or there is some special time frame.

    Whether I need to pay money for their living and maintainece of child though she is a professional lady.

  68. Hi ,
    My husband has left me and staying somewhere else.
    I am working and earning more than him. I dont find any reason of him leaving me. I had noticed he had a lady friend in office to whom he used to talk often.
    My family met with him and his family They said he wants a divorce and blamed me for silly reasons.I guess it is because of his girlfriend in office. But I don’t have any proof. He never showed any interest in me after marriage . We are married for 3 years now and we don’t have any kid.
    I feel he has cheated me by marrying me. I don’t want a divorce. What should I do? Please help

  69. a petition U/S 13B of Hindu Marriage Act has been filed wherein statements of first motion of both parties have been recorded and second motion statements were recorded but the statement of wife in second motion was not in detail as she is not claiming divorce but not denying to get it even. now both the parties to the petition are ready to get their statements recorded again in detail claiming divorce. whether they can get their statement recorded even after second motion statement in the same proceeding if yes suggest case law?

  70. I want to ask a question.
    In the mid of maintenance case if I just ranaway somewhere. What will happen then? I m fed up of my wife she is 9 years older than me and dont want to give divorce to me but she want maintenance.

  71. My neice married on 8th feb & she came back home at 9th feb immd and told dont want to go back to husband’s home so can we get divorce by law? pls guide what to do?

  72. Hii, I am 29 year old boy, I have got customary married to a girl who was 3 yrs elder than me. But since my marriage her attitude towards me and my family was not good, she even treating me by saying that she would hurt herself if I did not follow her willing. I tried to manage or settle the things with the interference of her family but no one from her family is interested to listen any thing. After my marriage I got to know two facts about my wife, 1) that her actual age is not the same which was told to me and my family at the time of marriage she is 5 yrs elder than me, and she cant see from her right eye. Her attitude towards my family and me is very harsh and rude. I have spend about 1.5 year with her but now its become difficult for me to survive her. I need to get separate from her. Kindly suggest me any type of legal aid with respect to my said problem.

  73. Does a Divorce certificate has a mention of the date of marriage of the couple. or the petition has it? I am the son of the Divorcee couple and now i need the my parents date of marriage to prove that i am a legitimate son born after the wedding lock. Pls. guide. Thx. The case is really old of the year 1979 and also can u pls guide me as to how can I get so old papers from the Court. My father does not have any papers related to that and kind of doesn’t know the date or month when he got divorced. He says it was between May – July in 1979. That is the issue and thus asking for some guidence. Thx.

  74. Dear Sir,
    I got married in the year 1996. A boy child was born in the year 2000. Meanwhile my wife got involved with a man and a girl child was born out of them in the year 2004. Eventually she moved to other place and is staying with the man along with the kids. When asked for divorce she refuses to give one and now a days she is calling up all my friends and family members to try to prove that I had an affair with some other girl and hence she moved away to other location as staying with me is not possible.

    Kindly suggest as on what ground can I get a divorce and if at all I can get one. Can I file a FIR against both of them?

    Please suggest a way out.

  75. I got married in 2010 and we were having issues on and off, on Aug 2011 she quaralled with me and went to her home and didnt come for 3 mts. She was harrassing me thr relative and sent a legal notice and she replied with a legal notice and went on to police complaint and vanita sahaya vani. Luckily i didnt get arrested and i applied for a bail and got rejected since the police didnt file a FIR. I applied for divorce in my native and she in turn applier for DV act and conjugal rights. We have counselling sessions and i told i am not interested and she has mentally tortured during the stay and she was not intered in physical relationship nor she was not capable most of the times due to her irregular cycles.Now she is torturing me thr sms and she wants to get back with me but i am not interested as i am afraid of the harassments and torture from police which i faced without doing anything.
    1. Can i file a legal complaint in court that she is sending smsm quite often to reunite and mentally tortuing me.
    2. she is not ready to give divorce, eventhough i have evidence to prove that i am not guilty i dont know how many days it wil continute. Now it is more than 2 years. for e.g–one instance she used to record all my phone converstaions in my phone and take it as a back up.

    I am losing my patience and eerybody is forcing me to accept me this girl. I am fed up eventhough i am innocent the blame is on me as i am not accepting the girl. I have told in the court i dont have any trust or confidence in the court that she will do the same thing after she comes back & daily i cant face her harassments.

  76. hi, i am a christian girl, i got married to a muslim guy in 2006 dec under islam act. And we got register marriage certificate on 18th jan 2007 and we got married in church on 6th march 2007. later due to some issues, we got thalak in islam in july 2011 and annulment certificate from church diocese in June 2012, Now is it necessary that we have to apply divorce in court? as it is my x is married to muslim girl and has a kid. Is divorce in court necesaary for me to get married again to some other person ? Pls respond

  77. Hi All, I was married on Feb 14th 2011 and we are seperate till date, no children, as I have married my Own sisters daughter. I am seeking for a divorce. Reason (I cant imagine/treat her as my wife, as we meet most of the time in same house from childhood) and I applied divorece on March 2012 and revoked on 2013 March. Now I am in need of divorce again where she torcherd me as well my parents. As my father has made his property a “Settlement Deed” to me after our marriage and I have changed the name from my father to mine. I have never earned or buyed any property in my life time. I request to help me, whether she claims for any property or alimony do I need to pay her or share the property? I work in a private ltd and she is house wife and she is studing M.Sc (CS).

  78. sir,
    I had divorced wirh my wife within 4 months of merriage.Now we both are seperated . bt till the day we are in contact with each other through mobile phone. she is born and bought of in india’s biggest city mumbai. She had having affairs of 10 yrs in mumbai and she shared me. Bt I didnt have any affair as my fmly is from surat and very strict. So i got tensed and depressed and complains to her perernts and misbehave with her and with her fmly. So she gave me divorse now I am alone bt cant leave without her as she was my wife and first love. I feel always bed boy and m not rite to live more. I alwasys feel that without her I cant live any more. One day I will suiside because I feel very guilty as I always supports ladies…..I only love one girl and that was my wife…m one woman man .She talks me everyday but she dont want to marry me again…I will die one day and its sure…Its my final dicison because i cant merriy with another girl and as i cant live single too…Please sujest me…

  79. Sir, mine’s is a joint family, I had been married for 3 years and have a two year baby boy my wife is a divorcee after my marriage my in laws started to brain wash my wife and told her take divorce from me and ask 20000 compensation from me monthly this was said by my wife itself, now their are torturing me and asking her to make house where her mother stays every day she fights with me let me know if they fail false complaint against me what should i do even today i only make my child bath feed him and look after him i am running a small xerox shop please tell me what should i do

  80. I want divorce from my husband,as i dont want to live with him,i was married at the age of 15. now im 29 years of old,there has been 14 years of marriage,but now i want can i get divorce.

  81. hi i am 36yrs old my husband is denying sex and normal conversation and also not taking any interest in daily lifestyle as family ,secondly he is telling each and everything happening in our home to his mother and she verbosely abuse and accuse me of having spoil the home ….what to do is preparing for divorce by keeping distance ….thirdly he also so many times telold me go and find sex parter for yourself…when i argue then he change his state ment that i was joking…please guide me

  82. Hi,
    My wife does allow me to have sex with her.We got married in Dec 2013.She denied me sex on the very 1st night.
    Also she has filed an NC against me stating that I used to abuse her and harass her and she has moved to her parents house.
    What do I do now?Can i file a divorce on the same grounds that she has denied me sex?
    Please help.

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  84. sir ,i was married on 20 april,2010.since my marriage his attitude towards me and my family was not family is not so rich thats why they didnt fulfills his expectations completely.he had given some amount to my father before my marriage for my fathers help but after getting married his behaviour was too bad to be tolerated.every time he taunted my family and insulted them.many times i want to get separated but due to intervention of some family members i changed my i have got govt job n hv gud salary .now he wants to take my full salary.we usually have fightsover money matter because he neither want to spend his own money nor mine.what to do.divorce or staying me.

  85. sir,mere bhaia ki marriage 26 april,2013 ko hui thi.shadi me hamari koi demand nahi thi .ladki walon ne rs.50000 hotel book karne ke diye the.shadi k baad bhabhi ka bartav achcha nahi rehta tha.baat baaat par ghar me ladti thi .rakhi par wo apne ghar gayi.humne socha wo rakhi ke baaad aa jayegi par aayi nahi.2 months ke baad usne women cell me dowry case file kiya.par enquiry hamare favour me gayi aur usne divorce maanga.ab dhamki deti hai ki agar 5 lakh rupees nahi diye to 498 case file kar degi.sir guide us what to do to save my bhaia.

  86. sir i was married at the age of 21 under hindu laws.and at that time my parents emotnally blackmailed me because i was in love with my boyfriend and i want to marry with him but my parents didnt allowed me,after marriage my husband raped me after that i got pregnant and nw i am a mother of 7 year old daughter…after my daughter born i didnt allowed him to sleep with me…i sleep with my daughter since she was born till now and he fight with me for physical relation but i don’t soul not allowed me for this. because i love my ex and i will always love him till my last breathe…after 6 years of my marriage i searched my ex on facebook and i got him…he is still in love with me he didnt get married he loves me a lot he love my daughter like own child….now i want to divorce from my husband but he does not want… infacet my mother my relatives my father in law mother in law does not want this….but i can’t live without my ex i will die. i don’t want anything from my husband i dnt want money.home anything i just want divorce but my husband loves me and provides me with all material aspects of life….he loves me as if i am just a trophy to.but its clear i don’t want live with him anymore…i want to file a divorce with my husband…and spend the rest of my life with my ex.he is waiting for me last 14 years. we do love each other very deeply madly…… will it get me a divorce???? and will get custody of my daughter me and my ex love my daughter a lot.

  87. I got married with an Australian Citizen,but he & his family harassed me physically & sexually here & made wrong allegations against me in Australian Police..I cant come back to India right now.But I want to lodge FIR against him in India without my presence.Please tell how will I do it?

  88. I got divorce and it was worst one, all my in laws came and asked for divorce and they said my wife asked for it,,, now after divorce decree is given my wife wants to come back to me and asks me to ask to their parents before marriage,… i am unable to think or face my ex inlaws for this.. suggestion needed on wat to do..

  89. I married her in Oct’11. And again my parents done marriage on Feb’12. when she was pregnant due to some fight she left and stays with her family till the son has 1 year. I went some times to saw my son. We are living together since6months now. However, we dont want to live together for life long. We want divorce. I taken her to my home for the same. How much time it will take for getting divorce if she accepts and how much time it will take if she did not accepts. I want to take care of my son. Is it possible to that with out concern of her.

  90. I was married in dec 2004 its about 9+yrs of marriage.
    We dont have any child, my wyf alwys taunts me of being impotent and says ur reports are not ok. she always want to roam arund and do shopping.i have tried all medical procedures fr baby but she nvr abide by the precautions. about 3 momths back i have left my house and started living parents r even supporting her coz of society stigma.
    please suggest on which ground i can take divorce

  91. Respected Legal Experts,
    I am a Muslim in love with a Christian girl for 10 years. She wants to get married under Special Marriage Act following a church ceremony. However, my parents are insisting us to get married under Muslim Marriage Act. To comply with both their wishes, can i register my marriage twice one each under Special and Muslim marriage acts? Please advise!

  92. Hi,


    My sister is married for last 10 years, and they have a daughter of 7 years. In 2009 she came to know that,her husband is having an extra marital affair with one of his collage. then she confront and my brother -in-law says he will end all relations and all connection with that lady and my sister believe him and give him another chance. now after 5 years we all came to know that the affair is still on abut my brother in law is not ready to accept it but my sister got some intimate sms that prove him wrong. now my sister want to fill divorce but my brother in law in saying he will not go for mutual and if she wants to separate from him she should fill a divorce and he also told her he will not give any money to her or their daughter after divorce and will do everything to take the castady of the daughter. my sister is working. can you please guide us and told us our step to start the procedure .

  93. Hello Sir
    I got married to girl in 2008 , on the day of marriage day only quarrel happened between both families, from tat day differences between both of us keep on increasing. Even she is working in state government, now days our quarrel reached extreme level, till this time I kept quite but now am fed up with this, now I asked her for divorces but she s telling she won’t give nd even I afraid of her brother’s tat they may risk my family in. False legal cases nd even she s 5 years elder to me, pls advice me in this case

  94. Jennifer

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  95. If wife does not appears for second motion after filing case of mutual divorce. Then what can court do if she not even appear to file for living together. And alimony whatever she took at the time of filing, what happens to it.

  96. I am a married woman from almost 7 years. But our marriage was not registered. Due to time to time suffering from domestic violence and his after drinking behavior, I want to leave him & live alone without asking for any expenditure from his side. Also can I file a one sided divorce ? Also tell me the law entiltled with my case.

    With regards

  97. My in-laws family hid the fact and I was married to a mentally ill person, the documentary proof of the same available with me. After his death, my in-laws family is harassing me for their share over some property, which i have agreed to part with. Can I file a cheating case against the family for hiding the truth at the time of marriage?

  98. I along with my wife are staying with our son who was married in Jan 2003.The couple were blessed with triplet baby girls in 2004.Off late married life wear tear lead to quarrels among them and my daughter in law left their daughters and has gone to her brothers/parents place in the first week of Feb 14.Till date no amicable solution to lead normal life,could be arrived.It appears she may be depressed.We apprehend Her parents can do any thing/ go to any extend. Being law abiding citizens what legal action should be taken at this stage? Should we inform the local police or any one else to protect our family interests.

  99. Hi,
    I married a girl in November 2012 at arya samaj mandir but my wife didnt spend any time at our home.
    Now she dont want to spend her life with me & my family.
    Is the marriage is valid & how I can ask her to come back.

  100. Sir,
    I am married and living with my wife and 8yrs old daughter and my parents. I want to know if some thing unfortunate happen to me, and my wife is not ready to live with my parents in that case who has the rights of custody of my daughhter.

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  103. I am a person staying abroad. How could I file a police complain against a person staying in India for cheating and abusive calls.I find that more I am let going more the person is getting confidence.Please guide me.

  104. i got love with a girl later i came to know that she was married to some one and not let me to no…i asked her why you cheated me but she told you are going to father for my child…but later boyh decied to do abrotion and she did it. i was married to girl beacause she kidnaped me and do marriage with me ,later she married to other one with in a span of 4 months with out to my notice..and also she left that person having a child from him leaving with him for around one she got affair with other person got child from him…now she is blackmailing me to do not marry any other girl…after all she doing this i make a promise to her once agian i will marry you…i told to her of frustration….now she had my marriage photos and telling to give the persons and giving compliant to police station whom you giong to marry and others…pls let me knw is their any legal action i can take to her…i am furs ted from her i have to leave for my parents..any body give suggestions what to do..even though i have also a she had their own children…i have to marry i have to lead life…pls give your hands pls help to come out of this lady…

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  109. hey i am 19 year old girl .i was n 5 years reltionship .i got physical wid my boyfriend now he is saying he want to leave but at that time he gave me a assurance he will marry me nd i shoul trust him .which law can be enacted against him?

  110. Hi one of my friend she got married at the age of 17 years because the guys blackmailed her. and after the marriage her husband tortured and haressed her physically and mentally.she told her situtaion to her parents but none of them helped her and told her no matter what ever he does she has to stay with him only.she wanted to get divorce for him but her husband and the whole family blackmailed her telling if she asks for divorce or complains police they would kill her.she was totally trapped so what she did was she loved some other guy and wanted to get out of her missarable life but her husband got know about her affair and he and his whole family bet her very brutally and they took her to the police station and filed a complaint on her and they guy whom she was what shuld she do how can she get of this problem can you please suggest me so that i can help her she is living a very missareable life no one not even her parents are supporting her.

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  112. What is the punishment for a wife who mentally and verbally tortures her husband? Can we lodge a complaint against her suspecting that she can even kill him?

  113. my question is I got married in Dec 2006.From the very first day my mother in law and two sister in law’s behavior was not good with me. They took all my ornaments and forced me to ask money from my father. And now my husband ran away from me I do not know where is he right now? I want to file a Case against my In laws. Can I?

  114. I am 30 years Women from samastipur. I am married and have two kids daughter of 7.5 years and a son of 5 years. I am M.A in English and i was married in 2002. My husband Prakash 45 is only a metric . He has his own business of generator. His parents are retired Bihar govt. Employee. 2 years back Prakash started an institution on partnership basis with Kumar. In fact Kumar had given more money than Prakash. After some time Kumar got a job and started asking for his money. In those days only my husband lodges an FIR against Kumar stating that he has kidnapped me and raped me (IPC 366,376) and also torchered me to say the same in the court in front of CJM in (CRPC 164) but i didn’t say the same. Overall that case was dismissed. Even Kumar did not know abt this all. Kumar had left Bihar and went Delhi for his job. After some time i also went Delhi for my higher studies since prakash had started torching me. I left my kids with my parents and started living in Delhi. I had to go to write my exam in June. I went back to my sasuraal. In June only Kumar’s sister’s marriage was also held. When prakash came to know that Kumar is in Darbhanga he asked me to go at Kumar’s house to do all the statics clear. When we went there Kumar was not there. we waited there for some times. Prakash told me that he is coming after some time you have a chit chat with Kumar’s sister. in the meanwhile Kumar also came. We started chatting to each other . after some time prakash came with Police. And they started slapping Kumar and arrested me as well. they took me to the nearby police station and than took me to police station of my SASURAL. They kept Kumar in a different cell. through out the night the in-charge of police station and prakash along with some other cops threatened me to give a false statement that they already had written . They torched me and made me to give a false statement in IPC 164. I repeated the same as they had given me in front of CJM.after that he also signed a deed to keep me with him of RS 10000. I was taken to Police station again there he abused me and torched me a lot. he snatched my all ornament and left me. i went to my father’s house. he also took my kids with him. Kumar was sent to jail. in the trial i did not give the statement according to prakash and stated all the things 100% truth in the court that how prakash had used me with the help of police. after my statement in session trial Kumar got bail from high court after spending 6 months in the prison. now Kumar has gone to Delhi. i am afraid what will the result of this CASE. will Kumar be punished even after my statement in his favor because all rest three evidents Prakash, prakash’s father and his grand father has given a false statement against Kumar.Prakash spreads the money on the police. Now he has also got married to a girl.Prakash also forced me to sign the documents. And kept my kids abducted until i applied for the divorce. Thank god that after applying for the divorce i never appeared in front of court and that case has been rejected. Now i am living with my parents . Later on he has applied for divorce blaming me as a characterless. I have never appeared in the court till now. I am not intend to give him divorce now any way Kumar is helping me indirectly now and i live in touch with Kumar as well. Kumar is unmarried and also insists me to do the worst with prakash as he has done a blunder with we both. My kids are still with him He now got married and and having one son as well . My lawyer is saying me to present me in front of the court. Now i am bit confused what to do . I want to send Prakash behind the bars any how. Plz let me know how can i do it? Is it possible to do it from Delhi? Plz revert me asap at this e mail id “”. I’ll be highly obliged to you forever.

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  117. Hi i m married since last 2 years it was a love marriage after i got married i came to know that my husband had lied to me that he is businessman earning 3lacs per month and also they have their own house in city ,however he lives in a katcha house in village and his father is ASI in CRPF but this us true after 2 months of my marriage i tried for a divorce but he assured me that he will start earning a good money but till we are facing a vast financial crisis which leads me to mantally stressed kindly show me the way as i have tried everything to save my love but today i realise its all gone in to vain. What action can i take against him and his family?

  118. hi i got married on 2nd june 2013 i lived with my husband till 11th january. during this period my husband use to beat me like animal, he is egoestic person. i came to know i m pregnant on diwali. but again he beat me at diwali night because of which i got miscarraige. ater that my mothr in law and father in law also started harrasing me mentally and physically. i came to my parents house on 11 january. now i want to file case against my husband and mothar in law and father in law. what should i do and which act will help to arrest them. please answer soon.

  119. Hi! My friend got married at 21 year old. He doesn’t go well with his wife. He has a son of 20 years old now. Since 15 years they do not have any physical relations too.Due to conservative family, he tried his best to convinced his parents for divorce but they didn’t agreed. Finally, 2012, his dad agreed. His wife took 1.5 years to decide on all her demands to be fulfilled and agreed for mutual consent divorce. Now it is been 6 months completed. They have a second and final hearing this month. Now again she has changed her mind and has new demands which he is not in a position to fulfil.She is mentally torturing him and not staying at her house claiming it is her right to stay at his home. Meanwhile, he is involved with some other girl who genuinely loves him. If she has not withdrawn her consent within 6 months of period and now if she doesn’t appear in court or disagree what is the remedy. He is already suffering from Panic attacks and he doubts that his wife is also going around with somebody and she is intentionally harassing him for more money.
    Pls suggest the best remedy to resolve this matter soon.

  120. sir,
    I was married in June 2012. since then, my wife is not living with me. She is working in delhi, earning more than me & not ready to live with me. I filed sec 9 as per hindu act to call her back at District court lucknow. Now she has applied to get travel claim from Delhi to Lucknow for court hearing. Can she claim for the same?

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  124. a fraud girl marriages with two men on same day & she says in affidavit that it was second marriage with second boy.but she wants to entrap the third namely boy in matrimonial cash of maintenance,false domestic violence getting base of false dowry case against second boy. how can get rid off the third boy from that false lady in such a case .

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  126. respected sir. after very next day of the marriage she ran away without my or her parents permission to unknown place. there is no sexual relation with her. i got marrieied on june 28 ,2012. she had traced by the police af ter one. month . she had given the statement. in the police station that i am not interesed in the marriage but my parents force me to this marriage. and now i am aplied to the court for divorce. still it is going but. now she is telling. i am comming with u. but i want the divorce . so could i get the divorce as early as possible.

  127. can a dowry case be filed after 10 years of marriage. Husband and wife both are living separate house in other town since more then 8 years.

  128. gud afternoon sir im rahul sir my wife has left me alone from past one and half year and she filed a case aganist me saying that she needs restutional of counjual rights when im ready to take her but she doest want to stay with me she passing the time of court as well me how can i get justice and what should i do im having two childrens sir can u please help me.

  129. hi…my fiyancy is over her 17 year n running 18 year so i do court marriage with the help of my parents and her parents concent? my parents and her parents both are agreed for court marriage.

  130. I have been married for over 26 years. Out of the blue my wife left my home and returned back to her parental home. She then filed a complaint against me and my mother. The main allegations were more demand for dowry,demand for a male child, mental cruelty arising from threatening her that I will re-marry if she does not give more dowry. These are all baseless and malafide charges. The police has converted her complaint into an FIR and charged me and my mother u/s IPC 498A, 504, 506 and 323. She and her father are demanding that I sell off my flat and divide the money equally between her, my only daughter (age 24) and myself and she wants rights to stay in my second flat (both flats are registered jointly though she never paid a single rupee to acquire any of these flats).She is working and earns as much as I do. She has now filed a complaint against me and my mother under the Domestic Violence Act. How can I get justice.

  131. I have been married for over 2 years. we have a daughter. Out of the blue my wife left my home and returned back to her parental home. She is going to file a complaint against us. The main allegations will be demand for dowry,demand for a male child,domestic violence, mental cruelty arising from threatening her that I will re-marry if she does not give more dowry. These are all baseless and malafide charges. my wife is non- earning and She and her father are demanding that I sell off my property and give half of it to her. My father has some ancestral land and some he purchased in his lifetime and i am owner of none of it.

    how can i prevent her from challeging the right on property.
    Is she liable for ancestral propert or any type of property.
    How can i get the custody of my daughter?

    i don’t want to give her even a penny and want the custody of my daughter.
    in any of the cases, she is going to get married after our divorce.

  132. A colleague of mine is subject to tremendous mental torture by her husband as well as her own parents and family to shift to Saudi Arabia against her wishes. This was actually a forced marriage and she is trapped in this. She is already seeing a psychologist and is ready to give some time to this marriage before calling it off or filing for a divorce but her husband and parents are torturing her daily to give in. What legal remedy can she adopt so that this torture stops and she gets time to think over this marriage and take it at her own pace please?

    She is not contemplating divorce at the moment but this pressure is driving her crazy and she is losing her mental peace and mental balance. Please provide a remedy to stop this daily torture in its roots!!!

  133. igot married in 2004. my wife left my home n 2006 and file a case in womencell. I take her back home in 2007 but she again gone and file a case of 498 in lower court. in September 2013 case was dismissed. now I want to get divorce how much time gap must in between to file a divorce case. is it one year or two years after dismissal of case for putting the divorce case

  134. Hello
    I would like to know if someone get divorce from District Court. What are the clauses in which right to appeal can be dismissed ? Also, in case second party has not recieved any letter from court about appeal filing to High Court, how could the hearing could be finalized ?

  135. I want to know what action can I take on my hubby for not giving me home expenses for me & my son . It has been 7 years of our marriage but nothing is right it now . He abuses me & my family members & I have to beg for expenses each time.I am houswife , I use to work before pregnancy , but left job after delivery to look after my kid. He want me to work & earn my for myself & keep kid to crech .But I don’t want to do so .He never want to take responsibilty of my son nor of me . He want to send his life the way he wants . Please help me out . What can be done of it ,I am fed up of this .Bz of this I am undergoing through lot of mental stress.

  136. they are having two childrens..14years girl and 8 years boy..husband was sell his wifes only property in 2011 and njoyed her money,after that in 2013 december he is trying sale his own house..but his wife is not able to bare that ..she is trying to stop her husband..then husband gave her an agreement like i was spent your property money so i will give it to u after sell my only own property and we will devorced so both are agree for that but the problem is after agrement he is trying to sale his property secretly..but she observe his cunnigness then file 498a and apeal for attachment over his only property..the judge issu urgent notices to his but he is hide in somewhere and sell his property immediatly because he is not ready to gave her money and also husband file a case against her to vacate her from the third party is entered is there any possibilities to cancel the registration of she is in possision of his property soo is she win the case..?

  137. Hi sir ,..i got married in may 2013….in september 2013 only i knew that my wife had already married and divorsed…For our marriage ,in marriage certificate my wife had signed as a first marriage for her with VAO signature.If it is possible to get divorse from her?

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  141. sir i am married 3 months ago,me in army,can my wife get my income share after divorce,pls tell me ,i am in big confusion,if we should give money share at the divorce time,they are asking some money before the divorce,is it right or not

  142. hello sir,
    i get love marriaged in 2001 we both job in government and now i have 11 yrs single girl child, i live saparate with my wife and child . my wife has affairs with one person since 2006 and now i got divorce from her i have no documential proof for her affairs and she is not agreed for divorce so how i get divorce and she is doing govt job so i can give her maintainance after divorce and how much and what about child costady? pl. advice me.

  143. My sister got married on 2006 after marraige her husband and family treated her very badly after 3 years she came to her mother house but now her husband sent a court notice to her but she don’t have money to continue the case what she will do now & she had 8 year son she only taking care of him.

  144. My sister got married on 2006 after marraige her husband and family treated her very badly after 3 years she came to her mother house but now her husband sent a court notice to her but she don’t have money to continue the case what she will do now & she had 8 year son she only taking care of him. pls reply sir.

  145. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been married for 22 years. And have been verbally abused all these years as my husband has a terrible temper. Earlier he used to be physically violent too but after he was warned by the women’s group he has somewhat learnt to control himself. He verbally abuses our daughter too. We both are very unhappy and are tired now. As I am not employed I can’t divorce him. In these circumstances What legal options do I have?. Kindly let me know

  146. hello sir,
    my name is lala.I have one brother&one father beat my mother by accused of we go to police station and get compromise to stay away from my father.after few month I know that he is doing that thing which it put on my mother that is my father have relationship with so many woman whose have no now what legal action should taken against him.

  147. My wife filed petition U/s 125 and she got degree but I want to live together.
    She left me 2 years back and staying with her father.
    Pls. guide what should I do further

  148. i am a married person i am working in a corporate sector at u.s.a my wife stayed with me there for one year and returned to india and joined in a good post in a bank at kolkata. thogh she is getting a good salary, but i am to send 15000 per month and also to pay her yrarly premium for her own life insurance policy. except mail in a month there is no relation in this situation if i file a divorce case in the court of u.s.a and obtained decree then it will be applicable in india? if not then what should i do, as it is not possible to file or contest divoce case by me in india. will you please advice as soon as possible

  149. I am a 34 year married woman, I have 7 year old baby girl, when i did marriage then we live in join family that time we have two home one day they sold out one home the biggest brother of my husband take that money go out for separate and we rest family live in only one house but one they were ask us to leaved this home and we left from to lived saparatly can now i have any rites of on my mother inlaw property. pls give me suggesion

  150. hi
    I was in a relationship with muslim guy….weWe love each other veryy much….in 2011 we have done a court marriage…..and we ran away from house…but unfortunately our parents catch us and we apart….and my parents have one my marriage some other place in 2012…and now in 2014 I m still in relationship with that guy we still love each other. .and he is telling me to go back to him…and he has done some court work…so I want to.know that I was already married with muslim guy so my this indian marriage is legal or not… ,I want to live with him not with my second husband. …so what should I do plz help me reply me as soon as possible. …

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  153. i leave the flat of my husband for a short term period…and i filed the case of dv…after that i come to know that my husband sold the flat which is the only the shelter for me and my children…and the original documents of the flat is with me…than also he sold the flat by cheating …now what should i do

  154. my left my house 12 june 2012 after 12 years of marriage. now she lived with her parents. i have two children one daughter and son they both are residing with my wife. now i want to take divorce from my wife. i already filed divorce two time in the court but both time she filed application 24-25 under section and both time my divorce application ignore by the court and her application 24-25 proceed. so that why i with draw my case. because i am not able to pay her any amount. now let me know how can i take divorce from her without giving her money.

  155. After the one year of my marriage, I came to know that my wife
    Is married to some other person in the past. And his divorce petition is lying pending with allhabad high court.
    Now she left my house alongwith all valuable items and planning for third marriage. There parents are threating me to
    Fix in dowery case. What I do? Please tell me as I am staying in haryana.

  156. my husband sold the flat which is owned by him…i have two children . My husband took the decision of selling the flat in ego…not concern with me or my children …i was not staying on that flat for 2-3 months because my husband was harrising me and my children and not giving the house expenses….now i don’t have a room to stay where should i go with two children …it is legal decision that my husband took…and original document of the flat is with me ..plz help me

  157. i was married in february 2013 and after 2-3 months my wife starts fightning and objcetioning me and my family. there is only me and my mother in our family. and she is a govt. teacher. and, i and my mother both runs a pvt school. everytime when i finds a reason for the fight then only reason cames that her mother teaches her not to do this not to go there and everything . even when i want to go to any relative’s house , even there also her mother has objection in this, she says why i took her daughter there, i said if tehre is problem in going there then your daughter should deny that , if she has gone with her consent then i dont think there should be any problem. its ok if there is any problem i will mind it in future. but she called on my mum’s phone and in a bad tone she orders that who are you to take my sister there and if you can’t take care of daughter then send her here at my home. i will take care of her she is not heavy on me, then i object on this and said that your daughter is now somebody’s wife also then its my duty first to do her care, after me if i am unable then you should stand available for her. but they didnt obeyed and send her brother to take her home. and they get her there home. and when 10-15 days passed i called that whats the planning for return to your husband’s home. then my wife didnt picked up the phone nor she replied of my msgs , then i calle dup on her mother’s cell then she asked me that did i got time for asking this now, everytime she packs her bag and goes to their mother’s home , i got very depressed of this because everybody in our village asks that when my wife will come , where did she gone and so on…..

    now also 1 month passed she didnt picked up the phone, then i called up on her brither’s no. she also didnt picked nad not called back also. but last time she said to come on tuesday i.e today and before this she told me to come on last monday. but today also she didnt informed to stay there nor of returning day nothing else.

    please tell me how to solve this problem as i also dnt want to get divorced coz i believe only 1st marriage gots succesful and true.

  158. Does a wife have full rights on the jwellary DAT was been given to the bride from groom during marriage and gifted jewel too.

  159. मै पंकज सिंह आई० आई० जोधपुर में दिनांक 28.01.2011 से कार्य कर रहा हूँ । मेरी नियुक्ति जूनियर तकनीशियन के रूप (२ वर्ष प्रोबेशन कार्यकाल) में दिंनाक 28.12.2014 को हुई थी। परन्तु अब संस्थान के निदेशक महोदय प्रो० सी० वी० आर० मूर्ति० जी ने अचानक एक Review के आधार पर दिनांक 27.12.2014 से मुझे संस्थान से निष्कासित कर दिया है।

    मेरे को यह निष्कासित पत्र दिनांक 01.12.2014 को प्राप्त हुआ था, जिसके बारे में मैंने अपने माता एवं पिताजी को बताया, जिसको सुनकर उनको सदमा लगा और मेरे पिता जी को दौरा पड़ा, मई तुरंत कानपूर उसी समय रोते रोते गया, और उनको अस्पताल में भरती कराया।
    मेरे घर में मेरे माता एवं पिता जी दोनों को ही Heart की बीमारी है, एवं दोनों लोग मेरे लिये ही जी रहे हैं।
    इसके अतिरिक्त मेरी पत्नी एवं डॉ छोटे छोटे बच्चे है, जानवी सिंह- उम्र 7 साल एवं निरख – उम्र 2.5 साल।
    यह सभी मेरी इसी नौकरी पर आश्रित है।

    मेरा ग्रेड पे 5200-2000-20200 था, जिसमे की मुझे लगभग 18000/- प्रति माह का वेतन मिलता था। और यही मेरी आजीविका का साधन था । मेरे को बिना किसी अपराध के संस्थान के निदेशक ने मेरे एवं मेरे बच्चों के पेट पर लात मार दी है।
    मेरी समझ में यह नहीं आ रहा है कि मई क्या करूं। इतने कम समय में मै अपने परिवार को लेकर कहाँ जाऊं।

    मेरे को आज तक मेरे कार्य के खिलाफ कोई भी Warning letter भी नहीं दिया गया है। अब अचानक एक Review के आधार पर मुझे संस्थान से निष्कासित किया जा रहा है, यह कहाँ का इन्साफ है ??

    मै आप से पूछता हूँ कि इस संस्थान में लगभग चार वर्षो के करने के पश्चात अगर मेरे को बिना किसी गलती के निकाला जा रहा है तो ये क्या मेरे और मेरे परिवार के लिए उचित है क्या ??
    इसमें मेरा और मेरे बच्चों का क्या दोष है जो की उनके और मेरे पेट पर लात मार रहा है इस संस्थान का नियम ।

    मै बहुत परेशान हूँ अपने माता , पिता, पत्नी और मेरे डॉ छोटे बच्चों को लेकर ……

    कृपया मेरा उचित मार्दर्शन करें और मुझे न्याय दिलाएं ।

    मै और मेरा परीवार आपका जिन्दगी भर आभारी रहेंगे ।

    ** इसके अतिरिक्त संस्थान के पूर्व निदेशक प्रो० प्रेम कालरा द्वारा Appoint किये गए स्टाफ, फैकल्टी एवं दैनिक वेतन कर्मचारियों को इस नए निदेशक प्रो० सी० वी० आर० मूर्ति ने अब तक लगभग 50 (पचास ) लोगों को बिना किसी कारण के बस एक Review के आधार पर निष्कासित कर दिया है।

    कृपया उचित मार्दर्शन करें …..

    पंकज सिंह

    9782929915, 9782929434

  160. hello,

    i want to divorce from my husband b’coz i was inflicted to mentally cruelity by my husband and inlows. now last 9 months i am living with my parents and before last 5 month back blessed with baby boy. For take divorce, is it mandatory to live separately form my husband from last 1 year. Sir please give some suggestions urgently b’coz my father inlow is very much excited to show our relationship (between me and my husband) was stop from last one year and according to my father inlow’s layer for taking the divorce 1 year gap is mandatory means (abhi main apne parents ke sath last 9 months se reh rahi hu aur mujhe december me hi divorce lena h to unke according divorce ke liye parents ke sath rehte hue 1 year hona jaruri hai.

    Sir please give some suggestions the duration of 1 year is mandatory or not according to hindu laws.

  161. Sir/Madam, My son MBA Excutive, working in leading company wanted to marry a girl of two years older than him. But both are loving each other.Her father is threatening both with dire consequences. He started to threaten me and my family members. Kindly suggest me that the steps I should take to control him with legal remedies. Both of them educated of Boy 25 yrs old and girl of 26yrs and 9 months

  162. Sir/Madam, I m working lady staying separately from my husband for almost 1yr along with my kids and he dnt support me in anyway which I dnt care.. our problem is that I had a physical relationship with a guy which my husband came to know and I stopped see that guy but my husband never trusted me kept torturing me mentally sometimes physical as well and bxoe of him I hd to leave my job n move out to my parents city started living separately ..he dnt stop there he told ever possible person about what I did and even he called up that guys family members n told his parents that he was resonpsible for my abortion which is not true again he never he want me to forget everything n come back n stay with him as husband n wife which is not possible else he threatens me of complaining a adultery case against him which I dnt want he is not ready to leave me or letting me to be at peace n I m ready to compromise but he is not ready for that says he changed I did give him a chance by going back and stayed with him for 2 months but things have become worst then I decide to walk out rather then dieing there and he does not work and not ready to take any responsibility he wants his wife n kids back for the sack of society…pls suggest me what is that I can do or have to do….

  163. Hi.

    I married in Feb-24,2014,on the 1st day, I saw some unacceptable behaviour of my wife, she never told me anything about her college & family life, whenever I tried to talk she always shy,2nd day I planed for honeymoon, she denied, this happened till 6 to 7 month , later asked to come for study, she said will study later on, before marriage she said that she will study & work together, I am an UPSC aspirant, I never failed in my life but this time I failed, & could not concentrate & left my study, I became so disturbed & tried for suicide however some of my friend help me & save, I took council as well, she is & does not know, what is HIV-Aids and what is family planning & how to make it, she never answer my question. I looking for divorce ,I can’t live in this way..

  164. I want to marry man who has filed for divorce in 2011, due to his previous spouse fraudulent behavior. Degree of divorce is not granted yet, can we still get marry?

  165. I have an 8 year old son through IVF. I stay in Chandigarh and my parents stay in Mumbai. I stayed in Mumbai for close to 5 years before the birth of my son and underwent all medical tests and procedures there for my child who was born in 2007. I left my very lucrative job then on my husband’s instructions. My husband paid only for the IVF procedure and hospital admission fees during the time of delivery. For the entire duration of stay there in Mumbai that was close to 5 years, he did not support me, saying that I was with my parents. After delivery, my mother told him that all expenses had been borne by me and my father, to which he replied what happened to all the money that I was earning. Till this day, time and again he raises the topic as to what and where is that money and why I have kept it away from him. I have been married more than 15 years and he has been extremely rude to my parents, speaks ill of my brother and also my background. He is a hot shot executive in a public sector firm in north India. When we fight, he does not spare the child either, scolding him or beating him. I would like to know how I can file for a divorce as I find it unable to live with him any longer.

  166. sir,
    iam married to indian army person now iam complete 5 years i have one child last year iam go with his army cannt and he can me blame in this officer after he left me my parent house last 7 months as per officer suggestion he gave me 5000 per montrh but he can missing some months sending of money and also he cannot cummunicate with me i raised this issue to his officer but they say to me u discord martial status so u go with law of justice then what can i do with out divorce to settle this case my & child future securing to live securly of this problem .

  167. Hi i am satish , my wife is not staying with me before 3years . And can’treturn to home and not given to divorce so how many days after i will be free for second merriage .

  168. Got marriage on 13-12-2002 by hindu marriage act and registerred in January-2003. Have a daughter (Sept.2004 ) and a son (june 2006) in husband’s care in their own house. The wife lives separately since January-2011 and a divorce suit is under sub judice from Dec-2013. Can the husband live together with other woman now ?

  169. Dear sir
    my name suresh my wife sailabhavani i am hindu she is s.c ma pelli 16-08-2006 jarigindhi 3 years kalasi vunam tharuvatha study kosam valla parents dhegaraku velindi na medha chala kesulu petindi apati nundi memu kalavaledhu thanu ekada untundho kuda theliyadhu 5year thana adders thelisendhi kaperani ki ramani notes pampanu thanu naku kavali nenu emi cheyali

  170. Hello sir i want to ask a q.That my grandfather had two wives one was my grand mother who married with him and another was her younger sister who had not married with him(all hindu) my grand mother had five child(2 sons and 3 daughters) and her sister had four(3 sons and 1 daughter) my grand father divide His legacy (30 acer Land ) divide in equally ratio in 5 child (one my father another his elder brother 12 acer 6,6 each) and 18 acer my grandmother’s sister child 6,6,6 each, can we got our 18 acer land that was given them illegally my grand father,grand mother and her sister had died 2 year later can my parents file a case against them or not for our 18 acer land please suggest me

  171. Hi i am jeet , my wife is not staying with me before almost 3years.(i have a daughter age 2years staying with her mom). And can’treturn to home and not given to divorce so how many days after i will be free for second merriage .

  172. Hi i am deepak , my wife is not staying with me before almost 1 years.(i have a daughter age 2years staying with her mom). And can’treturn to home and not given to divorce so how many days after i will be free for second merriage .

  173. I had marriage with a girl who was a widow.she was 5 yrs elder than family opposed it in begng but out of pity on her future i married to her with blssng of both families.she just after marriage startd arguing and fihhting over small issues and started stayng for whole day at my inlas bgng i was ok.but graduaally she startd forcng me to stay with her parwnts.wich i dint agreed to.she was also not gud with my prnts.gradyally she strd stayng with my inlaws even though my home was near to therr.after 6 mnths she put a cndition to stay with my inlaws as my rentd flat was small.she even tried to hit me physically many a time.later after 10 mnths she got pregnent and the very first day she got to know she shifted to my inlaws home sayng that my home is small. She even said that bcas my parents cmes to stay with me she feel conjusted thus i shud stay with my its bern 5 mnths she is noy stayng with me i take her to doctor for regular chek up but she dont stay in my house .now she has askd me either stsy with her parents or she vill divorce me.i m the inly son .and now i dnt want to loose her but what is benefit if i stay alone or cant keep my parents.
    pls help and guide if i apply for divorce can i get custody of child orif she files the case first can she get divorce

  174. Hi ,
    My sister is separated in 2008 June( she has doughtier of now 11 years old), Her husband and in-laws are terrible people and she bearded lot mental,physical harassment and filed 498 and lot of NC after that.But nothing happened.Her parents and she scared that they will do something bad with them .so she didn’t filed divorce yet as once they sent people to kill them . But her husband got married again in 2010 and he has kids now .They never meet later on.Her Marriage was done in 2001,arranged marriage and marriage is not registered.
    She is living with her parents with her daughter.

    More that 6 years are done for separations.Now she likes someone and wanted to start her new marriage life,Is that ok if she gets marry without divorce?

  175. Hi
    I have filed a case in CAW cell against my inlaws and husband of mental, physical, psychological tortures. Now the mediation centre has also marked the case as unsettled and again reverted it back to CAW cell. I want to live with my husband and have a son 1 year old. Me and my husband are living separately for last 7 months. What can I do .

  176. I am 35 years old BAMS doctor & working lady.I got married approx.14 months back.My inlaws are problematic and hide many facts about my husband.They told wrongly about his salary as 25000 PM while he gets 10000.My husband is having some mental disease and is on medication. They hide the mental problem.My husband is not having any confidence and can not drive motorcycle,car etc. due to fear.He is not able to do any household or outside work and is liability but support on me.I have been living seperately away from him since last 6 months.
    The family is total fraud and hid facts to get married him to me.I have serious dout over his Engg.Degree and MBA.As I am not happy with him how can I get divorce,My inlaws live in Chennai and I work in Haryana.After divoece can I be eligible to get his parental property.Pls. explain and guide

  177. I am married but my inlaws were against the marraige,now they have told me that they will either perform second marraige of my husband or they will make false certificate that my husband was married to someone else before marrying me.Please guide me what should I do

  178. My sister inlaw has lot of problem with my brother.Her concern is she want to to daily visit to her father place. dont want to take any responsibilities of home. forcing my brother to switch to own work as he is already working in good company.Two days before her family is saying that they want 20 people from both side and both (my brother & his wife) make written concern on stamp paper and it will duly signed by both the party as witness,Please suggest what does it mean.Please reply asap

  179. i had married in may 2013 at chandigarh high court.i am frm pathankot and the boy is from haryana.he is 5yrs smaller than me.i am staying separately frm june 2012 along my parents . now we want divorce.please suggest me what can i do..

  180. one girl used my brother’s name as her husband in some document as “her name W/O my brother name” without even marrying him. so my question is, is it a crime? is she punishable.?

  181. Hello,
    If the marriage is suppose to be happened after one month, and there is differences of the thought over a various matter between the families of girl and boy, and that has turned up into unhealthy arguments and bitter exchange of dialogs and where there is no hope of improvement or normalcy in the ongoing relation, and seems that the present relation may not be healthy and long lasting for both the families, in that case if a girl and her family by their own choice withdraw/end up the relationship with the boy and his family by intimating them.
    now if a boy and his family demand for the affidavit from that girl and her family that they did the end of the relation then in that case. can a boy and his family may take legal advantage of that…..
    I am in support of girl family. then do we need to give any affidavit, or if it so then can it be in the form of joint declaration that we are ending the relationship,and there shall be no social and economical liability on other. and nobody would willingly or unwillingly hamper the prestige of involved families.

    Same be signed by both the members of family.

    Please do respond of my query sir.

    With regard

  182. Mr A married Mrs B and paid her dowry, Mrs B ran off with Mr C because she was in love with Mr C.
    They decided to start living together as a couple and in the process Mrs B gave birth to two children for Mr C.Mr A got wind of this and carried away the children of B & C, stating that his dowry had not been returned to him by B’s family before she gave C’s children and therefore by custom the children belong to him.
    (A). Discuss the legal issue’s involved in this case.
    (B). Would B & C have a case against A ? Why ?

  183. Sir I am married for 17 years I have some disputes with my wife regarding her and her family s behaviour and false talk done by them about me i drink and have misbehaved with her 6 to 7 times in Dec she lodged a police complaint saying she has been mentally and physically tortured for 17 years and she was fearful for her and her children safety and also that I was hinting at dowry since then she is living with her brother we have 2 children my daughter aged 16 came back home after 10 days of her own will my son aged 10 is with her we were counselled by police counsellor after 3 sessions she sought time and has not returned there I am not allowed to speak or meet my child even on his birthday and she has not sent him to family functions and not allowed even grand parents to meet now she is planning to take my son to pune her home town and get him admitted there without my consent I have already informed school not to give TC without both consent she has not yet sent any notice to me what are my options so that my son’s education is not affected until we resolve this issue she is under tremendous instigation of her family please tell me what I can do

  184. Sir,I am 32 yrs old married woman(since more than 11 yrs)All through this trs my husband has tortured me a lot.But for the sake of my children i was with him.he has tortured me mentally n physically.Now i m in love with a boy since last 5 yrs,his name is bipul, n i want to marry him.A nearby gunda never allows me to talk with that boy nor with anybody.All the time he keeps on threating me that he will kill bipul if i keep on luving him or marry him.On the other hand even my husband does not support me in this case.If a ask for divorce he says he is never going to give me divorce.I want a secure life with bipul n my children but i know i shall not get divorce n even that gunda is threating me of killing bipul.I m thinkinh to runaway with bipul n my children n settle my life with him.Bipul is ready to Take all the responsibilties..Pls suggest me how can i settle my life with bipul,but i m not going to ask for divorce.Is there any way possible.Or else i will have to kill myself…Coz mentally i am too weak now..

  185. Sir, I got married to my wife in 2003 and early small quarrels and disputes arrised and I faced too much cruelty just after marriage. A son born in year 2005. In 2006, my wife lodged complaint 498A against me and after two or three counselling, forcefully I was compelled to live with wife and son on a different place other than my parents house. I live there, but the quarrels continued and I faced lot of cruelty and beaten many more times. She started working with a very cunning VRS taken police officer (as an executive for import/export business). Now, in 2015, wife got entered in Adultery with some other person and planned to divorce me and marry him. After an affair of 2 years, she lodged complaint 376, 406, 506 against his lover and alleged that ” He raped her for two years by giving her false promise of marriage and took her gold and clicked uncensored photographs of her. Now, she is blackmailed and her lover is in jail. In this connection, I filed divorce petition under section 13 of HMA.

    I want to know the possibility of getting divorced
    Whether I have to pay a huge amount or have to pay just for child or I have to pay her a part of my regular income ?
    whether I have to pay for her advocate fee also or not ?

  186. Sir, 3 years ago I got married. When she was pregnant she was going for check up to ESI Hospital which facility was provided to me by my company. Later her mother said the she will take care of her daughter(My wife) delivery & she admitted in pvt hospital nearby her home. Now they are taking care of baby (2 year now)forcefully,
    And, now my wife argue that we do not have right to bring my baby to my home & my parents home as they are taking care of him.
    Mother in law saying that her daughter give a birth to baby boy so they have more rights than myself & my family & she(mother in law) saying that we have baby boy because of her pooja before God.
    My family(joint family) selected my baby name as P…. But, my wife & her family selected another name & never called my son with the name P. If it is continue in future what action I & my family can take. What they are doing is right or not. They want to dominate.
    Please advice.

  187. Sir, I got married to my in 2012.
    After marriage, she was pregnant & she was going for check up to ESI Hospital which facility was provided to me by my company. Later her mother said the she will take care of her daughter(My wife) delivery & she admitted in pvt hospital nearby her home. Now they are taking care of baby (2 year now)forcefully,
    And, now my wife argue that we do not have right to bring my baby to my home & my parents home as they are taking care of him.
    Mother in law saying that her daughter give a birth to baby boy so they have more rights than myself & my family & she(mother in law) saying that we have baby boy because of her pooja before God.
    My family(joint family) selected my baby name as P…. But, my wife & her family selected another name & never called my son with the name P. If it is continue in future what action I & my family can take. What they are doing is right or not. They want to dominate.
    Please advice.

  188. me and my wife are staying separatly since 2 years , i have filed a divorce this year as she and childrens are staying in dubai and i am staying in india , she doesnt wish to come back nor sending the childrens to india for vacation ,
    now she threaten me to have a smooth divorce by forgetting the childrens orlse she will file a dowry case and harrasment case on me , please advice me

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