Delhi HC reprimands Delhi govt on failing to promote anti rape laws

Delhi HC

 The Delhi High Court, irked by what it feels has been a half-hearted attempt by the state government in its campaign to promote public awareness against sexual offences targeting women and children, has instructed the Delhi government to deposit a sum of Rs 2 lakh to the Nirbhaya fund within a week from the date of the ruling.

The state, as well as the central government also came under fire from the High Court for what the Court felt was a lacklustre approach adopted by the government in complying with Court orders and failing to promote anti rape laws and seeming to focus more on the promotion of individual ministers in the awareness campaigns launched by the government.

Strongly condemning the government’s inaction as “insensitive” and “apathetic”, the court, while slapping the Delhi government with the fine of Rs 2 lakh; also called into question the actions of the Union ministry of women and child development in running a campaign in which the images of the ministers appeared to be larger than the campaign message itself. Also, the decision of the government in publishing most of the advertisements in English also came under fire from the Court.

The Court expressed these views when reviewing a petition filed by a victim who had yet to get compensation amounting to Rs 3 lakh till April 30, 2014.

The Court was further irked by the non appearance of the standing counsel for the government, Zubeda Begum for the hearing. The Court has now instructed both the state and central Ministries to file a detailed report within four weeks, citing the measures that have been undertaken to create public awareness and the means of communication used in these campaigns; while also ordering the standing counsel, Zubeda Begum to be present for the next hearing.