Points to Take Care of When Shopping Online


January 29, 2018


  • Always shop from a reputed website

  • Never shop from any random website
  • Always check the credentials of the E-commerce website from which you plan to shop
  • Many websites exist which sell counterfeit products, so always check the reputation of the E-commerce website from which you wish to shop
  • If you are shopping from a particular website for the first time, the try having a COD (cash on delivery) transaction
  • Check for Replacement, refund and Exchange policies

  • Always go through the replacement, refund and exchange policies of the E-commerce website
  • Check it is in favour of Consumer or not?
  • Check for the return or replacement period. It should not be very short else may be in adverse interest of the customer.
  • On Delivery Check for the MRP printed on the product

  • On receiving the product, always check the MRP printed on it
  • MRP should not be less than the price at which you have bought the product
  • If you have been charged more than the MRP, then immediately contact the customer care number of E-commerce website. If it is a good and reputed website, then on verification they will immediately refund the balance amount.
  • Check for Warranty period and other terms and conditions

  • E-commerce websites are famous for selling products at exceptionally low prices specially electronic items
  • If you wish to buy any such electronic item online then always check the warranty coverage being given. Many times when the electronic good is sold at an exceptionally low price then the company does not give a warranty coverage.
  • So always check the warranty coverage being given on the same item in market and on the E-commerce website
  • Online transaction

  • Always shop from a secured browser i.e. through your personal PC or phone. Never shop from a PC in internet café as it is not safe to disclose Bank A/c details.
  • Always check the url i.e. it should be https and not http. HTTPS implies Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It implies that the E-commerce transaction details can’t be viewed by anyone except the buyer and the seller.
  • If any online banking fraud takes place then immediately contact the Bank with which you have your Bank A/c.

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