Important Judgment Series
Important Judgment Series

October 12, 2018

Vakilno1 presents it’s series of important judgments spanning through various laws and legislation in India. The important judgment series is helpful and can be used as reference by advocates, law students and judicial aspirants.

Trademark LawRecent Important Judgments on Trademark Law in India


Section 138 of NI Act/ Cheque Bounce– Landmark Judgments on Section 138 of NI Act in 2017

Notice of Cheque Bounce- Important Judgments on Notice of Dishonor of Cheque

Matrimonial DisputesLandmark Matrimonial and Divorce Judgments in 2017

Service Law10 Important Judgments on Service Law in India

Contempt LawImportant Judgments on Contempt Law in India in India

Real Estate LawImportant Judgments under the Real Estate Law in India

Right to Information ActImportant Judgments on RTI in India

MaintenanceLandmark Judgments of 2017 on Maintenance

Consumer Protection Act7 Landmark Judgments on Consumer Protection in 2017

Property Rights of WomenImportant Judgments on Property Rights of Women/Daughters in India

Medical NegligenceImportant Judgments on Medical Negligence in India

Landmark Judgments of 2017