HC orders landlord to pay compensation for throwing out tenant


The Madras High Court, on Friday, came to the rescue of a tenant and ordered a landlord to pay compensation of INR 5,000 for illegally forcing the lady and her family out of the premises.

“The right of persons who come to court cannot be allowed to end in an illegal manner”, observed Justice B Rajendran. The Judge also confirmed that A Jagajothi of Gudalur was entitled to at least INR 50,000 as compensation.

The HC’s decision came in the wake of a petition from Jagajothi, submitting that she and her family had been living in a rented portion opposite the government school on Ovari Salai in Gudalur for several years. The husband had filed a complaint against the school master with the local police due to some unknown differences among them.


Owing to outside pressure, G. Kathrivel, her landlord tried to evict her right at the middle of her daughter’s academic year. She was finally forced to file a civil suit before a local court, after her pleas for extension went completely unheard.

Even while the suit is at a pending stage, the landlord threw the lady out of his house and into the streets along with her belongings. She was compelled to file the present case in the High Court, owing to the police’s complete negligence towards the matter. However, the landlord’s son denied the allegations and at the same time questioned the admissibility of the writ petition. He further added that Jagajothi had moved the court just to add sympathy to her cause.

Finding merit in the tenant’s case, Justice Rajendran concluded that the right of the tenant should be safeguarded. “It is evident from the counter filed by the Gudalur police that the household articles had been thrown out by G Kathrivel”, the Justice said.

Besides awarding a fine of INR 50,000, the Justice also asked the court authorities to implead Kathrivel as a party to the proceedings.