New lawyers may get 5000 as stipend


There seems to be a sigh of relief for the neophyte lawyers in town who will be provided a stipend from now on. Setting an example for the rest of the judiciary, the Bar Council of India has decided to come to the rescue of the new entrants of the legal industry by giving them with 5,000 as stipend, per month, for a period of five years in the state of Kerala.

The declaration was passed in the favor of the interns in a joint meeting of the members of the BCI, Chairmen/ Vice-Chairmen of the state bar councils and Presidents of the High Court bar associations, which was held in New Delhi recently.

As per the minutes of the meeting, “The stipend scheme can be linked with the Legal Service Authority Act, 1987.” It was also announced that the advocates who accept the stipend can assist poor litigants by providing legal aid. The resolution also called for making suitable amendments in the LSA Act so that new entrants, state bar councils, Bar Associations get an opportunity to play major roles.


T H Abdul Azeez, chairman, Bar Council of Kerala, told The Indian Express that this was also a reason of drawing more of youth into the profession.

Although the decision has been made in the meeting but it is yet to be approved by Chief Minister and the Law Minister. There will also be an eligibility criteria kept in mind, while awarding the stipend. For Example: the household income of the candidate will be considered at the time of awarding stipend.