What is a Legal Notice ? How and when to file a legal notice ?


Check out this Video to know about  Legal Notice – Legal Notice and its importance – What is a Legal Notice ? Procedure of filing & replying to a Legal Notice. Why should one file a Legal Notice ?, Contents of a legal Notice and Procedure to file a Legal Notice How to file a legal notice ? legal notice for nonpayment


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  1. Is there any prescribed amount that a Lawyer can charge to send the legal notice ? If so what is the maximum and minimum amount. After serving legal notice whether the claiming party can claim the legal notice charges also from other party?

  2. No there is no prescribed amount for this… Yes the claiming party can claim the charges for legal notice.

  3. Can my wife (1996 married hindu woman) claim right to her share in her mother’s agricultural property after her both parents died (the property in question was in turn inherited by her mother {or my saas}, from her parents as she was single child). Is it possible? My wife’s mother died in 2010.
    The properties in question are in Madhi, Distt Rewa, MP (90% by area), and in Kanpur Nagar, U.P. (10% by area). We live in Kanpur Nagar, U.P., India

  4. I was looking to know the meaning and importance of a legal notice.I understand the legal notice can be prepared by ourselves but it is advisable that we take help of an expert lawyer.I am very satisfied with your writings.Wish all the best to VakilNo1.Thanking you.Usha.

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