Delhi HC instructs police to find the whereabouts of 283 life convicts


The High Court has instructed the Delhi police to trace the 283 life convicts, who are currently out on bail and with whom the authorities had been unable to establish contact with.

The fact that the current whereabouts of more than 280 life convicts was unknown to the police came to light after a court issued order dated April 15, 2014 ordered the Director General (Prisons)to submit a report containing the location and contact details of all life convicts, who had been granted bail and whose appeals were coming up for final hearing in the High Court.

The first list furnished by the Director General (Prisons) was found to contain discrepancies and missing names of life convicts out on bail. Following this a fresh report was submitted by the DG (Prisons). The report listed 915 life convicts who had posted bail from time to time. The earlier list had reported that police had been unable to trace the whereabouts of 97 life convicts who were out on bail. However, after the second list added 186 similar cases, the total number of life convicts that the police couldn’t trace stands at 283 individuals.

Of the first list submitted which listed 729 out on bail life convicts, the police were able to track 558 and efforts were continuing to trace the remaining 97. However, following this development, the new and comprehensive report submitted by the DG (Prison) added an additional 186 such cases.

The High Court has instructed the concerned authorities to increase their efforts in locating all of the life convicts out on bail, and has set the date for the next hearing on July 17.