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SC Wants Hate Speeches to be curbed, sends Notice to Centre >> More 

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) releases new draft guidelines (June 1, 2012 )
The insurance regulator released the draft guidelines by which it asked insurers to provide health policy to people up to 65 years of age.

Govt clears National Telecom Policy 2012 (June 1, 2012 )
The National Telecom Policy – 2012 (NTP-12) was cleared by the government , paving the way for free roaming, country-wide mobile number portability (MNP), liberalised spectrum, pan-India operator licences, technology-agnostic spectrum and a host of other policy announcements that are expected to take the Indian telecom sector to the next level of revolution.

Govt considering private sector corruption law
The government has proposed to make bribery in private sector, both giving and accepting it. A criminal offence by amending the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Lok Sabha gives support sign to strengthened Copyright Act (Amendment) Bill, 2012

Parliament enacted a law that strengthens the royalty claims as the Copyright Act (Amendment) Bill, 2012, was passed by the Lok Sabha and other members of treasury and opposition benches supporting it in one voice. The legislation was approved by the Rajya Sabha 17th May.

415 obsolete laws repealed: Khurshid

Government sources informed 415 redundant laws have been repealed and 17 Acts were in various stages of being withdrawn.

Ban on GPA sale will Raise Property Prices

The decision to ban sale of property by Delhi government through General Power of Attorney (GPA) will lead to a sharp rise in the property prices in Delhi.

Reserve Bank of India directs New Norms for holding companies

New Reserve Bank of India directions, besides controlling leveraging by the holding company, also seeks to control their investment in the financial sector overseas.

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