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  1. What punishment court can award to the guilty who is guilty in:-
    a] deliberately appearing as accused instead of real accused. We have made son as a accused in cheque bounce case us 138 ipc and court has issued non bale bal warrant ageist accused[son] he has come and got cancel non billable warrant and given 2 person as surety and deposited cash surety . At the time of recording of plea father has come and pled not guilty. Taking advantage of name similarities and court has also change [it is before new court].
    b].deliberately a third party appears pretending as original Defendant
    with malafide intentions to mislead the court.
    c].The above acts are taken as perjury or contempt?
    d]. If defendants and advocates can be punish under 193ipc / 419 ipc /199 ipc / 200ipc /466ipc.

  2. Hi, I am digitally printing my original art scarves in India. The printer has made a batch of scarves that did not print well and I rejected them. Now he threatens to sell my art scarves without my permission. What can I do in this situation? I am afraid he will not only sell these scarves, but also will keep printing my art scarves to sell in the future. Please help! Thanks in advance. Roza

  3. I am staying in a flat at ground floor of an apartment containing 8 flats with 2 in g/floor & 3 each in first & second floors with provision for parking 04 cars & 08 two wheelers.03 car parking were sold to interested flat owners and 01 car parking was gifted by builder to his wife through gift deed along with a flat. The car parking of builder’s wife obstructs a part of entry passage to building resulting objection by few flat owners and to scuttle this objection the lady sought status quo orders from judiciary. The case has come to bench. The building was constructed in deviation from sanctioned plan which was for ground plus two residential accommodation with no provision for parking. Since construction was in deviation I got regularisation of my flat in g/floor from municipal corp against one time concession. Now during deciding the merit of case which is in bench, will it be only on fate of lady’s car parking or could it also discuss on legality of 02 flats in ground floor and in case if the verdict is against existence of flats in ground floor, will the regularisation awarded still hold good ? Secondly what will be the fate of car parking of the lady in question , keeping in mind that the original plan had no provision for car parking? Thirdly what will be the fate of 03 car parking sold to interested flat owners, two of which were purchased through bank loan?

  4. The indefinite articles (“a” and “an”) refer to a person or object for which we do not know
    the specific identity. b) Insert the same image right beside the first one.

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  5. I have to take crucial legal opinion regarding my regularization of Govt. service. I have been for the past 11 years without break on contractual basis only.Whether I have to procced to court or not? I am a Ph.D. Degree holder.

  6. I have to take crucial legal opinion regarding my regularization of Govt. service. I have been working in this Govt. sector for the past 11 years without break on contractual basis only.Whether I have to procced to court or not? I am a Ph.D. Degree holder.

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  8. an accident victim was treated under “arogyasree” scheme in a private hospital. Yet, he filed a petition against insurance company seeking compensation for the treatment. I have to file written argument contending that he cannot seek compensation as he was treated under “arogyasree” freely. I want the draft of the argument along with citations.

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