NGT Bans Construction Activity in Delhi NCR


November 10, 2017

As Delhi NCR has been choking and submerged by massive smog since three days, NGT (National Green Tribunal) has taken some stringent orders to tackle this alarming situation. The NGT yesterday took up a batch of petitions and has issued directions to control pollution in the capital. While issuing orders, NGT came down heavily on the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi Pollution Control Committee and other State Boards and remarked that the concerned Governments, stakeholders and their Departments have failed their statutory function to provide decent and clean environment to the people living in NCR.


In view of persistent harzardous ambient air quality in Delhi NCR, the NGT has inter alia issued following directions:

  1. All the construction activity of any kind in the entire Delhi NCR has been prohibited till the next date of hearing in the matter. However, works in which no construction material is required like internal finishing and interior work have not been prohibited.
  2. For the days when construction activity remain prohibited, labourers will not be denied wages.
  • All industrial activity which causes emission have been prohibited in Delhi NCR till next date of hearing
  1. Regular cleaning of road and sprinkling of water
  2. That petrol vehicles more than 15 years of age and diesel vehicles more than 10 years of age would not ply on roads and would be seized by the concerned authoritites
  3. States of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan shall ensure that there is no crop burning in any part of the States

The matter will be next heard by NGT on November 14th.